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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛˛''The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo'' is a live-action series that ran on {{Creator/Nickelodeon}} from 1996 to 1999. The series is about a girl named Shelby Woo, who lives with her grandfather Mike at his bed and breakfast. The first three seasons take place in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After Season 3, the show was retooled, with Shelby and Mike moving to Boston.˛˛----˛!!''The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo'' provides the following tropes:˛* AbsenceOfEvidence: In "Fool's Gold", [[spoiler: the absence of footprints inside the dive shop helps prove that Mr. Pappas actually staged the robbery.]]˛* AdultFear: In ''many'' episodes, Shelby ends up in potentially life-threatening danger and has even gotten kidnapped at least once. It's small wonder both her boss and her grandfather worry about her investigations.˛* AmateurSleuth: The title character˛* BlackBestFriend: Cindy in the first three seasons.˛* BoyishShortHair: Sported by Angie.˛* ClearMyName: [[spoiler: Detective Hineline]] in "The Hit and Run Case" and [[spoiler: Shelby]] in "The Paul Revere Mystery"˛* CoolOldGuy: Mike˛* ConvictionByContradiction: Used frequently on the show˛* CozyMystery: Until season four, where she is in Boston. ˛* DetectiveMole: [[spoiler: Detective Waterman]] in "The Alley Cat"˛* DudeMagnet: Shelby; any time there's a new guy in an episode, he'll very likely end up crushing on her.˛* EnemyMine: A downplayed example since it's more rivals than anything else but a storyline featuring Shelby's Cocoa Beach friends coming to visit her in Boston had them not getting along with her new friends ''at all'', to Shelby's distress. Then Shelby winds up missing and they end up working together to find her.˛* EurekaMoment: Used frequently on the show as well, usually just before TheSummation.˛* FakingAndEntering: [[spoiler: Mr. Pappas]] does this in "Fool's Gold"˛* FieryCoverup: in "The Smoke Screen Case", [[spoiler: Dr. Baxindine]] was burning down houses to hide the fact she was illegally harboring endangered animals inside the houses.˛* {{Foil}}: Both members of Shelby's two trios foil their same-gender counterparts. Cindy is a [[JumpedAtTheCall Jumps at Shelby's call type]] (and in one of the books, is implied to have been drawn to Shelby's unusual nature right away, though then it was Shelby being exotic rather than eccentric) who tends to make less than sensible decisions; Angie is initially thrown horribly by Shelby's ways and is prone to pointing out when a decision isn't well thought through (though [[NotSoAboveItAll she has her moments]]). Noah is a SourSupporter who hates getting involved in the plot while Vince is immediately drawn into Shelby's mystery-seeking ways and remains as such; Vince also has a fair amount of ShipTease with Shelby while Noah's relationship with her [[HeterosexualLifePartners is strictly platonic]].˛* {{Gaslighting}}: An unintentional example in "The Haunted House Mystery." [[spoiler: It turns out the noises and odd disturbances going on in the house were being caused by the woman's grandson... because he was secretly trying to find proof of the supposed ghost.]]˛* [[GenderBlenderName Gender Bender Nickname]]: In "Hot Seats Part 2", Jo Rowan is actually Josephine Rowan.˛* HiddenInPlainSight: In "The Alley Cat", the Waterman pearls were hidden inside [[spoiler: the eyes of Tamara's teddy bear.]]˛* HeterosexualLifePartners: Shelby has this relationship with Noah, Cindy and Angie. [[ImpliedLoveInterest Vince is another matter...]]˛* IdenticalStranger: Noah having one in "Two Faced" winds up getting him kidnapped.˛* IsItAlwaysLikeThis: Angie is a bit unnerved when her new friend (Shelby) acts in a confusing and erratic manner. She adapts eventually, though she never quite stops being distressed when Shelby's investigations get them into uncomfortable and/or dangerous situations.˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Detective Hineline and Noah, though more the former than the latter.˛* MysteryOfTheWeek: The basic premise of the show.˛* PapaWolf: Mike is fiercely protective of Shelby, as is Detective Hineline.˛* ReverseMole: A few of the episodes, such as "Fool's Gold" and "The John Doe Mystery", featured characters who turned out to be this.˛* RuleOfThree: Each episode usually featured three suspects, one of whom was almost always the culprit.˛* SandInMyEyes: Inverted in the Wilton era Christmas episode. When the food at the restaurant that someone has been sabotaging all episode gets spiked with chili pepper, Angie, a server there, gets some in her eye. After Shelby reveals who the culprit is, she watches [[spoiler: the culprit reconciling with her parents]] but then suddenly notices Angie's eyes getting redder and [[FriendshipMoment starts fussing over her friend, assuming that the chili powder is further irritating her eyes]]. Angie chokily informs Shelby her eyes are fine; she's just crying.˛* SourSupporter: Noah. He snarks at Shelby and Cindy like no tomorrow but in the end, he's a dedicated friend who'll come through for the team. ''Especially'' [[BigBrotherInstinct if the girls are being threatened]].˛* ThreeAmigos: Shelby always had a male and female ally.˛* TokenTrio: GenderFlipped and minorities played with- Asian female hero with black female and white male sidekicks.˛* TrueCompanions: Shelby has this relationship with both duos of friends she has over the course of the show; she has a tendency to freak out if they're in danger or hurt and they're guaranteed to have her back and fuss over her if she's hurt or in trouble.˛* UnfazedEveryman: Vince manages to be this, seamlessly adapting to Shelby's eccentricities.˛* {{Yandere}}: In "Wipeout." [[spoiler: The culprit framed the suspect to keep him in jail so she could see him whenever she wanted.]]˛----


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