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1-----------------²A Canadian sitcom set in the fictional Wessex, Ontario, ''Dan for Mayor'' follows slacker bartender Dan Phillips (Fred Ewanuick of ''Series/CornerGas'' fame) who, on a whim, announces his intention to run for mayor when his ex-girlfriend announces her engagement. Aided by his best buddy turned campaign manager Jeff, the first season shows Dan on the campaign trail, and the second season [[GrowingTheBeard shows him finding his footing at Wessex Town Hall.]] The show was created by Paul Mather, Kevin White, and Mark Farrell, who also wrote for Corner Gas.²²The series lasted from March, 2010 to August, 2011, and aired a total of 26 episodes in two seasons on Creator/{{CTV}}. The series was officially cancelled in September 2011, along with sister series ''Hiccups'', and ''[[Series/SoYouThinkYouCanDance So You Think You Can Dance Canada]]''.²²----²!! This show provides examples of:²²* BackupTwin: After [[spoiler:Bud is hit by a bus]], his previously unmentioned twin appears in the following episode.²* ButtMonkey: Dan provides entertainment for the town, (much like his character Hank in "Series/CornerGas")²* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: After season 1: Brianna, Anita's niece and Charley, Dan's co-bartender at Fern's.²* CluelessDeputy: The Deputy Mayor, Alan.²* DorkHorseCandidate: Entire premise is a variation of the idea.²* LocalHangout: Fern's Grill²* LookBothWays: In the pilot [[spoiler:the current Mayor Bud, Dan's opponent, is his by a bus.]]²** And again when Dan [[spoiler:lets a cat he borrowed jump out in front of a bus.]]²* OddballDoppelganger: in ''Claire 2.0'', Melanie is this to Claire: she looks almost exactly like her, owns a successful PR company, and has a Ph.D.²* PopCulturalOsmosisFailure: Although being born in [[TheEighties the 80s]], Charley somehow has never heard of Pac Man or arcade games.²* PutOnABus: Anita Vargas, the appliance repair store owner and mayoral candidate ends up [[spoiler: winning as the MP of Wessex in parliament leaving Dan as the winner.]]²* RunawayFiance: [[spoiler: Claire in episode seven]]²* SleazyPolitician: "Ethical Dilemma" introduces Sam Jefferson, a [[{{Irony}} corrupt Ethics Commissioner]].²** In "Revenge is Swifty", we learn that the late Mayor Calgrove expensed the city for items such as a flat-screen TV and Alan never reported it.²* TrespassingToTalk: A while after Claire breaks up with her fiance and he moves out, Claire comes home to find him in her kitchen and he givers her keys back.²* TheUnseen: Jeff's Wife. This is played for laughs when Jeff is unsure of how long he's been married, and Dan states that they "see her all the time."²²<<|CanadianSeries|>>²<<|ComedySeries|>>


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