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1Ivalice Adventures is the first official test-play campaign for TroperWorks/IvaliceAllianceTabletop, conducted over Maptool and [=GMed=] by @/{{Renagade}}, or Ren for short. The cast consists of mainly members from the Middle Ground Forums who have Wiki/TVTropes accounts and play a diverse set of characters and classes, as mandated by Ren so each Race and Job could see an opportunity to be played.²²The cast consists of the following characters, who form Clan Starstrike in order of the time they joined:²* Alae: A female Viera Red Mage.²* Andrake: A male Hume Paladin.²* Dursch: A male Seeq Monk.²* Grudis: A male Bangaa Soldier.²* Haedan: A female Hume White Mage.²* Ming: A female Gria Soldier.²²* Vryn: A female Viera Hunter.²* Wenzelas: A male Moogle Gunner.²* Yvet: A female Gria Thief.²The story starts in [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2 Camoa.]] The day before the Great Land Festival begins, as the cast ambles around the city, taking in the sights or looking for work. The peace is disrupted when a group of Baknamies appear and begin terrorizing the townsfolk. Our heroes rush in to save the day, and that evening a new clan is born in Ivalice.²²After Clan Starstrike enjoys the Great Land Festival, they compete in and win the Camoa Cup, earning quite a bit of fame in the process. The next day, they agree to accompany Clan Silverwind, a clan of 3 members who specialize in trading and treasure hunting, to the port town of Graszton. Along the way they manage to hunt and kill a Crushatrice (essentially a giant round chicken, more dangerous than it sounds) and decimate the Yellow Wings, a group of bandits who set up a toll on the well traveled Vieg Road. During the fight, Ming, a Gria Soldier, and Vryn, a Viera Hunter, defect from the Yellow Wings and join Starstrike.²²Once the party arrives in Graszton, they bid farewell to Silverwind and meet Vincardi, a male Viera Gunner and captain of a ship entitled ''The Leviathan.'' Vincardi is an old friend of Yvet's, and they exchange pleasantries and stories. Later that night, a clan known as the Seaways Raiders besieges Graszton with an attempted naval invasion. But the town guard and clan Starstrike, with the help of Vincardi, fend them off and even manage to capture one of the pirates for interrogation.²²They discover that the Seaways Raiders make camp in the long since forlorn Brightmoon Tor, and head out to Melby Point to storm the tower. All goes well until the actually encounter the clan leader, Jack Seaways, who set up a clever ambush for the group, the fight was brutal, and Haedan and Vryn died during the fight, but the clan was victorious. After escaping the tower, tension grew and they split up, opening the path for the Campaign Reboot.²²The first official session took place on October 20th, 2010, and has been going on almost every Wednesday since then.²²The Chat logs of each session are recorded on the [=MGForums=] and can be seen and read below at your viewing pleasure.²²* [[ Session 1.]] Edited.²* [[ Session 2.]] First session with Skype support. Edited.²* [[ Session 3.]] Edited.²* [[ Session 4.]]²* [[ Session 5.]]²* [[ Session 6.]]²* [[ Session 7, part 1.]]²* [[ Session 7, part 2.]]²* [[ Session 8.]] [[strike:part 1.]]²* [[ Session 9.]]²²After these 9 sessions, the party couldn't have a good session for a good 3 weeks, after Which Ren decided to reboot the series with a newer, and less populated campaign. Taking place 3 months after the events of the previous campaign. The party consists of the following.²²* Andrake: The same Andrake from the last campaign, A Hume Paladin/Dragoon.²* Artemis: {{GMPC}} and Andrake's loyal younger brother, a Hume Soldier.²* Ba'Zahng: A Bangaa Hunter who seeks the ultimate mark.²* Calanel: A Nu Mou Black Mage who's a bit of a douche.²* Castia: A Gria Monk who [[WalkTheEarth Walks The Earth.]]²* Dursch: Returning from the previous campaign to replace Castia, a Seeq Monk.²²* Glauze: A Moogle Gunner who's also a bit of a douche.²The story starts in Citadel, a city on the western-most coast of Archades, Andrake and Artemis are visiting there to inquire about a series of missing letters. Whilst Andrake takes in the shock on re-visiting his old home, Artemis travels to the local pub to get some drinks, along the way he bumps into a fleeing Caladel, who had also just bumped into Ba'Zahng, an argument starts, Castia watches from the pub's entrance and steps forward to help dissolve it before the guards get involved. Artemis diffuses the trouble by offering the group to buy drinks, and they exchange stories in the bar. Artemis offers the group a chance to meet Andrake, and they accept, leaving the pub together as newly formed friends to meet the disgruntled Paladin.