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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:'''Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns'''—''"The craziest family ever created by Tyler Perry."''—Part of the slogan on the Seasons 1-5 Bundle DVD/Blu-Ray Pack on Amazon]]˛˛'''''Tyler Perry's Meet the Brown's''''' is an American sitcom that was created by Creator/TylerPerry as a separate but in-universe spinoff to Series/HouseOfPayne , starring David and Tamela Mann as "Mr. Brown" and "Cora Simmons" respectively. The sitcom is based off of Tyler Perry's two previous works, '''Meet the Browns''', the 2008 film, and '''Meet the Browns,''' the 2004 stage play. The show initially revolved around Mr. Brown running a senior citizen's home in Decatur, Georgia, with his daughter Cora, in honor of his deceased father's legacy. However, as the show progressed, the show then became revolved around Mr. Brown and Cora allowing his nephew and her cousin, Dr. William "Will" Brown (Lamman Rucker), his wife, Sasha (Denise Boutte), and their adoptive children, Brianna (Brianne Gould in Season 1, Logan Browning in Seasons 2-5) and Joaquin (Gunnar Washington), live in the house with them, and the crazy and humorous antics they endeavor on together with various friends and neighbors, such as Derek (Robert Ri'chard), Ret. Marines Colonel Cleophus Jackson (Tony Vaughn) whom they just refer to as "Colonel" or "The Colonel", Edna (Juanita Jennings), Daisy La'Rue(Katherine "K" Callan) Jésus (Antonio Jaramillo), Reneé (Terri J. Vaughn), and London Sheraton (Arielle Vandenberg). The show premiered in January of 2009 and finished its run in November of 2011 on TBS after five seasons. The show was second only to House of Payne in the largest number of episodes of an African American sitcom on TBS (although not the largest of any African-American sitcom at large), and was one of the the longest running African American sitcoms on TBS. The show is also currently syndicated through the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), and the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Network.˛˛----˛!!'''This show provides examples of:'''˛* AbusiveParents: Joaquin and Brianna's biological mother, Tanya, played by Tasha Smith; [[ExportedCharacter whose character is loosely based off of other similar characters played by the same actress in previous works by Tyler Perry]].˛* AbhorrentAdmirer : Tanya to Will; she knows Will is married to Sasha but always constantly flirts with him and makes advances at him. However Will would hate her and find her disgusting anyway even if he wasn't married.˛* ActingYourIntellectualAge: Joaquin plays out this trope sometimes.˛* ActingForTwo: Denise Boutte plays as both Sasha and her identical cousin in the episode "Meet the Country Cousin."˛* ActorAllusion: Whenever Cora sings a Gospel solo on the show in some episodes, its almost always an allusion to Tamela Mann's real life career as a Gospel singer.˛** At the end of the episode, "Meet the Sugar Mama", Sasha's actress Denise Boutte pronounces "millions" as "MILL-ee-YONS", with heavy emphasis on the first and last syllables and on the middle "i" sound, but she does so ''intentionally as a pun'', as an allusion to the actress who played as Claudia on the episode whose name is Christina Milian. After doing so, [[ThrowItIn David Mann and Robert Ri'chard try to keep their composure, until David Mann almost starts corpsing and bursting into laughter. Denise Boutte is also seen smiling and slightly shaking her head, trying to prevent herself from actually laughing out loud as well.]] This blooper was never edited out of the final cut.˛* {{Adorkable}}: Joaquin; Sometimes Will, Brianna, and Derek.˛* AdultFear : "Meet the Couch Potato", when Will is being investigated by his hospital's certification board for allowing one of his patients to die under his care because of personal feelings against him, he fears that they will question Sasha as a witness, and she is afraid of how he will react depending on how she responds to the interrogation. [[spoiler: She eventually ends up telling the truth of everything she heard him say during the operation while the said patient was in the emergency room in the ICU, which leads to his suspension. He is eventually reinstated.]]˛*** "Meet the Wills", when Sasha is diagnosed with a tumor on her breasts, she and the family have fears about whether or not she should seek traditional cancer treatment. [[spoiler: She later finds out the tumor was benign.]]˛*** "Meet the Lessons", Will and Sasha are worried that Brianna may be sexually active when they find birth control pills in Brianna's room.˛*** "Meet the Thief", the characters become understandably concerned and afraid when a recent rash of burglaries take place throughout their neighborhood. [[spoiler: It is revealed later on in the episode that it was actually Brianna's best friend, Jamal, who was committing the burglaries, non-violently of course, because him and his mother had lost their home and were temporarily forced to live in their family car.]]˛*** "Meet the Class", Cora has fears and doubts about becoming a substitute teacher. However, she eventually becomes a full-fledged teacher at one of the local high schools in Season 2.˛* AgeGapRomance: Sasha's mother dates a man half her age in one episode. Even though she is not elderly, she is at least in her late 50's or early 60's, and her young boyfriend is only in his mid-to-late 20's.