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1[[quoteright:350:]]²²A 13-episode Australian-British co-production, revolving around two teens who meet on the internet, whose friendship changes both their lives. We begin our plot with Saskia, a 14-year-old aspiring musician who is infuriated when her music is stolen online and used as the background music for an online comic, run by a man called Max. Taking on the identity of "Indy", Saskia ventures out into cyberspace to get revenge. What she finds surprises her. Max quickly charms her, and convinces her to help work on the comic, getting equal credit. Such begins the friendship of Indy and Max.²²However, Max is not all he seems either. His name is Noah King, a 14-year-old computer nerd who doesn't fit the expectations of his [[BumblingDad oblivious, but well meaning]] father or [[JerkJock Thuggish]] older brother.²²Oh, and one last detail: Noah lives in London, and Saskia in Australia.²²The series is difficult to find on DVD, but copies can be found [[ here]] and in digital form on Itunes.²----²!!This show provides examples of the following tropes:²* AnAesop: One that forms most of the CharacterDevelopment: '''Talk (honestly) to your friends.''' Most of the problems are caused by lack of or dishonest communication. ²* AwesomeMcCoolName: {{Invoked}}, with Max Hammer.²* AnnoyingYoungerSibling - Eddie is actually Noah's cousin, but apart from that he exactly fits the trope.²* AttentionWhore - Eddie, due to being [[FreudianExcuse shunted around from family member to family member his whole life, not really wanted.]] Hence all the faked illnesses and allergies.²* BeneathTheMask: An increasingly prominent trope as the series goes on. The protagonists become anxious because they feel the need to constantly keep up their 'mask-' their online persona- and ultimately come to the decision that a friendship in which they can't be themselves is more damaging than not being friends at all. ²* BetterAsFriends - Saskia and Ernesto.²* BeYourself: As they become more invested in their friendship, the protagonists want more to be honest about their flaws and the troubles they have in RealLife. Having to keep up their masks causes a lot of strain and anxiety, and it's only when they agree to be honest with each other that the relationship improves.²* BigBrotherBully - Phil to Noah. He gets better later.²* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine - Clive (boke) and Noah (tsukkomi).²* BookEnds: The first episode ends with an ImagineSpot of Noah and Saskia's online avatars greeting each other as the same thing happens on the computer. The last episode ends with an ImagineSpot of Noah and Saskia (their true selves) doing the same, as they reveal their actual names. See BeneathTheMask listing.²* BreakingTheFourthWall - Saskia does this all the time, often coupled with a AsideGlance.²* BritishBrevity - One series of thirteen episodes. Administrivia/TropesAreNotBad: Those thirteen episodes manage to capture quite a bit of characterization, SugarWiki/FunnyMoments and two [[ComingOfAgeStory coming of age stories,]] and the plot is fully resolved by the finale.²* BumblingDad - Bryce.²* BurgerFool - The Chicken Coop.²* CallBack - The final episode features an almost exact parallel of the first: Saskia threatening Stemple to get her into Webweave during school, while Renee panics about her school record in the background.²* CerebusSyndrome - Not ''too'' severe, but the earlier episodes are a lot more self-contained and the problems are a lot more easily solved, and the characters more straight-forward. As the series ends, it gets noticeably serious and there are a few HeroicBSOD[=s=], as the core friendship of Noah and Saskia is seriously threatened by outside sources and their own insecurities. Fortunately, there's a very heartwarming ending which implies that things get better.²* ChildProdigy - Ben, Saskia's guitar teacher.²* DeadpanSnarker - Saskia's "mouth is a weapon of mass destruction." Although the effect is somewhat dampened by living in a WorldOfSnark.²* DoesNotLikeMen - Deb.²--->'''Deb:''' ''(suggesting a question for Saskia to ask Noah)'' If you had to step in front of a bullet for me, would you step to the side, thereby minimising damage to yourself but presenting me as a greater target, or would you just die like a man?²* FriendshipMoment - Renee giving Saskia her birthday music to use for the fiftieth episode of Max's show.²* FinaglesLaw: Lampshaded in the episode where Noah and his family go camping.²-->'''Noah:''' I blame myself. If I'd been more awake, maybe I would have seen the signs. Nice smooth patch of ground, far away from any trees...It turned out to be a riverbed. Of course, it was dry for eleven months of the year. Guess which month we went?\²''(Cut to scene of Noah's family scrambling out of the river as their tent washes away.)''