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1--> [[Theatre/{{Hamlet}} To sleep, perchance to dream...]]²²A Persona RP created by storymasterb on [=SerebiiForums=]. Found [[ here.]]²----²!! ''Fallen Paradise'' contains examples of:²* AllJustADream: Avalon subverts it. While technically Avalon ''is'' a dream world to the protagonists, it's an immensely dark, brutal and strange one.²* AllMythsAreTrue: Sort of. Avalon embodies mankind's belief in myths and legends, so this is true within Avalon.²* AnAdventurerIsYou: Each character fulfills a different role in combat, similar to different job classes.²** Alistair: Dark Knight²** Matt: Black Mage²** Leo: Red Mage²** Dani: Berserker²** Carina: Cleric²** Janna: Assassin²** Ian: Necromancer²** Aika: Druid²** Cesaire: Rogue²** Diego: Sage²** Louise: Dragoon²** Drake: Mission Control²* AnimalMotifs: Quite a lot present.²** Leo - Lion, Phoenix²** Dani - Bull, Dragon²** Cesaire - Panther²** Ian - Snake²** Janna - Wolf²** Aika - Birds²** Drake - Tigers, [[spoiler: Especially the Amazoness Tiger]]²* DuelingProducts: In-universe example: Cosgrove's and Sunrise, two bakeries employing player characters, exist within blocks of each other with a GMPC's choice cafe in between.²** On a meta level, this game is running at the same time as another very active Persona RP on the same forum with many of the same players.²* EldritchLocation: Avalon, a world located within the subconscious realm which is shaped by mankind's belief in myths and legends.²* EverytownAmerica: Misty Springs.²* FantasyGunControl: By order in Avalon by the GM to maintain the mystique of the place and keep some sort of 'competitive balance' between the characters. Only one character has a gun in Avalon.²* FourGirlEnsemble: Four of the female characters fit: Carina is The Sweet One, Nodoka is the Smart One, Janna is the Sexy One and Dani is the Mannish One. Also, has a gender-flipped example with Drake as the Sweet One, Matt as the Smart One, Leo as the Sexy One, and [[{{Transgender}} Carina]] as the Girly One.²* KingArthur: Avalon's name comes from the mysterious location where Arthur was taken after the battle of Camlann. The king himself sleeps at the island's centre, and is the key to controlling it.²* MultinationalTeam: The gang is rather diverse when it comes to ethnicity, including the Mexican-Spanish Diego, biracial French Guianese Louise, Czech Dani, French Cesaire and Danish-Norwegian Janna.²* MythologyGag: Naturally for a Persona fan work:²--> I am thou, and thou art I.²** According to WordOfGod, Alistair's VA in an English adaption of Fallen Paradise would be Creator/JohnnyYongBosch, who also voices [[VideoGame/{{Persona4}} Yu Narukami]].²* NothingExcitingEverHappensHere: Misty Springs, a town in an undisclosed part of the USA. Subverted in that the town isn't host to all the RPG's supernatural events. Sort of.²* SummonMagic: As with all Persona games.²* TarotMotifs: Comes with being a Persona RPG.²* WeaponOfChoice: Each character has a signature weapon type.²** According to WordOfGod, Avalon itself creates weapons which resonate with those who enter it, making this a case of weapons being tailored to their users.²* YourMindMakesItReal: As stated by WordOfGod, dying in Avalon causes your body in the real world to fall into endless sleep.²----


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