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1''Prank Patrol'' is a RealityTV show for kids originally made by Canadian channel YTV, with local remakes by Australia and the UK. It revolves around a host and his team of 'ninjas' helping kids concoct the perfect prank on their friends or family. In Australia the massively popular show is hosted by Scotty on Creator/{{ABC3}}, in the UK it is hosted by Barney on Creator/{{CBBC}}.˛˛During the show, there is a cartoon sketch entitled 'Recipe for a Prank'. It consists of a little girl who is disturbed by her older brother, and vise versa. It will show how to make the prank and the ending will always show the boy/girl who is pranked.˛˛!!Tropes˛* BitsOfMeKeepPassingOut: One prank involved a fake dentist who accidentally injected himself with Novocaine while working on the target.˛* DatingWhatDaddyHates: One prank involved setting up a father to think his daughter was dating a tattooed punk rocker with a mohawk who drove a panel van.˛* DepravedDentist: One prank involved a visit to the dentist where the dentist turned out to be one of these.˛* ExcitedKidsShowHost: Scotty is often like this.˛* GratuitousNinja: Each host's assistants are dressed as and known as ninjas, for no practical reason other than that ninjas rock.˛* RealityTV: All the pranks are real, many involve a lot of improv.˛* ShoutOut: In the "Recipe for a Prank" segment "Tug o' Doors", the prank victims are animated versions of [[TheThreeStooges Moe and Curly]], with "Moe" even heard uttering [[CatchPhrase "wise guy, eh?"]] and "Curly" making his iconic barking noise when he gets especially frustrated.˛----


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