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1[[quoteright:320:]]˛˛A 2012 Creator/DisneyChannel KidCom about a blended family who adopts a dog. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin That can blog.]] His name is Stan, and he can [[TalkingAnimal talk too!]] OnceAnEpisode, Stan adds a new post to his blog summing up the events of the episode in a HappyEnding. The show won a 2013 Young Artist Award and has been renewed for a second season.˛˛On February 3rd of 2014, the series was also renewed for a THIRD season, which started recording on April and aired late September. It also has one 1-hour special, "Stan Has Puppies" airing early May 2015. The third season has been confirmed to be the last, with the final episode wrapping up production early in 2015.˛----˛!!This series provides examples of:˛˛* {{Adorkable}}: Avery all the way. Straight A student who likes ''Franchise/StarWars'' combined with how she looks and dresses is more than enough evidence.˛* AffablyEvil: Avery's arch-nemesis, Karl.˛* AmplifiedAnimalAptitude: Not only can Stan talk and use a computer, he can operate a blowtorch, brush his own hair off the family couch, and (briefly) drive a car.˛* AndStarring: "with Regan Burns [Bennett] and Beth Littleford [Ellen]."˛* TheBGrade: In "Avery Vs. Class", Avery gets a C for a Life Skills project that she followed to the letter. She's both confused and offended that she got a C for what she saw as a perfect assignment.˛* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Avery, Tyler and Chloe.˛** Also, Avery (blonde), Lindsay and Nikki (brunettes), and Chloe (redhead).˛* BookEnds: The final episode has Stan willingly blurt something out verbally which surprises Ellen and Bennet, just like what happens in the first episode with Avery and Tyler. Stan even has the same comment ("Um, no...I mean...woof") when trying to cover such.˛* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: From the pilot, an example that [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar gets past the radar]]:˛-->'''Avery:''' Dad'll write a book, Mom will freak, and Dad will write a book about Mom freaking. There will be freaking books everywhere.˛* BrilliantButLazy: Tyler is a math genius. Actually, he is a very smart student but doesn't apply himself enough.˛* CallBack: In the pilot episode, upon discovering Stan can talk, the camera zooms in on a clock on the wall to show Avery and Tyler spending an hour just staring at Stan with mouths open. When Bennett and Ellen discover it in the series finale, they react the exact same way, complete with the clock shot. ˛** Also, the parents reflect on all the odd things that have happened in the series and realizing it was Stan behind it all. When they confront the kids on the secret, they mention some of the crazy antics they've done to keep it quiet from past episodes.˛* CannotKeepASecret: It's hard for Avery to keep a secret without hyperventalating and eventually blurting it out.˛* {{Catchphrase}}:˛** Ellen's "Good one, Ellen." when she makes a joke.˛** Stan's "There's the sugar!" in his asides.˛* ChristmasEpisode: Episode six focuses on Stan's first Christmas with his family.˛** The 7th episode in season 2 is also a ChristmasEpisode, although It's about the kids aunt coming and Stan inviting a stray dog.˛* TheCobblersChildrenHaveNoShoes: While Bennett James is an accomplished psychologist and author, his methods in dealing with his own family have varied results to say the least. Stan even pokes at this by saying "they say that psychologist's kids are messed up be she [Chloe], seems okay." Then seconds later says "I said ok, not perfect."˛** He also hints that he was somewhat mentally unstable as a child.˛* TheCutie: Avery and Chloe tend to be this.˛* CorruptTheCutie: Tyler getting Avery to break rules.˛* CouchGag: The opening sequence features Stan photobombing the family photos; the second and third change every episode.˛* CrazyCatLady: Ellen, sometimes.˛* CutawayGag: Featured in nearly every episode. The pilot include some scenes from Stan's past. Other scenes have include Ellen trying to explain she doesn't know who she is getting flowers from (Karl), Avery rapping at a talent show, etc.