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1The Masked Dancer is a British reality dancing competition TalentShow television series hosted by Joel Dommett that began airing on Creator/{{ITV}} in 2021, and is a spinoff of ''Series/TheMaskedSingerUK''.²²Twelve contestants dressed in elaborate costumes go head-to-head with each other, with a panel of judges (Mo Gilligan, Davina [=McCall=], Oti Mabuse, and Creator/JonathanRoss) and a virtual audience (since the first series was filmed during the UK's second UsefulNotes/COVID19Pandemic lockdown) voting for their favourite performance. The losers of each match-up gather at the end of the episode, and the judges decide which contestant will be eliminated and revealing their identity.²²Aside from the competition revolving around dancing rather than singing, there is another major difference - the show airs across a whole week rather than several weeks (except for 2 June 2021 due to football coverage).²²---- ²!!This show provides examples of:²²* AnimateInanimateObject: Zip, Scarecrow, and Carwash.²* AnthropomorphicFood: Knickerbocker Glory and Beetroot, even more so than they might have been if they were on ''The Masked Singer'', as the costumes in this show are ones that they can dance in more easily.²* BackForTheFinale: The final opens with a dance performance featuring all the contestants, including the ones who have already been eliminated.²* BadassBaritone: Viper and Carwash have noticeably deep voices when disguised.²* CostumePorn: Like the other versions of the show, the contestants wear costumes that cover their whole body. Since this show focuses on dancing rather than singing, the costumes are all ones they can move around in more easily, therefore looking more like suits and dresses than mascot costumes. Some of them also show off more of their body shape.²* EliminationCatchphrase: The same as in ''Singer'': "Who's behind the mask? Take it off!"²* EliminationStatement: The unmasked contestants are asked why they did the show, and they also do a reprise of their dance routine from earlier in the episode.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: There are many clues to the contestant's identities just like in other versions of this show and ''The Masked Singer'', with some extra hints in addition to "Two Lies and a Truth" to make up for the lack of singing voices to go by such as "It's Not Me, It's You" where dancers who end up in the dance-off provide a clue that is either about them or their opponent, and "Word Up" where they say a word or phrase in their undisguised voice that relates to them in some way.²* TheHost: Just like in ''Singer'', Joel Dommett returns to host this show.²* InsaneTrollLogic: In episode six, when the panel are trying to guess Zip's identity, guest judge John Bishop brings up that Zip's clue package talks about space. He then proceeds to explain that zips don't work in space and that only velcro works as a clothes fastener--so therefore, Zip must be astronaut Tim Peake.²* LivingToys: Rubber Chicken. Some scenes from his clue packages even take place in a toy shop. Additionally, Frog's performance in the third round invoked this by having a backdrop of a toy shop, along with some props and backup dancers of large toys.²* MutualMasquerade: The dancers have no idea who they're competing against, and don't get to find out until the show has aired on TV.²* NiceShoes: Because of the differences in costumes in order to let them dance more easily, several of the contestants wear some rather cool shoes or boots. Special mention goes to Zip's sparkly Converse shoes, and Knickerbocker Glory's red high heeled shoes with colourful pompoms.²* RedHerring: There are many hints that can apply to people other than who the dancers really are, and the "Two Lies and a Truth" game also sometimes has lies that describe other celebrities.²* RunningGag: Jonathan guessing Mary Berry for the contestants when it's not logically possible, even more so than he does on ''Singer''.²* SamusIsAGirl: Mostly averted, as it's quite easy to tell from the body shape that Llama and Frog are both women, as well as their pitched-up disguised voices. [[CluelessDetective Not that this stops the panel from guessing that they might actually be men anyway]].²** Downplayed with Scarecrow, whose outfit is baggier, but she also has a high-pitched disguised voice, wears a Head Girl badge in one of her performances, and even refers to herself as a girl at one point.²** Gender inverted with [[spoiler:Knickerbocker Glory, who turned out to be Craig Revel Horwood]]; although despite the feminine-sounding disguised voice, the panel's guesses included men from the beginning.²* SecretIdentityVocalShift: Some of the dancers disguise their voices even with the distorted effects. For example, [[spoiler:Frog speaks with a fake American accent]]. In one round, they have to say a word or phrase without the disguise effect applied, but that doesn't stop them from still putting on a fake voice.²* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: Knickerbocker Glory, Beetroot, Squirrel, and Flamingo all have eyelashes as part of their costumes. There’s also a more subtle example with Scarecrow, where the stitching around their eyes is more prominent at the top to emulate eyelashes. Downplayed with Llama, whose eyelashes look closer to those of an actual llama, and averted with Frog.


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