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1%%²%% Zero-Context Examples are not allowed on wiki pages. Add context before restoring these entries.²%%²[[quoteright:350:]]²²''Co-Ed Fever'' was one of three 1979 "frat house" sitcoms that tried to cash in on the popularity of ''Film/AnimalHouse''. The setting was Baxter College, an old-line institute for women which had just started admitting men.²²A OneEpisodeWonder, its only broadcast was a "special preview" on Creator/{{CBS}} on February 4, 1979.²²----²!!This show provides examples of:²* AnythingThatMoves: Most of the "action" would've centered on CasanovaWannabe male students looking to hook up with their female classmates, who themselves (with one [[AmbiguouslyGay notable exception]]) are [[LovableSexManiac looking to attract their male classmates' attention]]. The pilot episode set up a LoveDodecahedron between several members of the main cast, from which [[HilarityEnsues hilarity was intended to ensue]].²%%* ExpositoryThemeTune: [[ The opening song.]]²%%* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters²* ShortRunner: Six episodes were taped, only one ever aired.²* StandardizedSitcomHousing: The set looked more like a house than an institutional dorm. Interestingly, the set was [[RecycledSet reused]] for another sitcom set in another all-female school's dormitory: ''Series/TheFactsOfLife''.²----


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