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1A light drama by Creator/{{the BBC}} chronicling [[TournamentArc the rivalry between two choirs]] and the lives of their musical directors. The series lasted from March to May, 2009. A total of 6 episodes in a single season. ²²Michael Caddick is the director of a church choir; Esther, his wife of twenty years, is lead soprano. The choristers aren't the most talented bunch in the world, but they do make a joyful noise... until new soprano Layla arrives on the scene.²²Before long, Layla has sweet-talked Michael into reorganizing the choir as a competitive vehicle for her own talents. The less-talented choristers find themselves sacked from the choir; Esther finds herself jilted by Michael, who sets up home with Layla. Not one to complain about her lot in life, Esther picks herself up and carries on.²²With the addition of the jettisoned choristers, a music group formed by Esther as a confidence-builder for her son Kyle, who seems to suffer from Asperger's syndrome soon expands into a new choir, the eponymous ''All the Small Things''. The old choir, now dominated by Layla and the traditionalists from the church council, sees the new choir as an unwanted rival and is determined for them to fail, by whatever means necessary; but all Esther and her friends want to do is to sing and have fun.²²Not to be confused with the song by Music/{{Blink 182}} (although that was played in the show's first episode).²----²This show provides examples of:²²* ArtificialLimbs: [[spoiler: Olive has a prosthetic leg]]²* BerserkButton: Kyle does not take kindly to people mocking his favourite singer²* BritishBrevity: six episodes tell a complete story²* DarkAndTroubledPast: Jake²* FlatCharacter: the antagonists are painted with very broad brush-strokes²* {{Jerkass}}: Ethel²* LiteralMinded: Kyle, because of his Asperger's²* ManipulativeBastard: Layla²* MistakenForGay: Olive²* ObstructiveZealot: most of the antagonists, Ethel especially²* [[FriendlyScheming Spouse Scheming]][=/=]ScarySurpriseParty: In one episode, Esther and Michael see peculiar lights coming from inside the church as they drive past on their way home one night. They stop to investigate, wondering if it's being burgled, when suddenly the lights all come on, revealing that it's a surprise party to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Esther was in on it.²* TheVicar: Revd. Barticle²* TournamentArc²* TurbulentPriest: Jake²* VerbalTic: Thingy... whatsit... Clifford²----


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