˛* DeadpanSnarker: To be expected from Disney Channel. Avery and Stan are both great at this.˛* DisappearedDad: Its unknown as to what happened to Avery's father and how long between his departure and Ellen and Bennett getting married as well as never being mentioned.˛* DogsHateSquirrels: [[DiscussedTrope Discussed]] in "The Parrot Trap". In the episode, Ellen has been getting sick of [[TalkingAnimal Stan]] destroying all her stuff and feels he does because . In his defense, Avery brings up the idea that he might do it because he senses her general dislike for dogs which Stan then feels is as crazy as a dog not wanting to chase an arthritic squirrel.˛--> '''Avery''': Did you ever think that Stan doesn't like you because he senses that you don't like dogs?˛--> '''Stan (thoughts)''': Seriously? That's like saying you don't like joy or smiles or arthritic squirrels-- so easy to catch.˛* DoubleMeaningTitle: The Season 2 premiere is titled "Too Short", which refers to both Avery upset her friends have had a growth spurt and she's now the shortest of them, and Tyler has a haircut and is nervous to show his new short hair.˛* DoubleStandard: The first season had a bit of a problem with this. "Stan-ing Guard" had several female characters using a self defense move on guys who weren't even attacking them and being PlayedForLaughs. "The Truck Stops Here" had Chloe doing what her mom does (homemaker) and learning it was harder than she thought, which was fine until she tried doing what her father does (child psychologist) and performs it with ease. Thankfully, they removed this problem in the second season.˛* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: The main character is a canine who maintains a blog about his day to day life. Not much to say beyond that. ˛** Most episode titles. "Tyler Gets a Girlfriend", "Stan Stops Talking", "Avery's First Crush", among others.˛* {{Expy}}: Karl seems to be one of [[Series/LeaveItToBeaver Eddie Haskell]], minus the friendship aspects.˛** He also does more than a little channeling of [[Series/{{iCarly}} Nevell]], though much less evil and vindictive. ˛** Chloe also has a few vibes of [[Series/{{JESSIE}} Zuri]]. Although she's a lot more tolerable.˛* FieryRedhead: Chloe.˛* FiveManBand˛** TheLeader: Avery.˛** TheLancer: Ellen.˛** TheSmartGuy: Bennett.˛** TheBigGuy: Tyler.˛** TheChick: Chloe.˛** TeamPet: Stan.˛* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: Tyler and Chloe are foolish stepsiblings to Avery's responsible stepsibling.˛* ForgottenFirstMeeting: Bennett and Ellen first met when Tyler and Avery were toddlers, and did not take to each other. Neither one associates the other with that experience, mainly because Bennett had a beard and Ellen had dyed her hair red at the time.˛* FriendOrIdolDecision: In “Stan Steals Christmas”, Stan hides the kids’ presents in an attempt to be together more often, only to send them off on a mad search finding them. They finally find the presents in a cart at the park, only to realize the cart is full of donations for a group of foster children without any toys to play with; in the end, they willingly give up all their presents to the children, realizing the TrueMeaningOfChristmas.˛* GamerChick: Avery poses as one in "World of Woofcraft" then becomes one with the help of Stan.˛* GenderBlenderName: The older girl is named Avery. While it is occasionally used for girls, it is more often seen as a boy's name, especially in fiction, though it isn't a particularly popular name for either gender.˛* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:˛** At the end of the first episode, Stan logs out of his blog and goes onto another website, claiming it is his own "doggy treat." It turned out to actually be HOT POODLES, a clear porn reference.˛** In the food truck episode:˛--> '''Avery:''' And Tyler's still working in the food truck.˛--> '''Bennett and Ellen:''' What?˛--> '''Chloe:''' He has no business being a father!˛--> '''Bennett and Ellen:''' What?!˛** Upon viewing Stan's family tree, a cat is clearly visible, to which Stan embarrassingly exclaims "Don't pay that any mind. It was the Seventies!"