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1[[quoteright:274:]]²²''The Blizzard of Odd'' was a review show shown on the Irish channel RTE 2 from 2001 to 2005. Host Colin Murphy would review tv shows, cult films and internet clips much in the same style as many {{Caustic Critic}}s of the internet today.²²The show had a cult fanbase in Ireland during its run, but has been put on indefinite hiatus. It's unlikely that it will return, as some have speculated that the advent of video sites such as Website/YouTube has essentially killed the show off.²----²!!The Blizzard Of Tropes:²* DeadpanSnarker: Colin Murphy.²* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Essentially how the show got the videos of some of the films that were reviewed, particularly the review of ''Film/FatalDeviation''.²* NewMediaAreEvil: Website/YouTube is blamed for the show's cancellation.²* NoBudget: The set was a white backdrop with some improvised props by Murphy. Possibly intentional.²* {{Oireland}}: Lambasted mercilessly when it came up in anything being reviewed. A notable example was the notorious drive-by swording scene from the ''Series/MurderSheWrote'' special, ''The Celtic Riddle''.²* StylisticSuck: In keeping with [[SoBadItsGood some of the works reviewed]], a simplistic NoBudget look is invoked.²* SpiritualPredecessor: To internet review shows.²----


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