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1LawProcedural starring Creator/MartinShaw as John Deed, an unorthodox and uncompromising High Court judge. ²²!!Provides examples of:²* AnimalTesting: In "Duty of Care," Charlie turns up with [[PreciousPuppy Rosie]], a beagle rescued from a laboratory, and foists her on John because she can’t keep her at her student accommodation. When John’s policeman turns up at Sussex University with Rosie in tow, Charlie eventually leaves her with a friend who’s involved in the [[AnimalWrongsGroup ALF]]. ²* BrotherhoodOfFunnyHats: Row Colemore is a mason. In “Abuse of Power,” he and John carry out an off-the-books investigation into a corrupt judge with Masonic ties.²* DaddysGirl: George and Charlie for their respective fathers.²* EcoTerrorist: Charlie and Rory get arrested for vandalising a field of genetically-modified wheat in the pilot. ²* EmptyNest: John was Charlie’s primary caregiver after the divorce, so he goes through this when Charlie leaves for university. John jokingly admits that he uses Rosie as a child substitute. Part of the reason he doesn’t want Charlie to [[spoiler:go through with her decision to have an abortion]] is that he feels like she’s pulling away from him. ²* FriendOnTheForce: Row Colemore, a friend of John's who is also a Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the local police force.²* GranolaGirl: Kate Rankin in "Hidden Agenda", who has rejected all conventional HIV treatment and credits her good health to diet, yoga and meditation.²* GenderBlenderName: George and Charlie. Also Jo, but her name is at least spelt in a feminine form that distinguishes her from Joe Channing.²* {{Retirony}}: Mona Haart was only £60 away from saving up for a ticket to visit her Nan in Jamaica when she was killed in a hit and run.²* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: Briggs in ''Duty of Care'' instructs George to represent him in his corporate manslaughter despite her insistence that she isn’t a criminal lawyer. ²* SlummingIt: Charlie decides to go to Sussex rather than accepting an offer of a place at Oxford, much to the ire of George and Joe. Joe in particular feels that Oxford is where Charlie really belongs. When she gets in trouble with the police, Joe offers to grease the wheels to make her arrest go away, but only on the condition that she [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment ditch Sussex and read law at]] [[UsefulNotes/{{Oxbridge}} Brasenose]] [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment instead.]]²* TheSquadette: Coop is revealed to be a former soldier when detailing the RapeAsBackstory of a friend in ‘’Rough Justice.’’ ²* UsefulNotes/TheTroubles: "Exacting Justice" features a man who’s been convicted of beating and scalding his wife. John gets a lot of pressure from the police and MI-5 not to give him a custodial sentence despite the horrifying abuse he inflicted on his wife because he’s the government’s only active [[WeAreStrugglingTogether Real IRA]] [[TheInformant informant]].²* TheUnapologetic: In "Exacting Justice," George says she’ll die before she apologises to John for arguing against his ruling in court. She does eventually send him a note from the cells that reads, “I apologise, you swine!” so she can purge her contempt. ²* WhenYouComingHomeDad: In "Appropriate Response", Row suggests that Charlie’s worries about being stalked by a rapist who John had convicted and sentenced are a post-divorce cry for attention from her dad. John believes Charlie, whose concerns turn out to have been well-founded, but over the course of the episode we find out that it's George who Charlie feels ignored by.²-->”She’s busy. She’s always too busy.”


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