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1%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them. [[quoteright:350:]] ''Bar Karma'' is a 12-episode series created by the CurrentTV online community and Creator/WillWright. The story concerns a magic bar that exists outside of space and time, where people who have reached a crossroads in their life wander in unexpectedly. The latest visitor, Internet millionaire Doug Jones, won the bar in a poker game against James Anon, the mysterious 50,000-year-old bartender. He and the other regular patron Dayna use the bar's mystic tools to help find out how to help, while Doug goes out of the bar to help them hands-on.----!!Contains examples of:%%* AppliedPhlebotinum: The bar's globe, cards, TV, jukebox, the bar itself...* ArbitrarySkepticism: Doug works in a magic bar outside of space and time with a coworker who's over 20,000 years old, but up until the last episode, he refuses to believe that Dayna has supernatural bad luck.* AudienceParticipation: Online community helped select plots.* TheBadGuyWins: In episode 7, [[spoiler:Caleb manages to convince Joseph to take the wrong path of the [[TwoRoadsBeforeYou two roads before him]] and continue in his criminal ways-though granted, the alternatives weren't much better.]]* BornLucky: Doug has extremely good luck for unknown reasons, which is why James and Dayna let him take ownership of the bar.* ButtMonkey: For someone with unnatural luck, Doug has a lot of bad things happen to him.%%* ClearMyName: Doug.* DoingInTheWizard: The bar TV's ability to pick up news from theoretical futures is initially explained as just being part of the Bar's magic, but episode 12 reveals that [[spoiler:they actually come from an in-universe TV channel called "Many Worlds News", which broadcasts people predicting news stories that could happen in the near future.]]%%* DoomMagnet: Dayna (supposedly, but only if she leaves the bar).* EvilCounterpart: Episode 7 introduces Caleb, someone with a past connected to James, who could serve as a potential ArchEnemy.* FromBeyondTheFourthWall: In Episode 11, an audience member enters the bar and interacts with the characters.* InnBetweenTheWorlds: Bar Karma exists outside of time and space.* NonAnswer: In the first episode, after Doug tries to leave Bar Karma through the back door:-->'''Dayna''': Where do you think he is?\'''James''': Somewhere between the beginning and the end, I guess.* NonLinearCharacter: Since Bar Karma is located "behind time and before space", James, Dayna, Doug, and anyone else who stays in it for long enough can move through time seemingly at random. Someone who enters Bar Karma in the future might get there earlier than someone who comes in during the Middle Ages.* ThePowersThatBe: James's former employers, apparently.* Really700YearsOld: James has been working at Bar Karma for hundreds of thousands of years.* SeenItAll: James. After several thousand lifetimes of working in Bar Karma, no new arrivals ever faze him, no matter how bizarre their problems.* ThematicThemeTune: Basically the only lyrics are "You will always reap what you sow." * TheReveal: [[spoiler:Doug and Dayna were childhood friends.]]%%* TwoRoadsBeforeYou: Every customer.* WeirdnessCensor: Nobody ever questions where Doug comes from when he leaves the bar and gets teleported to an unpredictable location.----


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