²²They do so, and despite his grumpiness, Andrake is still good old [[TheDitz Andrake]] and the party formally meets each other before heading up the road to Citadel's, well, citadel. As they approach the walls of the fortress, an explosion is heard and an alarm blares, cautious, the group continues forward. Another explosion causes them to draw their weapons and rush to the gate. Only to have the portion of the wall near it explode in a terrific explosion. A black armored man walks out of the freshly made hole, although the [[ThereWasADoor front gate was a few squares over.]] Clutched in the man's hand is a fairly large and glowing crystal. As the group gathers their bearings from the explosion they see an even larger figure walk out of the hole, a dragon, actually, scales black as a moonless night. It incinerates the incoming guards as the armored man introduces himself to Artemis and Andrake in particular. The man is revealed to be Alexander Hoppande, the [[FakingTheDead supposedly dead]] eldest brother of the Hoppande siblings. A third figure, rather exasperatedly stumbles through the hole, who Calanel recognizes as Varios the Gray, his mentor who he was currently on the run from. The three promptly ignore the party and take off on the back of the dark-scaled dragon, whilst the guards it incinerated are revived as zombies. The group makes short work of them and head into the blasted-apart Citadel.²²They enter mess hall positively full to bursting with zombies and proceed to grind them all to death, aided by the still living guards and soldiers of the Citadel and Commander Arquin, the man who raised Andrake since he was a lad. The battle went on for quite a while, but eventually the party was victorious and proceeded to explain what had just happened to Arquin, being that the man who just blew 5 holes through 10 foot thick walls was Alexander Hoppande. Arquin then discovers that Alex had come through and stolen the power source for the Citadel's [[WaveMotionGun Omega Cannon,]] a Lightwing Crystal. However, the cannon still had energy for one shot, so Arquin attempted to use it to shoot down the fleeing Alexander. [[NoSell He simply reflected the blast back.]] The reflected shot mostly missed, being that it tore apart a good chunk of the Citadel and caused a massive, if brief tidal wave. Arquin told the party that Andrake's father needed to know about this, to which the party agreed and head back to Archades to break the news.²²During the airship ride to Archades, the group encounters Dursch at the bar, [[DrowningYourSorrows drunk off his ass,]] presumably over Haedan's death and the clan disbanding. Or he's just drunk, as usual. After Andrake and Artemis happily reunite with him, Dursch offers to join the group in whatever it is they're doing, for old time's sake, even though it's only been 3 months. However, the happy reunion is suddenly ruined when a pair of guards recognize Glauze, or, more importantly, the gun he carries, which is a stolen model of a very popular and well-known gunsmith in Archades. This causes a bit of a disturbance on the ship, but some well placed diplomacy from Artemis prevents anything major from happening, and the group agrees to take the gun to the smith as soon as they arrive in Archades to hopefully sort things out.²²Once the group arrives the next day, they go to the smith, who remarks that the model was incomplete when it was taken and marvels at how Glauze managed to not only finish it, but finish it spectacularly. He refuses to press charges and even offers to take the Moogle in as an apprentice and assistance, to which Glauze declines due to the fact that he's traveling with the Hoppandes. The group then proceeds to the Hoppande estate and drops the news on Andrake Hoppande the 2nd. To say the least, he is surprised to hear that Alex is alive and insane. But if he wishes to present anything to the higher ups (like the Judges), he'll need more evidence besides a few eyewitness accounts and a hole in Citadel if they are to prevent yet another war between Archades and Rozarria. Castia agrees to act as an impromptu ambassador on behalf of Rozarria, effectively leaving the party, and the group agrees to go to Varios the Gray's manor in search of evidence...²²* [[ Reboot Session 1.]]