˛* AgelessBirthdayEpisode: Edna, Mr. Brown, Cora, Joaquin, Sasha, Reggie, and Will all get their own special Birthday episodes, but their new ages are never revealed. ˛*** Brianna does get her own special BirthdayEpisode too but it is revealed that she is turning 18 in her episode.˛*** Used with ForgottenBirthday and SurpriseParty with Mr. Brown, Edna, Sasha, Reggie, Cora and Brianna˛* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: Will and Sasha to Brianna and Joaquin sometimes. Mr. Brown is also this way to Cora a lot, even though she is a grown adult.˛* AmbiguouslyChristian : Although most of the characters of the show are either professing or strongly devout Baptist Christians, a few of the characters, such as Renee, Brianna, Joaquin (although this is understandable for them because they are young adolescents and may not have strongly developed views either for or against religion themselves apart from following Christianity along with the rest of the family), Jésus, Daisy, London, and various others seem to be or are implied to be Christians, but they do not express strongly religious views. Some of them are even seen going to church, but is only because they go with their family out of obligation, and sometimes it is just for special events like funerals or weddings.˛* AnAesop: Sometimes some of the characters learn different Aesop Fable-like morals and life lessons in many different episodes˛* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Joaquin tends to act this way towards Brianna. ˛* AllLovingHero: Most often Cora, [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] because of her deep Christian beliefs. Sometimes Mr. Brown.˛* AttentionWhore : Tied between London Sheraton and Daisy La'Rue. Mr. Brown can also be one at times.˛* AuthorAppeal: Tyler Perry often put many references and allusions to African-American Baptist and Pentecostal Christianity and African-American Baptist and Pentecostal Churches in the series because of his personal Baptist Christian beliefs.˛* AxesAtSchool: In the episode "Meet the Troublemaker," a [[TheBully school bully]] terrorizes one of Cora's students so much that [[GoingPostal he brings a gun to the school to threaten to murder him in Cora's class.]] Cora eventually calms him down and gets the bully to apologize to him but the boy who brings the gun to the school is eventually turned over to the police.˛* BenevolentBoss: Sasha who is the head nurse of the local Grady Hospital on the series that Renee, Will, Derek, and Mr. Brown work at, tries to be a benevolent boss to her employees, most notably Renee, who is also her best friend.˛* BestFriend: Brianna with Jamal and Simone, Mr. Brown and The Colonel and sometimes Derek, Cora with Sasha and Edna. Also, Sasha with Renee.˛* {{Blackmail}} and BlackmailIsSuchAnUglyWord: Played for Laughs. Happens in a plethora of episodes but most notably with Derek and Brianna "Meet the Fake ID."˛* BigBrotherBully: Downplayed, Brianna sometimes does this to Joaquin just because she is older, but she isn't obnoxious with it.˛* BigStupidDoodooHead: Mr. Brown and Edna whenever they get into an insult war. They sometimes drift off into {{Lame Comeback}}s.˛* BrattyHalfPint : Subverted, sometimes you think Joaquin will be like this, but actually turns out to be more of an AdorablyPrecociousChild than everyone thinks.˛* BrattyTeenageDaughter: Brianna. And sometimes her female best friend, Simone.˛* BreakingTheFourthWall: Occurs in several episodes along with some [[AsideComment "theatrical asides"]] as well.˛* BullyHunter and TheBully : "Meet the Bully." Episode where Joaquin has to use Mr. Brown's help to stand up to a bully from school; the bully eventually makes a HeelFaceTurn, [[spoiler: while Mr. Brown tries to fight the bully's father and almost loses.]]˛* BurgerFool : Brianna in the episode, "Meet the Patience."˛* ButtMonkey : Mr. Brown. Sometimes Derek, Jésus, and London Sheraton.˛* ByTheLightsOfTheirEyes: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded.]] "Meet the Deception." When Mr. Brown is harassed by an overzealous bill collector for the power company that provides the house's electricity, he ultimately fails to pay the bill and the electricity gets turned off at the end of the episode. Mr. Brown and Cora then shine dimly lit flashlights in their faces in the dark, and only the top half of their faces are illuminated.˛---> '''''(After the house lights have gone out and the power is off)'''''˛--->'''''Cora & Mr. Brown both dramatically shriek in fear'''''˛---> '''Mr. Brown:''' (''apologetically and dramatically'') Cora, I'm sorry, I forgot to pay the light bill.˛--->'''Cora:''' (''angrily'') Oh, Mr. Brown! What in the world!? How could you!?!˛--->'''''(Mr. Brown then takes a flashlight that was sitting next to them on the coffee table in front of the couch that he had been playing with earlier, and shines the flashlight in his face from his chin and then shines it at Cora.)'''''˛---> '''''(Cora then takes another flashlight that was also sitting on the coffee table and shines it on her own face from her chin.)'''''˛---> '''Mr. Brown:''' (''playfully'') Hey Cora, we look like we on those cartoons on TV where when the people be in the dark and you can only see their eyes on the Black screen.˛---> '''Cora:''' (''angrily'') That's not funny Mr. Brown!˛--->'''''(Brianna and Joaquin then dramatically and suddenly appear behind the couch also shining flashlights on their faces as well, to scare Mr. Brown and Cora.)'''''˛--->'''Brianna & Joaquin together:''' BOO! '''''(Brianna and Joaquin then both laugh)'''''˛--->'''''(Mr. Brown & Cora flinch violently and shriek in fear from being startled; Mr. Brown jumps so hard that he drops his flashlight.)'''''