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1Rise (A Warhammer Fantasy Game ), is a long running forum quest on the Spacebattles, that follows the life and trials of a fresh new Bretonnian Knight Errant, Hadrian Rutheen, from Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy universe. As he embarks on a life of Chivalry and adventure as he tries to raise his family to new heights and standing, all the while trying to live up to the ideals and creed of his family and father as a just risen noble house in a land of old noble blood.²²Family, Duty, Honour. ²² <-- Current ²² <-- Just the Story²²!!Tropes in this roleplay include:²* ArchEnemy: Reginald Callen, Sir Callen, Knight of the Realm, father of Rik Callen, [[spoiler:Chaos Knight of tzeentch, Shadow Mage and Ex-Earl.]] ²* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: In Bretonnia, the nobles of the land retain their right to rule not by gold and men, but by their personal strength of arms and the steel in their spines. Each consecutively higher rank requires more feats of valour and martial might to be attained until one is nought but a medieval demigod of war.²* BadassNickname: During Hadrian's travels and adventures, he has done great deeds and completed quests worthy of song. Through such action, he has acquired many titles and though his tale is not over yet, here are but some of the names he has gained since his beginnings. ²** Hound of the Lady: This name was gained for Hadrian's deeds in his homeland, for his skill and ability to find evil and Chaos wherever they hid and always able to put it to the sword once found. ²** Blade Dancer: This title was earn from his skill with twin blades. All enemies before him cut to ribbons by his passing as his blades become blurs.²** Truthfinder: Earned for his ability to sense falsehood in both the spoken and unspoken lies of the word and the ability to always get to the truth of things when present.²** [[spoiler: Verena´s Chosen:Given to him by the faithful of Verena for the favour his goddess graces him with her blessings and how he exalts her teachings with ease.]]²** Dragon-Friend: So called because of his deep and close bond with the dragon Ignis.²** Dwarf-Friend: Earned after he saved his friend Hurgr and his clan from extinction by Skaven and then later when he went back with them to their lost hold to help recovery a lost clan artifact. ²* BloodBrothers: House Rutheen and Clan Hurgr, after their current heads took blood oaths of brotherhood.²* BondCreatures: Ignis the dragon.²* CodeOfHonour: The Rutheen family creed: Family, Duty, Honour.²* CoolHorse: Brandon [[spoiler: Fire breathing horse of DOOM and slayer of treemen.]] ²* HundredPercentAdorationRating: Hadrian is loved and respected by all his subjects. [[spoiler: Even to the point of happily following him and his family into exile.]]²* RandomEncounters: It seems Hadrian can never go a dozen steps out his home without always running to something trying to kill him, trying to kill someone he needs to help or he needs to kill.²* SuicideMission: [[spoiler: The quest to Hurgr's old skaven infested clan hold was considered one.]]²* SuperBreedingProgram: The Goddess of Bretonnia, The Lady's plan and reason behind so directly blessing her knights and lords.²* SwampsAreEvil: So far every single one has either been filled with goblins, trolls, or undead of all kinds just looking to kill everyone.²* ThickerThanWater: There is a reason Family is the first part of the Rutheen creed.²----²²


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