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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:A holiday to die for.]]²->''"In prosperity, your friends know you. In adversity, you know your friends."''²-->-- '''Mad Dogs Tagline'''²²''Mad Dogs'' (2011-13) is a British dramedy in which four old college friends, played by [[Creator/JohnSimm The Master]], [[Series/LifeOnMars2006 Gene Hunt]], [[Discworld/{{Hogfather}} Teatime]] and [[ArsonMurderandJaywalking that guy from the adverts]] reunite with the newly successful fifth member of their gang, Alvo, at his new villa in Mallorca. Things take a dark turn when Alvo steals a "friend's" boat, dragging his friends into his own vengeance.²²[[FromBadToWorse And then Tony Blair]] [[FlatWhat shoots somebody.]]²²Tensions build as the FourPhilosophyEnsemble are caught in the middle of a nightmare of murder, drugs and corruption and the difficult pasts and conflicting opinions threaten to tear the group apart... did we mention Tony Blair shoots someone.²²The series ran for three four-part series before a two-part finale at Christmas 2013.²²----²!! This show provides examples of:²* AffablyEvil:²** Drug baron and master criminal Mackenzie forces the Mad Dogs to eat ice cream on the beach with him, then gets them to work together in his kitchen to cook a Spanish Omelette for dinner.²** Rick in particular is so perturbed by the pleasantries that it causes him to snap and scream at Mackenzie.²* TheAlcoholic: Woody in a past life, but he stresses his reformed nature throughout the series.²* TheAtoner: While on the run in Carmen's home village, Quinn sits alone in a church and confesses his murder of Maria to God, and eventually starts sobbing.²* BadGuyBar: Quinn ends up the manager of one in his new life in South Africa, and becomes noticeably pissed off and anxious about the fact that everyone there, including himself, is a liar on the run from something.²* BerserkButton: Referring to Rick as an "Accountant" causes him to seriously lose his shit. He insists that he is actually a ''[[InsistentTerminology Financial Advisor]]''. ²* BilingualBonus: ²** Lots and lots of native Spanish is spoken that the boys don't understand. In particular, Carmen's mother mentions Baxter with a devious smile on her face. ²** The poster's translation doubles as this and [[ForeShadowing foreshadowing]]. The poster reads [[spoiler:Road to Nowhere]].²* BlackComedy: Despite all the explosions, the gory murders, the body disposals and so on, part of the show's appeal is the four herberts' reaction and their incompetent attempts to deal with it.²* BlackMagic:²** Paranoid Rick constantly worries about whether the Santerian village they're in will entangle them in voodoo curses.²--->'''Quinn''': "We're in a small Spanish village, not Lord of the Fucking Rings!"²** Rick is also the only one to see visions of the Tokoloshe in series 3.²* BritishBrevity: Only four episodes in each series.²* ButtMonkey:²** When the group is cornered by a hostile force, it is almost always Baxter who is targeted first for hostilities, simply based on his appearance. Tiny Blair in particular really seems to dislike him for no reason.²** The title is eventually passed onto Rick, the only one of the four who fails to make something of himself in South Africa.²* CallBack: Dead animals found by the guys where they are staying, for instance the dead goat in Alvo's pool and the dead bird in the apartment they rent in Series 2.²* DaylightHorror: Beautiful and sunny holiday locations contrast to the truly corrupt, violent and surreal goings on. ²* DeathIsDramatic: Most of the time averted, most deaths are brutal and undramatic, adding realistic tension to the series. [[spoiler: The deaths of Alvo, possibly Dominic and Hector are examples of this averted trope. The death of Maria is an exception; her death is ''very'' dramatic and is in slow motion.]] ²* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything?: In Series 3, we see the top half of Rick at the urinals vigorously shaking, with his arms out of shot. He's actually trying to remove his ankle bracelet. ²* DoubleEntendre: Alvo makes sure to comment after playing tennis that [[BallsOfSteel he's got plenty of balls.]]²* [[spoiler:DownerEnding: Zigzagged. Series 1 ends with Quinn about to be shot by Dominic and the rest of the gang torn apart. Subverted with Series 2, which shows the other guys went back for Quinn and now have accidentally ended up in more trouble in Ibiza. Series 4 ends with the four being killed by a paralysed Dominic and travelling through purgatory before ultimately dying. ItMakesSenseInContext.]]