˛---> '''Cora:''' (''laughing'') Okay now that was a little bit funny!˛--->'''''(Cora, Joaquin, and Brianna then share one last laugh as the episode ends.)'''''˛* CampStraight: [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed.]] Sometimes Mr. Brown and Derek. ˛* CastIncest: Mr. Brown and Cora's characters are played by real life Gospel singers and husband and wife couple, David and Tamela Mann, even though they play as father and daughter in the series. ˛* {{Catchphrase}}: Mr. Brown's four famous catchphrases that he says in almost every episode of the show along with his malaprops are:˛** ''"The Devil is a Liar!"''˛** ''"STOP BEING NASTY!"''˛** ''"[[GoshDangItToHeck What the What!?]]"''˛** ''"Same thing!/It's the same thing!"''˛*** (This is usually in response to when people correct him for his malaprops and/or mispronounciations and manglings of different words and phrases.)˛** Also used with BorrowedCatchphrase, because Mr. Brown says "What the what!?" so much, that even the other characters on the show who would otherwise use real swear words like "Hell" and "Damn" sometimes say "What the What!?" like Mr. Brown.˛* CharacterDevelopment : Brianna's character exemplifies this as she goes through the series. In Seasons 1-2, she goes through the series as a [[JerkAss mean ass bitch]], [[DeadpanSnarker who's an overly sarcastic dumbass]], and as the typical spoiled BrattyTeenageDaughter with a side of rude, cantankerous and troublesome HormoneAddledTeenager. This is justified however because she did come from an abusive, crime-ridden family and was tossed in and out of different foster homes. Nevertheless, from Season 3 onward to the final Season 5, she grows into a more mature teenager and young adult who actually tries to be responsible and show mature love and respect to her family and friends. By Season 5, she has actually grown into a very good, model citizen teenager with a heart of gold.˛** The Colonel and Edna: Both of them start out the series as being like DirtyOldMan, GrumpyOldMan, and [[MrsRobinson Mrs. Robinson-esque type]] characters respectively, but as the series goes on, they become much more loving, nicer, well-rounded, and complex characters and show off their heart of gold with their friends and family.˛* ChristmasEpisode : "Meet the Christmas Spirit"˛** Used with AngelUnaware, when Joaquin meets and befriends a boy at the hospital and later finds out that the boy had died years ago.˛** SpecialGuest: Lavan and Cassi Davis from Series/HouseOfPayne guest star in this episode. ˛* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: A few of the characters from Season 1 and Season 2, most notably like the social worker lady, Carmen Martinez, who helped Will and Sasha to adopt Brianna and Joaquin in Season 1, Milo from Cora's school, and Dr. Troy.˛* CrackOhMyBack: This happens often with Mr. Brown, Edna, and The Colonel because they are elderly.˛* CoolTeacher: Cora generally tries to be a cool, lovable, and lenient teacher with her students, although she is a bit stricter with the unruly ones.˛*** BadAssTeacher : Cora becomes this in the episode "Meet the Class" when one of the school's toughest students, Angie, gives her a run for her money through her extreme aggressiveness and manipulation.˛* ConvenientMiscarriage: When Sasha gets pregnant and has a miscarriage.˛* ContinuityNod: In many episodes Mr. Brown, Will, Sasha, and Cora make allusions and references to older, previous works by Tyler Perry and characters from those older works, most notably like Madea, since she is one of Mr. Brown's former love–interests–turned–enemy, and Cora's biological mother.˛** Also used with SeriesContinuityError in many episodes because sometimes Mr. Brown and Cora say things or have flashbacks in reference to the plots and characters of earlier plays and movies by Tyler Perry, but sometimes their statements and memories are actually canonical contradictions. ˛*** One example is when Mr. Brown and Cora are retelling old memories of their late father and grandfather, Pop Brown, and Cora is actually seen in the flashbacks as having a close relationship with Pop Brown as her grandfather. ''However'', in several plays and movies by Tyler Perry concerning Cora's relationship with Mr. Brown, Cora is actually stated to have never known Mr. Brown's father personally or closely, and it is even stated in one stage play that she never met him while he was alive. In both the 2004 stage play and the 2008 movie, both of the same name, Cora's first time actually seeing her grandfather is at his funeral.˛* CoolOldGuy: Sometimes Mr. Brown and The Colonel.˛* CoolOldLady: Edna and sometimes Daisy La'Rue˛* Main/ClothingReflectsPersonality: Mr. Brown often wears vividly bright colored outfits, that are usually just exotic and brightly colored 1970's looking jumpsuits, but he wears them on purpose, despite their flamboyance and tackiness, because they represent his strange and unconventional personality; can be compared to CustomUniform and DistinctiveAppearances.˛* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} : Mr. Brown, because of his eccentric and weird behaviors, mannerisms, and his often dumb but lovable malapropisms. ˛* DatingServiceDisaster: In the episode, "Meet your Match," Mr. Brown and Edna try to use an online dating service to help Cora find a romantic interest. [[EpicFail This ends badly.]]