²* HerCodeNameWasMarySue - Max Hammer is very much an idealized version of Noah as he wishes he really was. The villains tend to be caricatures of his family.²* ICouldaBeenAContender - Noah's dad was a potential professional football player before a crippling knee injury, and as a result, is [[SeriousBusiness a touch too involved]] with the game.²* IDoNotLikeGreenEggsAndHam - Saskia makes a big deal about the perils of casual day in episode five, but when she gets there, it's not so bad. Much later, Noah gets more willing to actually do physically activity, and becomes willing to play ''football''.²* InsistentTerminology - "It's not a crush, it's LOVE!"²* JerkJock - Phil²* JustFriends - Or, as it is put, "buddies."²* LatinLover - Ernesto.²* LifeEmbellished - the comic is more or less this to Noah. In his own words: "well, maybe I exaggerated the amount of barbed wire."²* LovableAlphaBitch - Renee has many of the classic AlphaBitch traits, but she is Saskia's best friend and a genuinely NiceGirl.²* MasterOfTheMixedMessage - ''Noah''. He steals Saskia's music, says some rather unusual things to win her to his side, draws pictures of her avatar and talks about her a little creepily, spends awhile running to her for everything, falls victim to SheIsNotMyGirlfriend and gives her the [[JustFriends "buddies"]] speech, but still treats her like she's special including a borderline anniversary celebration, gets ''insanely'' jealous when she starts dating someone else, lies to her to sabotage her new relationship and almost sells the comic, claims not to miss her when other events cause her to break off the friendship, but then arranges the whole Q&A session.²* NewMediaAreEvil - AVERTED. The series has been praised for dealing with internet friendships in a more realistic and three dimensional manner.²* NotSoDifferent: Played straight and discussed. The series' entire schtick is how an Australian musician and an British comic artist discover they are BirdsOfAFeather and become friends. Both protagonists wonder how they could be so different and yet understand each other so well.²* OddFriendship - Both Noah and Saskia's "real life" best friends seem to have little in common with them.²* PoorCommunicationKills - Rather frequently, not helped by the anonymity of the internet. Including [[spoiler:Phil, Clive and Eddie all impersonating Max and making Saskia furious enough to break the friendship off, and Saskia later thinking Eddie was Max all along.]] Non internet related, Renee accidentally manages to convince ''Ben'' that Saskia is in love with him.²* RomanticFalseLead - Ernesto²* RunningGag²** Noah, Clive and Eddie's inability to remember Ernesto's name.²** In the last episode, Saskia tells us to rewind very far to get the whole story.²** [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend "She is NOT my girlfriend!"]]²* SeriousBusiness²** Casual Day. Saskia does not approve.²** Theresa takes the work at the Chicken Coop very seriously.²** Football, to Bryce.²** To Ernesto's father, fish.²-->'''Saskia:''' Fish?²-->'''Ernesto:''' [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Yes, he's passionate about fish.]]²* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend - Noah, oh so very much. Worth noting is Episode 4, in which everyone is under the impression Indy/Saskia is more, including Indy/Saskia herself.²* StalkerWithACrush - Stemple to Renee.²* StalkingIsLove - As espoused by Clive:²--->'''Noah:''' I've wasted all my money, got bags full of food that ''I'' don't eat, and, she thinks I'm a stalker!²--->'''Clive:''' So? It's not until they ''actually'' call the police that you give up.²* SmallNameBigEgo - Oh, Clive.²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech - Noah gets two of these, very close together, in the twelth episode. [[WhatTheHellHero He kind of deserves it though.]]²--->'''Lizzie:''' I was wrong about you, Noah. You're not like Kurt. As least Kurt has an excuse. You're just a bully. A mean, arrogant bully.²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl - Saskia and Renee.²* GoodParents²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure²* TookALevelInJerkass - Noah in the second last episode, where he tries to bring the Max Hammer persona into the real world, and the flashes of him in Saskia's episode before that (where he [[IfICantHaveYou lies to her about what he thinks of Ernesto's actions to break them up]]).²* WellDoneSonGuy - Ernesto, given how disappointed his parents were with him for dropping out of school.²* WhatMightHaveBeen - According to Website/IMDb, Jack Blumenau (who played Noah) was very close to getting the role of ''Film/HarryPotter'', only to be edged out by Creator/DanielRadcliffe.²* WhatTheHellHero - Both a minor character, and Saskia/Indy to Noah in "Will the Real Max Hammer Please Log On?"²* WorldOfSnark


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