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1[[quoteright:350:]] A great man once said "''It's impossible to move, to live, to operate at any level without leaving traces, bits, seemingly meaningless fragments of personal information.''" This man has never met a changeling, or at least not knowingly. I am Waltolemew Stricklander, but most people call me "Walt" or "Mr. Strickler." I am the History teacher at Arcadia Oaks High School in Arcadia, California, and I even filled in for the role of Principle. For a time I was leader of the Janus Order, a devoted servant of Gunmar and a particularly harrowing enemy of the [[WesternAnimation/{{Trollhunters}} Trollhunter]]. I can't say that I miss it too much, though a part of me would reminisce on the many half-done plans that will go unfinished. !!The adjectives that people would use to describe me as follows...* AffablyEvil: It is NothingPersonal. It never is personal. I have my own interests to look forward too, and I just so happen to like my human life.* EmbarrassingFirstName: Please... call me "Walt".* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: I have never met anyone like Barbara before. No one has ''ever'' made me question my loyalty to the Underlord but her. * EvilMentor: Now, now. Name calling has never gotten us anywhere. If encouraging the trollhunter to forgo the usual sacrificial pageantry of honor and mercy if it means surviving long enough to see Gunmar fall, then call me a "villain" all you like.* GoingNative: It can't be helped that I happen to find the status quo of things more appealing than what Gunmar had to offer. Sure our service to him felt like the only option for us at the time, but we changelings are bred to walk amongst humans as equally as we can with troll-kind. I also cannot help but feel some semblance of pride in my job as a teacher. Sure there is the occasional class clown I have to humiliate, but on the plus side, I'm allowed to humiliate them. I remember what it was like to be at that age as well in-spite of the circumstances. * GoodWingsEvilWings: A small part of me regrets not using them more often. I try not to use them too often considering a six-foot, five-inch flying humanoid draws a lot of attention. [[TheMothman I learned as much after my mission in Point Pleasant nearly compromised my mission]].* HeelFaceTurn: Scaarbach had left me to fend for myself against Angor Rot, and deep down I knew that Gunmar did not have my kind's best interest in mind. The trollhunter was the only one I can turn too, and I couldn't let Barbara die hating me for it either.* KnifeNut: Standard issue for any field agent. Our job requires the utmost discretion, and hiding them in my true form make it much easier. * PragmaticVillainy: I have my own well-being to look out for, after-all.* PsychologistTeacher: I like to think of myself as a surrogate for students that could use it. Growing up can be difficult. Jim certainly needed it before Blinky came along.


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