˛* DawsonCasting : Brianna's actress, Logan Browning. Logan Browning was 21 years old when she started portraying Brianna in Season 2 and her character Brianna is only between 15-16 in Season 2, and between 17-18 from Season 3 onward. By Season 5, Brianna's character who is about to graduate high school has just turned 18, and Logan Browning in real life was 23 years old by the end of Season 5. ˛* DeepSouth: The show takes place in Decatur, Georgia, which is a city in the Fulton County of Atlanta.˛* DontSplitUsUp: Before their adoption is finalized, Joaquin and Brianna almost get separated from each other. ˛* DontTouchItYouIdiot : Played Straight — In the episode, "Meet the Couch Potato," when Mr. Brown gets a job as the hospital janitor, he is told by his supervisor to be especially careful around a prized bust of an ancient Greek historical figure that was donated to the hospital and by no means to touch it. He is then given a large floor buffer by his supervisor to clean the hospital lobby and waiting room with, but he accidentally rams the floor buffer into the podium the bust was on and it comes crashing down, shattering on the floor. He pays Derek, his neighbor to fix it, and the bust actually gets repaired decently enough to the point where it looks like nothing happened to it, but ironically Brown's supervisor himself breaks it again.˛* DeadpanSnarker: Often Renee, sometimes The Colonel and Edna.˛* DecemberDecemberRomance : Colonel Jackson and Edna fall in love and get married when they are both elderly and retired, presumed to be over the age of 70.˛* DetentionEpisode : Mr. Brown and Darnell try to make detention fun for the students in the episode "Meet the Old Fling."˛* DirtyOldMan : Downplayed; sometimes The Colonel.˛* DisproportionateRetribution: Sometimes Played for Laughs or Played for Drama. It is usually Played for Laughs with Mr. Brown and Cora, and sometimes Edna and The Colonel. On the contrary, it is also usually Played For Drama when it comes to the conflicts between Will and Sasha or them and their adoptive children.˛* TheDitz : Mr. Brown mostly, but sometimes London Sheraton, Simone, and Reggie.˛* DramaQueen: Mr. Brown, Will, Cora, and Sasha. Sometimes Brianna and Edna. ˛* ElectionDayEpisode: "Meet the Church Board;" Cora and Mr. Brown compete against each other to run for a position on their local church's laity and clergy council.˛* ExportedCharacter : Tanya, Joaquin and Brianna's biological mother, who is obviously and deliberately based on Tasha Smith's older characters from previous works by Tyler Perry. This is lampshaded a few times throughout the series with [[ActorAllusion actor allusions to her actress Tasha Smith]].˛* FakeRelationship: In the episode: "Meet the Pretend Hubby," Edna asks Mr. Brown to pretend to be her husband when an old friendly acquaintance visits the Brown House. She and Mr. Brown try to [[HappyMarriageCharade pretend to be a happy couple]] until Mr. Brown has finally had enough pretending and exposes the truth. ˛* {{Flanderization}}: Mr. Brown initially starts off as a more reasonable and logical man at the beginning of the series, although some of his quips and mannerisms are still quite foolish and eccentric. However as the show progresses, his weird quirks and his often stupid and unwise decision-making and statements eventually becomes who he is as the main character.˛* {{Main/Fainting}}: The Colonel has a heart attack and faints during he and Edna's first wedding. This could be considered an example of TruthInTelevision, as although it is not always common, sometimes people do faint when they have heart attacks because of lack of blood flow to the brain.˛* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: Played Straight, Joaquin is the responsible one, Brianna is the foolish one. Sometimes this is inverted where Joaquin becomes the foolish sibling, and Brianna becomes the responsible one, but it is usually the former.˛* ForeignCussWord: In the episode, "Meet the Seoul Sister," with The Colonel's ex-romantic interest from Seoul, South Korea.˛* FriendlyEnemy : Played for Laughs, Mr. Brown with Edna and Reggie. Sometimes plays into WorthyOpponent.˛* FamilyFriendlyStripper: Subverted in " Meet the Bump and Grind" when Derek accidentally hires a stripper for the Colonel's Bachelor Party, but she never actually does anything, as it was supposed to be a modest, Christian-themed bachelor party.˛* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Occurs in several episodes with several characters. ˛** Also used with GoshDangItToHeck, MouthingTheProfanity, NotInFrontOfTheKid, OhMyGods, and SophisticatedAsHell.˛* GoshDangItToHeck: Justified and Enforced. One of Mr. Brown's catchphrases is '''''"What the What!?"''''' Usually in most contexts, people would say "What the Hell?!" or "What the F-Bomb!?" to express anger or displeasure or shock, but because of Mr. Brown's devout Christian faith, and because of the show being vaguely and ambiguously Christian in certain aspects, Mr. Brown usually just says "What the What!?" He says it so much that [[BorrowedCatchphrase even the other characters on the show who do normally cuss with words like "Hell" and "Damn" sometimes resort to just saying "What the what?" like Mr. Brown.]]˛* TheGhost: Pop Brown, Mr. Brown's father and Cora's grandfather who is mentioned and referred to obsessively and extensively in many anecdotes by Mr. Brown. There is a painting of him on the wall in their house. This can be considered KilledOffscreen, as he did die before the events of the show occur.