²* TheDon: Mackenzie. [[spoiler:a.k.a. the man Alvo stole the money from.]] ²* DrunkWithPower: Doubly invoked by Alvo aboard the boat, gulping down a bottle of wine as he refuses to turn the boat back after he reveals [[spoiler: he stole the boat from Jesus intended to be used for a drug deal.]]²* EnhancedInterrogationTechniques: Referenced by the head of the prison in Morocco, and used on the guys. ²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Mackenzie pulls up next to Quinn posing as an innocent, good-natured tourist asking for directions, only to pull a gun on him and drop a PrecisionFStrike. This is pretty much how Mackenzie comes across to everyone who meets him.²* EvenEvilHasStandards: Mackenzie asks for a volunteer to spend the night with him as his "hostage". Rick is the only one to volunteer, but gets told to take a hike.²* EvilCripple: [[spoiler: Dominic in the finale.]]²* FairCop: Corrupt Mallorcan detective Maria is ridiculously attractive, and succeeds in seducing the boys like a snake in order to interrogate them.²* FalseFlagOperation: After the guys accidentally expose their true identities in South Africa, an American contact sends them on a SnipeHunt out into the middle of nowhere to find "Lazaro", an ex-CIA spook who may be able to help them. It turns out that Lazaro is still in league with the CIA and is actually waiting to assassinate them.²* FanService:²** Maria Botto and Leticia Dolera. All without GettingCrapPastTheRadar²** There's also Marc Warren in little speedos.²* {{Fingore}}: The boys return to the villa, only to find Tiny Blair murdered and stuffed into Alvo's freezer, with his fingers chopped off and crammed into his mouth. Cue panic stations.²* FishOutOfWater: The basic premise of the show. Four depressed, middle-aged herberts from suburban England get involved in murder, police corruption, drug dealing, money laundering, drug manufacturing, car bombs and identity fraud. All within the space of a week. Completely by accident and/or fate.²* ForeShadowing: At the start of Series 2, when Rick and the boys arrive at the hotel [[spoiler: you can catch a glimpse of Mackenzie's henchman when Rick looks over the balcony (dressed in a black leather jacket and sunglasses). ]]²* FourPhilosophyEnsemble: Rick is The Cynic, Quinn The Optimist, Baxter The Realist and Woody plays The Apathetic. Carmen in Series 2 is The Conflicted.²* FourTemperamentEnsemble:²** Baxter: Sanguine²** Rick: Choleric²** Quinn: Melancholic²** Woody: Phlegmatic²* GainaxEnding: [[spoiler: As graves are being dug up for the gang by over a dozen Tiny Blairs with Dominic waiting for them. They surrender as they are forced to kneel over the graves while one Tiny Blair puts a black bag over their head while another four prepare to shoot them execution style. As we are watching from Baxter's point of view the executioner's hood has been removed by an unseen person. All of the Tiny Blairs and Dominic have seemed to have disappeared. As the gang make their way back to a car they drive onto the motorway only to have the black car turn up on the side with two Tiny Blairs in the front. One of them removes his Tony Blair mask to reveal the face of Baxter as he waves at him while Baxter watches. The final line is spoken by Baxter saying "So is this the end of it?". The final shot then shows the car driving over a gap in the on the motorway and freezes as the credits roll.]]²* TheGhost:²** The guys' families back in England.²** [[spoiler: Up until the finale anyway. We see Baxter's ex-wife, his daughters and Rick's wife.]]²* TheMafia: The Serbian Mafia, [[spoiler: although they actually have nothing to do with the money or the boat]] are referenced and there is a huge trade in drugs around Spain and Ibiza.²* TheNapoleon:²** "Tiny Blair", the Police-affiliated dwarf gangster who wears a giant Tony Blair mask.²** This is actually accidental as the script called for "Tony Blair", but was misspelled "Tiny Blair" and loads of short men auditioned for the role.²* NeverMyFault: Baxter explodes into a petulant rage whenever someone (usually Quinn or Rick) insinuate that everything is his fault.²* NotQuiteDead:²** Woody reverses into Dominic at high speed, smashing into him and sending him flying straight over the bonnet. His body appears a bloodied, very dead-looking mess at first, but he then manages to get up and stagger forwards, muttering incoherently before collapsing again.²** [[spoiler: He returns in the finale as the BigBad except he's completely [[EvilCripple paralyzed]] this time.]]²* OhCrap: The entire series and all of its cliffhangers are built on Oh Crap moments.²* OnlyAFleshWound: [[spoiler: Quinn is shot in the upper arm by Maria after he shoots her to prevent her from killing the other guys. Although it bleeds quite badly he suffers no ill effects at all.]]