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1[[quoteright:350:]]''Midnight Sun'' (''Midnattssol'' / ''Jour Polaire'') is a French-Swedish coproduced NordicNoir series in 8 episodes, playing in Kiruna, Sweden. It was first aired in 2016 on Sveriges Television. In 2017, it aired as ''Midnight Sun'' on Creator/{{SBS}}.A French citizen is found murdered brutally in the countryside outside Kiruna in Lapland, Sweden. The French police sends specialist Kahina Zadi (Leïla Bekhti) to investigate the case together with the local police. In a place where the sun does not set, the ground shakes from mining explosions, and the entire city is scheduled to be moved because of the instability the mine has caused, the soon to be several bodies seem to be the least insane thing...----!! This series contains examples of:* BringMyBrownPants: The murder victim pissed himself prior to death.* ChainedToARailway: In episode 4, some miners receive a video of a young man chained to a railway as a train approaches.* ChainedToARock: The first helicopter pilot is chained nude to rocks in a gully, where he is mauled by wolves.* DecoyProtagonist: [[spoiler: Peter Stormare's character Rutger dies in the first episode after being given a lot time to establish his character and personality]] effectively setting [[spoiler: him]] up as the third most important character after Kahina and Anders. * EndlessDaytime: As the title suggest, the series takes place in Kiruna during the midnight sun, which it won't ever become dark outside until autumn which is several months away. Kahina has a very hard time adapting. * FamilyRelationshipSwitcheroo: Nadji, Kahina's estranged son, was [[RaisedByGrandparents raised by her mother]] as Kahina's younger brother.%%* HellishCopter: Used for an execution, no less.%%* JurisdictionFriction: Discussed by Kahina. Whether it will occur between her and her Swedish colleagues remains to be seen.* NeverOneMurder: The two protagonists investigate the murder of a French citizen, which turns out to be the first in a series of killings.* TheWorfEffect: Kahina keeps getting beat up and/or abducted, despite her awesome fighting skills.%%* VomitIndiscretionShot: It's not the gruesome murder scene, Burlin just gets queasy from helicopter rides. [[spoiler: It's neither, he's being poisoned.]] Later, Anders tries to discuss his failed marriage with his daughter while she is violently throwing up from alcohol poisoning.----


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