˛** Also Mr. Brown's deceased wife, who is mentioned and referenced but also dies long before the events of the show occur. However, she is not Cora's mother, as she and Mr. Brown had no children together and died never having been able to give Mr. Brown any children. Cora is the daughter of Mable "Madea" Simmons, whom Mr. Brown temporarily hooked up with on their high school prom night and had an unplanned pregnancy from. ˛** [[Creator/TylerPerry Mabel "Madea" Simmons]], Cora's biological mother, could be considered a ghost character as well, because she is referred and alluded to in many episodes by Mr. Brown and Cora, but is never actually seen onscreen.˛* GhostExtras : There are many of them in almost all of the episodes from Season 2 to Season 5, at the local Grady Hospital that Will and Sasha work at, and at the local high school that Cora works at. Sometimes the main characters do interact with them, but they don't have any lines of actual dialogue. ˛* GRatedDrug : "Meet the Intervention": Mr. Brown becomes addicted to playing the lottery and causes the gang to have to stage an intervention.˛* GodIsGood: It's a partially Christian-themed show from Tyler Perry...what did you expect?˛* HalloweenEpisode: [[AvertedTrope Averted]] in the episode "Meet the Hero," we only know it is a Halloween episode because Brianna and Jamal sneak into a Halloween-themed costume party with Joaquin, however this is only used in the subplot of the episode. Also, the party itself is only mentioned as a "Halloween-Themed" party, hinting at the fact that it may have been in the month of October but not actually the Halloween holiday itself.˛* HeelFaceTurn: Many of the troublesome and delinquent students that start off as JerkAss characters (mostly because they are [[HormoneAddledTeenager hormone-addled teenagers]]), later become well-behaved and well-rounded students thanks to Cora being like a {{Mentor Archetype}} to them.˛ ** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Tanya does eventually have a slight Heel-Face Turn and does eventually apologize and reconcile with Brianna, Joaquin, Will and Sasha, and asks them to forgive her for all the trouble she caused them. She plays into the HiddenHeartOfGold trope with it, and does try to come back into their life to be a better mom, briefly before she relinquishes her ties to them so that Will and Sasha can have full custody.˛* HormoneAddledTeenager: Brianna to the max.˛* {{Honorary Uncle}}/{{Cool Uncle}}: Mr. Brown, The Colonel, Edna, and Cora all play into this trope with the way they treat Sasha, Brianna, Joaquin, and their other younger friends and relatives who either live at or frequently visit the Brown House, like cool, honorary aunts and uncles. However when it comes to Mr. Brown and Will specifically, Mr. Brown is actually his biological uncle on his mom's side.˛* HeterosexualLifePartners : Brianna and her female best friend, Simone. Also sometimes Mr. Brown and The Colonel. ˛* HappilyAdopted: Most of the entire series storyline from Seasons 2-5 is about Joaquin and Brianna adapting to being adopted into the abnormal Brown clan, although they are happy and satisfied with being adoptive members of the Brown Family.˛* HappilyMarried : Will and Sasha, and Edna and the Colonel.˛* HolierThanThou : Downplayed. Although most of the characters of the show profess to be Baptist Christians, Mr. Brown and Cora Simmons are the most devout and religious of all the characters, but they do not take it to the extremes of fanaticism or obsession.˛* HypocriticalHeartwarming: Brianna will often play into this trope when it comes to people mistreating and disrespecting her little brother, Joaquin, her adoptive parents, Will and Sasha, or Cora or Mr. Brown (especially those five characters in particular), however when the family is at home, she often acts like a JerkAss and a LovableAlphaBitch to the family. Can be compared to JerkWithAHeartOfGold.˛* HypnoFool: In the episode, "Meet the Makeover", Mr. Brown acts as a magician to put on a magic show for Joaquin and his friends after he breaks their video game console. This ends up with Joaquin and his friends using his magic tricks against him to prank him. He also tries to use hypnosis on Brianna and accidentally hypnotizes her to start acting like him whenever she hears her name or Mr. Brown's name. This causes her to start hypnotically imitating Mr. Brown's personality, signature quotes and catchphrases, and mannerisms, and she even starts dressing like him until Cora and Mr. Brown intervene to correct the hypnosis.˛* IdentityAmnesia: "Meet the Alter Ego", Played with EasyAmnesia, LaserGuidedAmnesia, and SplitPersonality. Mr. Brown slips and falls at the local hospital he works at and when he recovers from the fall, it causes him to have a temporary personality change into a smarter, more intellectual and erudite alter ego. The characters have to help him get his memories of his real personality back.˛* IdenticalGrandson: Exaggerated and Played For Laughs. In one episode where Mr. Brown and Cora tell the rest of the characters who live in the Brown House about Brown's late father and Cora's grandfather, Pop Brown, David Mann plays as Mr. Brown's father in the flashbacks. See TheGhost trope section above.˛* TheKlutz: Mr. Brown 90% of the time, sometimes Derek, The Colonel, and Reggie.˛* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Every episode starts out with "Meet the X" or "Meet X" because of the series title, "Meet the Brown's".˛* InformedObscenity: In the episode "Meet the Seoul Sister", and in a few other episodes.˛* JesusTaboo : Averted, most of the main and recurring characters are professing or strongly devout Baptist Christians, so references to God and Jesus and the Bible are made sometimes, but not obsessively.