˛** In the episode where Stan tries to be a school mascot, resulting in [[ItMakesSenseInContext pig-napping]] the other school's mascot and {{hilarity ensu|es}}ing, towards the end, Bennett looks towards Ellen, implies having "success sex", removes his shirt... to reveal he's wearing his wife's sparkly lips turtleneck. Followed up by a prison rape joke. Pushing the envelope anyone?˛** And this gem from "Dog Loses Girl":˛--->'''Avery:''' You're supposed to wipe your hair out of the shower drain. Do you know how gross that is? It's like a second little head down there.˛** In "The Parrot Trap," it's implied that Stan has eaten the buttons off Ellen's coat. Later, he says that the parrot "[[BringMyBrownPants scared the buttons out of him]]."˛** Then there was the time Tyler was trying to convince Avery to help him get a girl back...˛-->'''Tyler:''' Not just her cabasa. I like what's up here. (''points to his head'')˛-->'''Avery:''' Cabasa ''means'' head.˛-->'''Tyler:''' Oh. Then some of my other texts ''do not'' make sense at all.˛** One episode involved a reference to neutering:˛-->'''Stan:''' This is why I never had kids. That, and I never had the desire after that weird weekend at the vet.˛** Ellen and Bennett attempting to give TheTalk to Avery.˛** How about the fact that Ellen quite clearly mentions blood in "The Parrot Trap"?˛* AGirlAndHerX: Although Stan is a family pet, and all three kids know he can talk, you can definitely notice a stronger bond between Avery and Stan than with any other person. Tyler did have Stan act as his wingman and later returned the favor. So we're clear, Stan a talking dog puts up with the annoying pet of his master's date and in return Tyler goes on a date with an equally annoying girl who has a poodle that Stan likes.˛* GoodWithNumbers: Tyler, [[BookDumb of all people]], is a math prodigy. This is the only skill he ever uses, even in his new job.˛* GrandFinale: "Stan's Secret is Out", in which [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Stan's secret is exposed]] to the parents and eventually the entire world, and ends with him becoming a celebrity.˛* HehHehYouSaidX: In one episode, Chloe brings Bennett to her class for show-and-tell but mistakes his job as a psychologist for a "sock-cologist" (a specialist who studies socks). Later, Bennett tries to explain to Chloe that he is a psychologist. ˛-->'''Bennett:''' I'm not a sock-cologist, I'm a psychologist. What I do do is help patients with their problems.˛-->'''Chloe:''' You just said do-do!˛* HiddenDepths: Avery can juggle and is a {{contortionist}}.˛** Tyler is a math genius and knows french. Also, he knows how to design apps˛* HighConcept: Somewhat oddly averted, as the titular blog really only serves as a form of BookEnds for each episode. Played straight, however, in that there is a talking dog.˛* HypocriticalHumor: C'mon, its a Disney show, so it's expected.˛* IAmSpartacus: {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d and {{parodied|Trope}} in the second episode where Avery tries to explain "the truth" about what happened to their mother's car. It doesn't help that their talking dog is the one who crashed it, but the kids try to do this to proctect Stan, until Chloe says "I am...Asparagus" and the parents immediately figure it out.˛* ItsAWonderfulPlot: Cat With a Blog. Strangely, this is a rare case where it's not a Christmas episode.˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Stan and Avery apply. As can Tyler.˛* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: The GrandFinale has the kids celebrate the anniversary of the day Stan was adopted three years ago.˛* LeeroyJenkins: Avery is this in "World of Woofcraft", when she and Stan attempt to get revenge on Stan's former in-game friend, Killgore. Avery, being pretty new to game, has zero patience for Stan's plan and attacks before Stan is ready. They still defeat Killgore, who is still pretty savvy, but no match for the surprise attack.˛** While playing, Avery [[ShoutOut runs into the battlefield shouting]], "[[MemeticMutation Averryyyyyy Jeeennnniiinnnggsss!!]]" Of course, Stan replies with, "Oh my gosh, you just ran in!"˛* LethalChef: Ellen is such a bad cook that other moms started calling her "[[EmbarrassingNickname Smellen]]".