²* [[ Reboot Session 2.]]²* [[ Reboot Session 3.]]²* [[ Reboot Session 4.]]²* [[ Reboot Session 5.]]²* [[ Reboot Session 6.]]²²----²!This Work contains examples of…²²* [[strike:Thundere]]{{Tsundere}}: Alae, who's cold, arrogant and aloof, but is slowly warming up to the clan.²* {{Acrofatic}}: Dursch in particular, but this could be said of any adequately capable Seeq.²* ActionGirl: Yvet, Alae, and Haedan. Yvet most of the bunch, who's easily capable of quickly racking up damage.²* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: The Judge knows Cura''ja''. That's all there really is to say on the matter.²* BigEater: Alae and Grudis. Alae once remarked that she once went to a Hume "All-you-can-eat Buffet" Her retelling was as follows:²--->'''Alae:''' Is it customary for buffet staff to cry in your culture?²* TheBigGuy: Dursch.²* BigNo: Calanel, upon discovering that Varios zombified his fellow apprentices.²* {{Bishonen}}: Vincardi. Being a male Viera, this is unsurprising.²* BloodFromTheMouth: Haedan, after being shot straight through the chest by an arrow that the DM kindly declined from being a critical hit due to the fact that he needed her alive for test-playing.²* ButtMonkey: Wenzelas. Poor poor Wenzelas.²* CarryTheOne: When Alae was cooking dinner for the team, using magic.²-->'''Alae:''' Carry the 5, Add a Hexagram...²* CharacterAlignment: Though not featured in the game proper, discussion on Skype has led to the player's establishing the following alignments to the [=PCs=]:²** NeutralGood: Haedan, Wenzelas, Andrake.²** ChaoticGood: Grudis.²** ChaoticNeutral: Yvet, Alae.²** TrueNeutral: Durschschlag, Vryn, Ming.²* TheChick: Haedan.²* CloudCuckoolander: Arguably Andrake. He's straight up the weirdest of the lot and the player has stated that he's only going to get worse.²* DarkAndTroubledPast: It'd be faster to list who ''doesn't'' have this in the party.²* DeadpanSnarker: If a character isn't this, then he or she is a LargeHam instead.²* DisproportionateRetribution: Dursch's snoring annoyed Alae, how does she react? By ''turning his food into a zombie and almost killing him.''²* DumbMuscle: Dursch. Being a Seeq, this is not surprising.²* DysfunctionJunction: Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, booooooooooy.²* FaceDoodling: Wenzelas dozed off at the dinner table, prompting Alae to do this to him.²* GlorySeeker: Andrake, who aims to be the best Dragoon in the world.²* GracefulLoser: Vryn.²* GroinAttack: Vincardi vs. the Seeq Viking in Session 7, Part 2.²* GuestStarPartyMember: Vincardi²* HairTriggerTemper: It doesn't take much to set Alae off.²* TheHeart: Haedan, She joined the party in Session 3 and she's already bringing the team together.²* HeelFaceTurn: Vryn, since the Tournament pretty much.²* {{Homage}}: Andrake is based off of Kamina from ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' and ''Literature/DonQuixote''.²* INeedAFreakingDrink: ²** Yvet when she learns of Wenzelas' massive debt owed.²** Haedan indulges in this trope as well, when the situation calls for it.²* IntimateHealing: Lightly applied by Headan's hug giving bestowing Bless on Alae.²* [[ItsAlwaysMardiGrasInNewOrleans It's Always the Great Land Festival In Camoa]]: The campaign begins in Camoa during the Great Land Festival, which occurs at the end of Summer to celebrate a good harvest.²* JerkAss: Alae takes the cake and the platter it was served on in this department. She's a raging perfectionist with a temper problem and can't stand it when she makes a mistake or is one-upped in the Magicks department. People who ''annoy'' her usually receive a couple thousand volts of electricity for their problems.²* KlingonPromotion: How The Previously Newly-Promoted Yellow Wings Leader Who Is Called Reginal Who Is Also Slain and Therefore No Longer the Leader became Leader.²* TheKlutz: Andrake.²* LargeHam: Grudis. Oh God, Grudis. Andrake has his fair share of this as well.²** [[IncrediblyLamePun Dursch being a literal example.]]²* LethalChef: Alae, literally, ''her food came alive as an undead creature.'' Even after it was dispatched of, [[WhatAnIdiot Andrake and Dursch decided to taste it.]] It made Andrake puke and straight out KO'd Dursch.²* MarshmallowHell: Three girls, one cramped wagon. Do the math.²* MeaningfulName: Dursch, it's supposedly German for "Punch."²** Andrake Hoppande. Which is supposedly Swedish for "Drake Jumping."²* MysteriousPast: Like DarkAndTroubledPast, above. It's faster to list who ''doesn't'' have one.