˛* LighterAndSofter : Meet The Brown's was one of Tyler Perry's much more softer and lighter-hearted TV series, especially compared to "House of Payne" (which even though it was a sitcom, it had a reputation for often drifting off into being a [[CerebusSyndrome dark and edgy dramedy soap opera)]], "The Haves and the Have Nots", and "For Better or Worse", which feature much more [[DarkerAndEdgier darker and edgier]] content.˛* {{The Living Dead}}: In the episode, "Meet the Body," one of the elderly men that Edna tries to have sex with in the Brown residence after previously going on a date with him, dies from a heart attack during their intercourse, and her and the other characters try to disguise the corpse from Mr. Brown until the coroner and paramedics come to pick up the body. Mr. Brown eventually figures out that it was a dead corpse though, [[ObfuscatingStupidity and reveals that he was just playing along]] to make them think he was oblivious to it the whole time. The actor who was playing as the dead corpse was obviously seen changing facial expressions and breathing throughout the scenes, although he did stay very still as the other actors moved him around.˛* LockedInARoom : Mr. Brown and Reggie get locked in the storage closet of the high school they work at with Cora in the episode, "Meet the Instigator."˛* LoveTriangle : Occurs in several episodes with Cora, Reggie, and Principal Gordon.˛* {{Malaproper}}: This trope DEFINES Mr. Brown to the MAX! Almost every other sentence from Mr. Brown's character on the show contains at least one or two malaprops/malapropisms that usually either A. Leaves the characters confused as to what he means until they realize what he was really trying to say, or B. When another character corrects him, he retorts sarcastically by saying, "Oh, it's the same thing!" ˛** An example is in the episode "Meet the Big Payoff" when Mr. Brown's cousin Clementine "Clem" Brown (played by Rodney Perry) visits, Mr. Brown confuses the word "Invest" with "Incest", and "Stocks and Bonds" with "Socks and Balls."˛---> '''Mr. Brown:''' [[AccidentalInnuendo You know what, Cousin Clem, I think I really want to ''incest'' with you.]]˛--->'''Clem:''' I really hope you mean ''"invest."''˛---> '''Mr. Brown:''' Yeah that, same thing. But look, I have some good ''socks and balls'' that I'm willing to invest with you on too.˛---> '''Clem:''' You mean ''"stocks and bonds"''?˛---> '''Mr. Brown:''' Yeah, same thing. ˛* MoralGuardians: Cora often acts this way towards the rest of the characters serving as their moral compass who tries to steer them in the right direction. But she is not always 100% holy herself.˛* MisunderstoodLonerWithAHeartOfGold: The elderly female neighbor who keeps coming over to the Brown house because of her loneliness ([[TheWoobie she's a widow,]] [[OutlivingOnesOffspring and her kids have also all either died or moved away leaving her to live by herself]]) starts creeping the Brown family out as she offers to do certain chores and cook meals for them, but they eventually realize she just wanted to befriend them all along and that she wasn't as weird or creepy as they thought. In the episode "Meet the Patience."˛* MrsRobinson: Often [[ZigZaggingTrope zig-zagged]] with Edna.˛* ManipulativeBastard : Mr. Brown sometimes concocts plans to separate Cora from Reggie and The Colonel from Edna, but he usually ends up [[TheGrovel dramatically apologizing]] and [[MustMakeAmends finding some kind of way to make it up to them and make amends for his actions.]]˛* NightmareSequence: "Meet the Nightmare," the entire episode is about Mr. Brown having a recurring nightmare about Edna, who tends to act like a frenemy archrival to him throughout the series, trying to kiss him. Plays into CatapultNightmare, AllJustADream, and PinchMe.˛* NobodysThatDumb: Double Subverted. Mr. Brown is not always as dumb as the rest of the characters thinks he is. Sometimes he does have his moments of TooDumbToFool, DumbassHasAPoint, and ObfuscatingStupidity, making you think the NobodysThatDumb trope will occur in Mr. Brown's favor, but usually this is subverted again to just show that he ''really'' is as dumb as the rest of the characters thinks he is.˛** This often causes the other characters to have ICantBelieveImSayingThis moments with Mr. Brown˛*** Cora and Mr. Brown sometimes have NobodysThatDumb moments with Reggie. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in one episode when Cora and Mr. Brown actually said the phrase to each other regarding Reggie.˛* NoThemeTune : The series has no theme song, but does have a very short Jazz and Blues Music-sounding sting that is played at the beginning of each episode.˛* OnlySaneWoman : Cora, Sasha, and sometimes Edna.˛* ObnoxiousInLaws : Although Cora and Reggie don't get married, Mr. Brown being Cora's father often acts rudely, selfishly, and disrespectfully towards Reggie because of his dislike of him. Mr. Brown sometimes becomes [[JerkAss a big jerk]] because of it. Also, Will's mother and Mr. Brown's sister, Vera to Sasha.