˛* LoggingOntoTheFourthWall: You can go to "[]" which will merely redirect you to the Disney Channel site for the show. However (and unlike the other official show webpages hosted on the Disney Channel site) the site itself is modeled closely after the way Stan's blog appears on the show, down to having the same logo and banner. All of the blogs Stan writes on the show are there (such as [[ this one]]) along [[ with many]] that can only be found on the site.˛* {{Masquerade}}:˛** A talking dog named Stan has to be left a secret from anyone by three children. Until "Stan Talks to Gran" and the GrandFinale, anyway...˛** Said dog's blog is a secret to any of the family members, until the kids find out in...[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin well, "The Kids Find Out Stan Blogs"]]. ˛*** Since he reveals to the parents that he can talk in the GrandFinale, his blog also being a secret to them is now unlikely.˛* MesACrowd: A variant, Chloe picks a "Chloe Party" for her birthday theme where the guests wear red-headed curly wigs. Chloe admits later that it wasn't a good idea as she feels everyone's making fun of her.˛* MotorMouth: Lindsay which rubs off on Avery at times.˛* NegativeContinuity: The writers seem to go back and forth on if the family is a blended family or not. Case in point, one recent episode has Bennent remind Avery how he always told her to believe in herself...despite only having known her for a few months.˛* NotBloodSiblings: Avery to Tyler and Chloe. Tyler and Chloe have the same father and possibly the same mother.˛* ObfuscatingStupidity: Tyler is secretly a math genius although he is embarrassed about it.˛* OddFriendship: Avery and Stan. First, Stan is a talking dog, second he not only is voiced by a grown man, but seems to have the mindset of a grown man.˛* OffModel: Look at [[ this picture]]. Does it look fake? Nope, it's actually from the intro.˛* OncePerEpisode: Stan blogging away on the computer while everyone else is sleep. Most of the time at the end of the episode.˛* OneDialogueTwoConversations:˛** In "A New Baby?", the kids have a conversation with their parents when [[spoiler:the kids think they're talking about having a baby but the parents are talking about buying a boat and building a new addition on the house]].˛** In "The Green-Eyed Monster," when Chloe is talking to Bennett about Tyler coming to the play he's in, Chloe is talking about Tyler being in a full-body cast, but Bennett thinks she's talking about Tyler wanting to drop out of the play (leave the "cast" of the play).˛* OutOfContextEavesdropping: In the episode "A New Baby?", Stan and the kids overhear Bennett and Ellen discussing Bennett's new promotion about getting a boat for the family. From what they heard, they are convinced that their parents are having another baby and go out of their way to stop it nearly jeopardizing Bennett's promotion in the promotion. ˛* OvershadowedByAwesome: Happens to Stan twice in the episode "Dog with a Hog", first in a flashback he loses a movie role to a dog riding a skateboard. Then as the School Mascot, at the Homecoming Game, to Chloe on a the Rival School's Pig on a skateboard.˛* PairTheSpares: Max and Karl. [[LampshadeHanging Even the show itself commented on how odd a pairing this is]].˛* PinchMe: Avery and Karl pinch each other to check if they aren't in one of Avery's kissing dreams.˛* PlayingCyrano: Tyler and Nikki both play Cyrano to help Avery pretend to know Spanish to spend time with her crush. It ends in disaster when the two get into a massive argument about Tyler's girlfriend (due to Nikki's newfound romantic feelings for Tyler) and bail on Avery.˛* RememberTheNewGuy: Avery and Chloe each got an additional long-time best friend in season 2.˛* RightForTheWrongReasons: In-universe. Chloe said that they would call her Rockstar Rabbit because of her lunchbox. Because last year she had a red lunchbox and everybody called her the little red girl.˛* RunningGag: Stan seemingly revealing an explanation for his ability to talk, like being an alien or a man under a witch's curse, and then saying, "Nah, I'm just a regular talking dog."