²* NominalImportance: Meta Example. As soon as Vryn and the three Gossips were named, the players picked up on it in Skype.²* OhCrap: The Yellow Wings Leader's reaction to seeing Dursch again.²* OhMyGods: Ivalice's religion is, as of yet, wonky. The GM and Game-creator know's there is at least one official Church in Ivalice. But this doesn't stop Wenzelas from mentioning Famfrit any time the cosmos decide to fuck with him.²* OverlyLongName: The Previously Newly-Promoted Yellow Wings Leader Who Is Called Reginal Who Is Also Slain and Therefore No Longer the Leader.²** And then there's his title, "The Seeq With the Impractically Long Name Which may Become even More Rediculously Long in the Near Future"²* {{Pirates}}: Vincardi is a type 2. The Seaway Raiders are type 1.²* PunchedAcrossTheRoom: Dursch vs. Yellow Wings' Leader. That punch alone shoved him back two squares and spawned {{Shout Out}}s to [[VideoGame/FZero Captain Falcon]] and ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', from the players.²* TheRedMage: Alae, of course.²* ReviveKillsZombie: Par for the course, notably, Haedan's Cure dispatched Alae's food zombie.²* RuleOfCool: Ren runs by it, it may not necessarily follow the rules, but if he's in a good mood and if you roll well enough, there'll probably be one or two rules he'll break to allow something awesome to happen.²* RuleOfFunny: The Gm has stated that he doesn't mind adhering to this rule, as long as the session is not totally derailed by the antics and the players can hunker down for some SeriousBusiness when the time calls for it.²* RunningGag: Do not lean back in a chair in this campaign. Just don't.²* {{Sarashi}}: Alae wears it.²* SeriesHiatus: As of early May, 2011, Ren decided to put the campaign on hold due to various party members getting preoccupied with things like college. In the meantime, Ren has started a TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}} [[Roleplay/ANewAge campaign.]]²* ShoutOut: Oh god. Just read the damn sessions.²** ReferenceOverdosed: JUST READ THE DAMN SESSIONS.²* TalkLikeAPirate: The Seaway Raiders.²* TheTeetotaler: Alae, the barman mixed up Birch Beer with actual Beer and Alae, preoccupied with the fact that she was about to fight pirates, downed the entire glass. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Hilarity.]] [[PrecisionFStrike Fucking.]] [[HilarityEnsued Ensued.]]²* ThrowingDownTheGauntlet: Literally and in the spirit of the trope when Andrake challenged the Test of Endurance Seeq.²* TokenGoodTeammate: Andrake, being a Paladin he already qualified. But he does have a good heart and sense of justice, even if he is a bit insane.²** Artemis seems to be filling into this role as well.²* TournamentArc: The Camoa Cup and, apparently, future City Cups, such as Grazton.²* TrashTalk: '''Everyone.'''²* WeaponOfChoice: For the team, it is as follows:²** AnAxeToGrind: Ba'zahng uses a Greataxe as his melee weapon.²** BareFistedMonk: Dursch.²** BladeOnAStick: Andrake uses a partisan.²** DropTheHammer / SimpleStaff: Haedan [[DualWielding Dual-Wields]] a hammer and staff. Hammer for smashing skulls, staff for healing them.²** HeroesPreferSwords: Grudis, who was declared Clan Leader, used a [[strike:Iron Blade]][[{{BFS}} Claymore]]. Yvet also made liberal use of a [[strike:rapier]][[KatanasAreJustBetter Katana]]. Artemis sticks to a more traditional Knight Sword.²** TheGunslinger: Wenzelas and Glauze.²** ShockAndAwe: Alae's preferred combat spell is Thunder.²* WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties: Skype likes to bugger out on us. Maptool likes to randomly disconnect people.²* WhamEpisode: Session 9, by far, has the most plot twist and development out of all of the campaign. [[spoiler:Andrake is revealed to be nobility, and next in line to receive a large inheritance. Alae went into a massive rage and nearly killed Andrake, and later reveals that she killed a [[TheGift Gifted.]] And the GM proves that he can throw suitably challenging encounters at the [=PCs=].]]²** Reboot Session 6 as well dropped some pretty serious bombs. Mainly on Calanel.²* WhatASenselessWasteOfHumanLife: The girls' opinion of the Yellow Wings battle.²* WingedHumanoid: Yvet, Ming, Glauze and Wenzelas. Who are two Gria and Moogles, respectively, so this is a given. Although Yvet and Ming are currently the only members who can fly, if only for a short distance.²* LesYay: Quite a bit of this between Alae, Yvet, and Haedan.²** Yvet definitely takes the cake on this one. And the bride.²²----


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