˛* TheOtherDarrin : Brianna's character is initially played by actress Brianne Gould, but Brianne Gould was pulled from the show for undisclosed reasons at the end of Season 1. Logan Browning was then brought in to play Brianna from Season 2 onward. ˛* PaedoHunt: The entire episode of "Meet the Secret" is about Joaquin's Little League baseball coach being a pedophile who tries to make manipulative advances towards the young boys on Joaquin's baseball team. He is later arrested, put in jail and charged for his crimes, despite Will, The Colonel, Mr. Brown, and Derek trying to hunt him down and beat him up, [[spoiler: but in the episode "Meet the Great Guy" he is rushed to the hospital Will and Sasha work at, [[AllDeathsFinal and ends up dying in Will's care.]] Will is later charged with wrongdoing and malpractice for it because it is believed that he allowed him to die because of his personal resentment against him, leading to a temporary suspension in the episode "Meet the Couch Potato."]]˛* PrecociousCrush: In the episode "Meet the Cougars" Brianna's friend Pablo has a crush on both Brianna and Sasha, Brianna's adoptive mother. Also a younger man named Bryce (presumed to be in his 20's or 30's) [[MayDecemberRomance has a crush on Edna and treats her as a cougar because of the age difference.]]˛* PlatonicLifePartners : Brianna with her best friend Jamal; can be compared to TheNotLoveInterest.˛* PlayingGertrude: Mr. Brown's character is supposed to be an elderly man at least above the age of 65 or 70. The actor who plays as Mr. Brown in the series, David Mann, is over 30 years younger than his character role in real life. And Tamela Mann who plays as his daughter Cora in the series is the same age as David Mann in real life. ˛** Another example of that is Brianna and Sasha's actresses, Denise Boutte and Logan Browning. Boutte played as Sasha's adoptive mom on the show, and is supposed to be at least in her late 30's or just getting into her early 40's in age throughout the show. Browning played as Brianna who was a teenager between 15-18 throughout the show. In real life, Denise Boutte is only eight years older than Logan Browning.˛*** An exception to this is Lamman Rucker who played as Sasha's husband, Brianna's adoptive father, and Mr. Brown's nephew, Will. In real life, Rucker is ten years older than Denise Boutte, and 18 years older than Logan Browning. ˛* PrisonEpisode: "Meet London and the Competition"; Mr. Brown goes to jail after a misunderstanding at the local Atlanta airport.˛* PluckyComicRelief; Renee and sometimes Mr. Brown.˛* PhoneaholicTeenager: Brianna and sometimes Joaquin.˛* PutOnABus: Played Straight. Many of the minor and recurring characters on the show that started out in Seasons 1-2, disappear after Season 2 and from Season 3 onward, but what happens to them is usually briefly explained or hinted at by other main characters in an allusory dialogue with other characters. ˛** Some of the characters actually do get removed from the show through ChuckCunninghamSyndrome, see info on this above.˛* TheBusCameBack: Jésus, London, Daisy La'Rue, and at one point, Edna and The Colonel before they were promoted to main characters.˛* RichBitch: {{Downplayed}} and {{Played For Laughs}}. Sometimes London Sheraton plays into this trope, because she is the daughter of a very rich CEO and business entrepreneur.˛* RichesToRags: In the episode, "Meet the Wills," London finds out her rich, CEO business entrepreneur father has lost most of his wealth through bad investments and legal penalties for fraud and white collar, financial crimes, and ergo she has to stay at the Brown House and learn how to be thrifty. She decides to do this through having a yard sale/garage sale and learning how to be "lower middle class," and also getting a job. She actually does keep her job through several episodes.˛* RetroactiveRecognition: Tamela Mann's Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music career was partially made famous because of the celebrity stardom she acquired from acting in different plays, movies, and TV shows by Tyler Perry.˛*** This also occured with David Mann, Logan Browning, and Denise Boutte.˛* SameClothesDifferentYear: Played Straight. In one episode where Mr. Brown and Cora tell the rest of the characters who live in the Brown House about Brown's late father and Cora's grandfather, Pop Brown (see [[TheGhost The Ghost]] trope section above) through a series of flashbacks, Mr. Brown and Cora's younger versions are played by younger child and teen actors who wear the same types of clothes as their older canon selves would wear. This is also used with IdenticalGrandson.˛* SaintlyChurch : The Church that the Brown family, particularly Cora, Mr. Brown, Edna, and The Colonel, goes to.˛* ShowdownAtHighNoon : Mr. Brown and Derek in the episode, "Meet The Other Side," when they are vying for the new Head Janitor's Assistant position at the hospital.˛* SassyBlackWoman: Played Straight with Renee, Sasha, and sometimes Cora and Edna.˛* {{Slapstick}} : Happens in a lot of episodes with Mr. Brown, Cora, Will, Sasha, Brianna London Sheraton, Joaquin, and sometimes Edna and The Colonel.˛* SlapstickKnowsNoGender: Sasha, Brianna and London Sheraton are often targets of the [[AmusingInjuries slapstick violence and injuries]] on the show.˛* SickeninglySweethearts : Will and Sasha, Edna and the Colonel, and Cora with Reggie.˛* SomeOfMyBestFriendsAreX: [[InvertedTrope Inverted version of the Black Best Friend trope.]] Since most of the characters are African-American, sometimes some of them will have one or two White friends or acquaintances, but its usually a one-off character who only appears in one or two episodes.˛* SpecialGuest : Eddie Levert guest starred on the episode "Meet the Reunion" [[AsHimself as a parodied version of himself]], but his parodied version of himself was an old high school classmate of Mr. Brown. Compare to CelebrityStar. ˛** Reginald Vel-Johnson, known from Series/FamilyMatters, guest starred on the episode "Meet the Baby Daddy" as a gentleman claiming to be Cora's real father.