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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛˛''Queens of Mystery'' is a British comedy-drama-murder-mystery original series by Acorn TV. ˛˛Young Mathilda Stone "lost" her mother in mysterious circumstances at the tender age of three years, three days, three hours, and three minutes. Fortunately, her wildly eccentric aunts, Beth, Cat, and Jane, stepped in to raise her. As all three are successful crime writers (one even owning a mystery themed book store) it was "no surprise" Mathilda joined the police at eighteen. The series begins with Mathilda moving back to her hometown of Wildemarsh as a newly minted detective seeking to prove herself. Quirkiness, largely in the form of her dangerously (to others) affectionate and meddlesome aunts, ensues.˛----˛!!''Queens of Mystery'' contains examples of:˛* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: The aunts, Beth, Cat, and Jane, respectively. The missing sister, Mathilda's mother, was also a blonde, as is Mathilda herself.˛* BrainyBrunette: Subverted. The brunette's no slacker, but red-headed Aunt Jane is the one doing chemistry experiments to determine what pill was thrown in the bin.˛* CoolAunt: While all of Mathilda's aunts are intelligent and successful, her Aunt Cat spent time as a rock star and a Hollywood Stuntwoman before penning a successful series of mystery graphic novels. She sent young Mathilda off to school with a copy of ''The Art of War'', possibly taught her to fight, and regularly rides a motorcycle wearing zebra spandex pants with leopard print scarves. ˛* CozyMystery: at its heart, though Mathilda is a real detective. Despite her and Inspector Thorne's best efforts, her aunts are always in the thick of it, picking locks and listening at doors. They know absolutely everybody, going so far as to get someone's mother on the phone for leverage. ˛* CreepyCrows: they abound, stuffed, live, and even faux paper in the opening credits. Even their feathers get special treatment.˛* EmotionallyTongueTied: Inspector Derek Thorne. ˛* FieryRedhead: Averted. Red headed Aunt Jane is a gentle bookstore owner. Who can pick a mean lock, but seems much less likely to throw a punch or jump out of a moving car than Aunt Cat.˛* HerosClassicCar: Mathilda's mother's 1960's Morris Minor Traveller, which Mathilda's aunts restored as a gift to her. ˛* HollywoodNerd: Aunt Jane has hints of this, always being a touch disheveled and often sporting the requisite glasses. ˛* LightsOffSomebodyDies: In the first episode, the victim is killed with the award he just one during a blackout.˛* LemonyNarrator: the delightful Juliet Stevenson who prefers not to dwell on that unfortunate encounter with the Samoan arm wrestling champion. ˛* OblivioustoLove: Aunt Jane, though Inspector Thorne doesn't give her much to work with. To a lesser extent Mathilda herself, not noticing Terry fawning all over her when she introduces herself.˛* MissingMom: The opening of the series explains that Mathilda 'lost' her mother. It takes awhile to realize this isn't necessarily a euphemism.˛* MysteriousPast: Mathilda's mother obviously had one. And her aunts are doing everything they can to keep it that way. ˛* MysteryWriterDetective: All three aunts fancy themselves as this.˛----


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