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1''Fast Layne'' is a Disney Channel original miniseries that was created by Travis Braun. It is about a girl named Layne who, along with her neighbour Zora, finds a talking car named VIN.²²!! Fast Layne contains examples of²²* AlliterativeName: Cody Castillo and Rob Reed.²* ArtificialFamilyMember: VIN was created by Layne's parents, and becomes accepted as a member of the family. ²* AutomatedAutomobiles: VIN can drive himself, though Layne also has the ability to take control if necessary.²* TheBGrade: Downplayed. Zora is disappointed to "only" receive a 96% on her achievement test, but she doesn't make a big deal about it.²* BigBad: Dr. Kwon and Riggins are the main antagonists of the show.²* BlatantLies: Layne lies to her aunt in order to keep VIN a secret. ²** In Mile 1, she says that she was sweating from an intense study session. ²** In Mile 2, she says that she's going to the library to study, even though the library is closed on Sunday.²* CatchPhrase: Vin's "Cue tire squeal". He even refers to it as a catch phrase. ²-->''Layne'': I can't believe I'm saying this, but cue tire squeal. ²-->''Vin'': Love the attitude, don't steal my catch phrase. ²* ClashingCousins: Layne and Mel.²* CoolCar: Not only can VIN talk, but he can also make his tires grow and go superspeed. ²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Before they leave, Layne’s parents tease her by asking about how she feels about a little brother. It turns out that [[spoiler: Layne’s parents made VIN, making her and Vin siblings in a way]].²** Also, Zora mentions that VIN and Layne fight like brother and sister. ²* FunWithAcronyms: "VIN" stands for Vehicle Integrated Neurotech.²* GoGetterGirl: Layne. She is in multiple activities, and is a perfectionist.²* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Episode titles begin with the phrase "Mile (number)", relating to the episode's number.²* LineOfSightName: When put on the spot to explain VIN's atypical behaviour, Layne looks at a sign that reads Bamboo Forest Sushi and claims he was a prize she won during a family trip to Bamboo Forest in Japan.²* NeverTrustATrailer: ²** The promos make the show seem like a lighthearted action comedy when it's really a serialized action-drama.²** There's also a scene where Layne says "Let's do it"; it's really two clips spliced together.²* OnlyTheChosenMayWield: Layne and her family are the only ones who can drive and control VIN.²* OnTheNext[=/=]PreviouslyOn: Each episode is bridged with what happened in the past episode and what will happen in the next.²* SecretChaser: Mel for the first half of the season.²* SecretIdentity: Layne has to keep VIN a secret from most of the public.²* SequelHook: [[spoiler: The final episode ends with Layne and Zora discovering VIN’s DNA scanner has been hacked by someone and their lives are not completely back to normal just yet.]]²* SentientVehicle: VIN.²* SeriesGoal:²** For Layne: Find out how VIN came to be while protecting him from “bad guys”.²** For Mel: Discover Layne’s secret and see what she’s up to.²* SiblingYinYang: [[spoiler: While Vin and Layne aren’t biologically siblings, they act like this.]]²* UnknownRival: Layne is unaware that Mel is spying on her.²** Also, Layne's parents don't know that [[spoiler: Professor Kwon and Clint Riggins want to make VIN into a weapon]].


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