˛*** Jo-Marie Payton who is also known from Series/FamilyMatters, also guest starred on the episode "Meet the Gold Digger," as a fellow teacher of Cora [[spoiler: who becomes [[BirdsOfAFeather infatuated with Mr. Brown.]] This almost becomes a DecemberDecemberRomance, but it is subverted when Cora and Edna run her away and force Mr. Brown to break up with her, erroneously thinking she was a gold digger. Ironically, she never actually was one.]]˛** The Neely's from the Food Network series, Down Home With The Neely's and Kim Fields from Series/LivingSingle guest star in the episode "Meet the Neely's." The Neely's as themselves, and Kim Fields as the nameless director and producer for their cooking show.˛* SharedUniverse: Shares their universe with Series/HouseOfPayne.˛* ShouldntWeBeInSchoolRightNow : [[ZigZaggingTrope Zig-zagged]] and [[DownplayedTrope downplayed]] with Brianna and Joaquin. Most notably in the episode "Meet the Matchmaker."˛* StockSitcomGrandFinale: "Meet the Family Portrait." [[ParodiedTrope Parodied]] and [[EnforcedTrope Enforced]] because the fifth season couldn't get syndicated by TBS for a full quota of episodes like the previous Seasons 1-4. "Meet The Family Portrait." Lampshaded at the end of the episode. [[TheBusCameBack A few of the old characters from Seasons 1-2 come back for the finale episode.]] Mr. Brown tries to get the Brown family and a few of their closest friends and neighbors to take an updated family portrait together before Edna and The Colonel move away, before Sasha and Will find their own house for Brianna and Joaquin, and before Cora moves away with Reggie, but it gets messed up with everyone fighting and bickering, and comedically unfortunate circumstances.˛* SuckySchool : Downplayed; the high school Cora and Mr. Brown works at can be considered this sometimes, depending on what antics the students and teachers may be up to. This trope is sometimes lampshaded by the characters.˛* TemporarilyAVillain: Jamal, one of Brianna's best friends, becomes the [[NotEvilJustMisunderstood misunderstood antagonist]] of the episode "Meet the Thief" when he is exposed as the culprit behind the recent rash of burglaries that takes place throughout the neighborhood of the Brown Family house. It is revealed later on in the episode that he was only committing the burglaries, non-violently of course, because him and his mother had lost their home and were temporarily forced to live in their family car. [[MustMakeAmends He makes up for his crimes by returning everything he stole and asking for everyone's help and charity to help him and his mom]] until they are able to get back up on their feet.˛* {{Telethon}} : The episode is literally called "Meet The Telethon.˛* TheTease: Edna sometimes does this to many of the men she flirts with before she actually dates and marries the Colonel.˛* ThreeMonthOldNewborn: When one of Brianna's pregnant friends has to rely on Mr. Brown to help deliver her baby, the baby is quite obviously older than a newborn, and looks like it is actually between 3-6 months old. ˛* TookALevelInDumbass: Played for Laughs. Mr. Brown, Brianna, London Sheraton, and Derek.˛* TookALevelInJerkass: Subverted with Brianna. Both [[PlayedForLaughs Played for laughs]] and [[PlayedForDrama Played for Drama]] with Tanya.˛* TeenPregnancy: Subverted in one episode, Played Straight and Played for Drama in another. Subverted in the episode "Meet the Bump and Grind," when Will and Sasha mistakenly think Brianna is pregnant, and she reveals to them that she was only holding the pregnancy test they found in her room for a friend. Played Straight in the episode "Meet the Confession," when Brianna's best friend Simone actually confesses she is pregnant to the Brown Family and seeks their help during her pregnancy.˛* UnequalPairing : Cora with Principal Gordon, it almost drifts off into SleepingWithTheBoss, but because of Cora's devout Christian beliefs, she doesn't take it as far as to sexual relations.˛* UnexpectedlyDarkEpisode: Several throughout the series, including the one with Joaquin's pedophile baseball coach, the many episodes with Sasha and Will getting into conflicts, and the episodes dealing with Joaquin and Brianna's adoption and their estranged, abusive birth mother.˛* ValentinesDayEpisodes: "Meet the Not-So-Funny Valentine."˛* VitriolicBestFriends: Mr. Brown with Edna, and Reggie, and his sister Vera.˛* WeddingDay: "Meet the Big Wedding." However, Edna and the Colonel have to have two weddings because he had a heart attack and went unconscious at the first wedding. Their actual successful wedding took place in the next season after his recovery from the heart attack.˛* WhatTheHellHero: Mr. Brown sometimes has moments like these when he does something stupid or adds insult to injury while trying to be the hero whenever scandal or controversy ensues. He often has to [[ClearMyName clear his name]], and [[MustMakeAmends undo his wrongs]], in order to resolve the issues from his stupid and foolish decisions.˛* YouLookFamiliar: A few episodes feature this trope with a handful of minor characters and one-off characters that only appear in one or two episodes. It is also lampshaded in a few episodes.˛* ZanyScheme : Played for laughs; Many of the episodes revolve around Mr. Brown's elaborate schemes that usually backfire on him and he has to quickly make amends for it if he gets caught or gets into trouble, or fix it himself or with one other person's help so his schemes won't be fully exposed.


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