˛* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Avery feels this way in the episode "Dog With a Hog" when she steals the rival school's mascot when she thinks they kidnapped Stan so she can trade it for Stan, But Tyler took Stan in order to get the other school in trouble. In order to not get expelled, she proposes that sneaking the pig back in is "the right thing to do" When her mom elects to call the school, tell the truth about their pig, she replies...˛-->'''Avery:''' ARE YOU OUT MIND WOMAN? THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING, [[CorruptTheCutie I'VE BEEN TAKING RISKS FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS]] AND I AM NOT ABOUT TO GET OFF THIS TRAIN NOW!˛* ScriptWank: Stan does this in some episodes.˛* {{Secret Keeper}}s: The kids' paternal grandmother joins in later on.˛** [[spoiler:Karl ]]˛* SecretIdentity: Stan has to remain silent in the company of most adults (except the children), otherwise he'll be taken away and be experimented on.˛* SelfServingMemory: In "[[spoiler:Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret]]", Bennet and Ellen flash back to embarrassing events from past episodes, but mentally dub over their lines with ones that paint them in a better light.˛* SentimentalMusicCue: Shows up from time to time, mostly during Avery's sentimental moments, but sometimes for Stan too. ˛* ShipTease: “Avery Dreams of Kissing Karl” is an episode-long ship tease for… well, you can guess.˛* ShorterMeansSmarter: Avery is this, but the only subject that is hard for her is math. ˛* ShoutOut:˛** In "A New Baby", Stan was all set to be spying, and he wore an outfit that makes him look like [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb an agent from the OWCA.]]˛** In "Bark! the Herald Angels Sing", Chloe asks Phil Trummer, the Bennet-James family's cranky old neighbor, if he's going to [[WesternAnimation/{{Up}} attach balloons to his house and fly away]].˛** In "Stan-ing Guard", Tyler tells him to get off the coffee table. Stan responds by saying "[[Film/AFewGoodMen You want me on this coffee table, you need me on this coffee table!]]" He even says it exactly like Creator/JackNicholson during his MotiveRant about being perfect for a job that nobody wants.˛** In "Stan Stops Talking" the Chole party feels suspiciously like one for ''WesternAnimation/{{Brave}}'', which had came out the following year.˛** In "Stan Gets Schooled" Film/TeenWolf is mentioned when Avery's friends, Max and Lindsey, talk about being disappointed that Stan wasn't one.˛** Avery's "Bad Girl" look in the AlternateTimeline of "Cat With A Blog" makes her look a bit like [[Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld Ramona Flowers]]˛* StrictlyFormula: Other than the {{Blog}} mentioned in the title, Blake Michael's long hair and the fact that it's in color are the only hints you have that this show wasn't made in 1962.˛* TakeThat: Stan describing what it would be like to be a celebrity:˛-->'''Stan:''' I'm gonna need an agent, sunglasses, and a political cause I don't really understand.˛* TalkingAnimal˛* TokenEvilTeammate: Avery's friend Max is the closest to this.˛* WhamEpisode: The season one finale episode "Stan's Old Owner". Stan's former owner arrives and offers to take Stan back to meet his real canine family. [[spoiler: He's lying, he was a scientist that was studying Stan to find out how he can talk and wanted to use him for fame and fortune. The kids find this out when they realize there's a contradiction in his story just as they're about to hand Stan over and confront him on it till he eventually reveals his true colors.]]˛** The Halloween episode, where Stan takes advantage of a costume to talk directly to Ellen, and she confides in him that the reason she doesn't bond well with dogs is that her beloved dog ran away one day when she was little and never came back.˛* YouAreTheNewTrend: In one episode, a group of cheerleaders come to a math competition to make fun of the "math geeks." Tyler announces that he's competing and they instantly decide that math is cool.˛* YourCheatingHeart: An episode features a {{Jerkass}} dating Avery abd her two best friends Lindsay and Max all at the sane time, leading the trio to get revenge on him in a parody of ''Film/{{The Other Woman}}''.˛* ZettaiRyouiki: A staple of most of Avery's wardrobe.˛----


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