²* OnlyOneName: Every single character in the show is only referred to by one name. In the boys' cases, they go by their nicknames that date back to their college years. Their full names are revealed in their CIA files during the final episode of series 3.²* OnlySaneMan: Oddly enough, Rick is often the only one to see how bad things are and what to do. [[spoiler: For instance, in Series 2 he sensibly suggests they throw the 3 million Euros into the sea and go back to England, so they cannot be traced. Of course, the other guys don't listen to him.]]²* ParanoiaFuel: In universe, all four of them get increasingly tense and paranoid.²** Especially Rick, who snaps under the stress when Mackenzie serves him a home-cooked Spanish Omelette, instead of beating him up or killing him.²* PosthumousCharacter: [[spoiler:Alvo, Maria and possibly Dominic (it was unclear whether he died) all appear in "two weeks ago" flashbacks.]]²* SanitySlippage: Just after killing Maria and saving his friends lives, Quinn, complete with face paint, bandana and gunshot wound, turns the gun on those same friends and tells them to fuck off and never come back.²* ShootTheShaggyDog: [[spoiler: After all of their efforts across the entire series just to survive, and watching everything they care about come apart around them, the show ends on the main characters careering off of a bridge to their deaths.]]²* StuffBlowingUp: In Ibiza, the boys get their money changed and are about to go home as rich men, when suddenly their hire car explodes into a gigantic fireball. ²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: A highly insecure, miserable Alvo does this to all four of his friends, and seems intent on causing as much embarrassment and humiliation to them as possible in order to boost his own self-esteem.²** This could be justified, as we see in Series 2 Alvo [[spoiler: is confronted by the BigBad and has his feathers ruffled. See DrunkWithPower above.]]²*** Rick, the most histrionic and least reliant Mad Dog, also gets this speech multiple times from Baxter and Quinn for just generally being a pain in the arse.²* RecklessGunUsage: At the villa, Baxter acquires Tiny Blair's pistol and starts carrying it around with him wherever he goes, even to the police station. He stops after accidentally blowing a hole in the roof.²* TheReveal: [[spoiler: In the first episode that Alvo is has gang connections, and in the last that Maria is not a member of the police but a gangster.]] Although the last one was suspected since they showed up.²* RunningGag: Rick missing a hug from everybody is prevalent from the first episode.²* ThirdActStupidity: Arguably, so many characters hold the IdiotBall at the end of the final season that it almost becomes an IdiotPlot. [[spoiler: Baxter [[IJustShotMarvinInTheFace stupidly shoots Carmen dead]], firing a gun [[LethallyStupid like a lunatic]] the minute he's confronted with mild anxiety despite knowing his friends are nearby. In the final showdown, Rick fires the group's only weapon (a shotgun) at some henchmen who are [[WhatAnIdiot miles out of its effective range]] until he completely empties the ammunition, dooming them all. Quinn also offers up an [[IdiotBall extremely lame excuse]] when asked if he has any contacts who can help the group from the shady bar he runs: [[PoorCommunicationKills "They don't just give out numbers."]] This completely ignores the fact that ''he owns the bar'' and could just call his staff and ask them to put his friends on the line. [[ViolationOfCommonSense Not to mention that he personally knows many of the "connected" patrons he's been talking to for years]], and should know their contact details anyway. Getting them on the phone to help out should be [[WhatAnIdiot no problem at all]].]]²* WhamLine: "What if [[spoiler:[Dominic's] ]] not dead?"²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The toy eyeball motif (which seems borderline ripped from ''Series/BreakingBad'') seems to be important. One of the characters even risks his own life to save his friends after gazing at it; the meaning of the metaphor is never explained and it's never visited again.²* VillainousBreakdown: After [[spoiler:Lazarov's]] plan to assassinate the mad dogs goes awry, [[spoiler:he]] resorts to growling, howling and barking at them while pinned under a table.²* YankTheDogsChain:²** Baxter falls in love with Carmen during series 2 and embarks on a short, yet passionate summer romance with her amid the drug dealing and money laundering. Both are left emotionally devastated when Baxter is forced to flee Ibiza and never see her again.²** And ''again'' in the finale. [[spoiler:He accidentally shoots Carmen in the face, killing her when he's startled by the homeless South African kid.]]²²----


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