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1[[quoteright:350:]] ->''"Creator/AshtonKutcher, the famous actor and professional manchild, hosted Creator/{{MTV}}'s Punk'd, a hidden camera show where a team of terrible actors attempted to inflict emotional damage on unsuspecting celebrities, usually by pretending to do something horrible to a stranger and then blaming it on the person being pranked. Sounds hilarious, right? It's as if the creator had seen [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Homer Simpson]] "prank" Ned Flanders into thinking his family had been killed, but he didn't get the joke."''-->-- '''''Website/{{WrestleCrap}}''''', [[ "Induction: WWE Wrestlers on Punk'd So named because "Jackass" was already taken"]]A CandidCameraPrank-type RealityTV show (2003-2007; 2012) airing on Creator/{{MTV}}, first hosted by Creator/AshtonKutcher and then, in the {{Revival}} in 2012, by a series of celebrity hosts for each episode. It focused on pranking celebrities, with varying reactions from temper tantrums to tears.----!!This show provides examples of:* EpicFail: On the occasions when the prank has been blown in some way - such as planning to have a truck run over a replica Wrestling/{{Goldberg}}'s prized motorcycle, only for the truck to miss.** The prank on Rob Dyrdek. Almost ''immediately'' after the scene started playing out, Rob had already started calling out how fake this all was. Clearly Justin Bieber didn't think this though. As Rob is a MTV star, and knows the show Punk'd very well.* GenreSavvy:** When Creator/MatthewPerry was featured, he never seemed to buy into the set-up[[note]] a stolen car he was being shown to possibly buy[[/note]]. Even when the cops showed up he wasn't fazed.** Ashton "quitting" the show after the second series in-part as an attempt to pull one on the audience, and in-part to stop people from immediately figuring out they were being punk'd. When he ended the show in 2007, it was again due to it becoming harder to catch people off-guard.* GuestHost: The revival in 2012 featured exclusively a host for each episode.* TheHost: For the original four-year run, it was [[Series/That70sShow Ashton Kutcher]].* JerkAss: As mentioned in the page quote, the show basically consisted of Ashton and crew trying to emotionally damage unsuspecting celebrities by making them believe their possessions were damaged/destroyed/taken or having them believe they hurt an innocent person.* JustJokingJustification: What the show runs on. They basically go to unsuspecting celebrities and attempt to inflict emotional damage on them (usually through property damage/pretending they're going to get arrested/making it look like they've done something horrible to a stranger), then act like they've done nothing wrong because it was just a "prank".* NakedPeopleAreFunny: Creator/JessicaAlba's test was to try to shop while a man ran around the store naked. Surprisingly, she succeeded and stayed calm the entire time.* OffTheRails: There have been a few pranks that have never made it to air, such as the victimized star refusing to sign the release, but the one for Music/TheBlackEyedPeas reportedly went sideways when they figured out the [[GenreSavvy cops were fake]], but [[WrongGenreSavvy thought they were being robbed]] and a fight broke out.* RunningGag: When pranking pro-wrestlers, Ashton routinely began referring to himself as "The Farmhand" & acting like he was cutting a promo whilst talking to the viewer.* StunnedSilence: [[Series/That70sShow Wilmer Valderrama]] couldn't do anything but stare in shock as [[ his expensive car was dented and had its windows smashed in]]. * ToiletHumour: Creator/SalmaHayek is accused of [[ clogging the toilet with a massive turd]].* UnnecessaryCombatRoll: On Creator/SethGreen's episode, where he had been tricked into believing that a craps game he was at was being raided by cops, one of them did a roll on the floor after [[SuperWindowJump crashing though a glass door]]. After learning it was all a prank Green commented about the guy doing the roll which he thought was "completely unnecessary" at the time.----


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