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1A collaborative roleplay ran on Website/AlternateHistoryDotCom, wherein people play various characters from different timelines. Due to being in the Shared Worlds section of the website, it is only accessible to members. As of the writing of this paragraph, it's on its fourth thread, each thread usually being ended around ten thousand posts. Yes, it's that big.²²It's also a reboot of the similar Roleplay/ATLMeetup, so don't be surprised if there's a considerable trope overlap between the two.²----²!! This series provides examples of:²* AlienSpaceBats: [[Main/ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Literally]]. The most prominent specimen are Marx, Discord, Rego, Xaos and the Investor.²* AlternateHistory: Obviously.²* BandOfBrothers: After dealing with everything in Siberia and Holloway, Rogers, Pisani and Murphy have basically become this, to the point of living together.²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: The Alien Space Bats, who base their morality on the [[Main/RuleOfCool Rule of Cool]].²* CultureChopSuey: Billy Yankee, a pop star from a yet unnamed timeline where the United States is a weird mix between AncientRome and an "America The Beautiful" style of EagleLand.²* DimensionalTraveler: Some people – most notably Janoz, the Doctor, Chell and Alex – travel the multiverse using some variety of interdimensional spacetimeship.²* DirtyCommunists: The POD for the Siberian Soldiers' universe is Trotsky managing to prevail over Stalin in the Soviet power struggle in the 1920's. Trotsky's ideology of "world revolution" makes Trotsky the main antagonist of their timeline's WWII, known as the Second Great War. It ends with the Soviet Union being [[Main/BalkanizeMe partitioned]], mainly between the Americans, Nazis, and Japanese.²* EarthIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse: More accurately, [[Main/RealLife TL-0]] is the center of the Multiverse. Heavily debated both IC and OOC.²* Main/FantasticNuke: Literally. Thaumonuclear weapons in Blue Sky and Anna's timeline have too little fissile material to cause a nuclear explosion on their own. However, the amount is sufficient to trigger a destruction spell, and typically also spells which prevent neutron spread and lower the fissile material's critical mass.²* {{Expy}}: Bound to happen. So far:²** Blue Sky is one of [[Characters/FriendshipIsMagicRainbowDash Rainbow Dash]], with a dash of [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad]] mixed in.²** Senator Paul Shivley is basically [[Franchise/StarWars Sheev Palpatine]].²* NGOSuperpower: The Department for Extraterrestrial and Paranormal Threats and the Council of Anomalous Universes.²* NinetyPercentOfYourBrain: Izz comes from a universe where the myth is true, and she's the first of her universe to use more than 10%.²* OurDragonsAreDifferent : The Dovahirrin are a species of anthropomorphic dragons that have four arms, two legs, two pairs of wings, are mammals, and are capable of metamorphosis and magic. There are also a number of species of wyverns around.²* PrisonDimension: Marx is sent to one, which [[Main/ContrivedCoincidence just happens]] to be the Siberian soldiers' universe.²* PurposelyOverpowered: Alex, a rare non-video game example. He was engineered as a [[Main/CrackFic Kryptonian-Saiyan hybrid with Time Lord, Jedi and Psyker elements]] by the [[Main/RuleOfCool Alien Space Bats]].²* StupidGood: Alex, the [[Main/WideEyedIdealist Wide-Eyed Idealist.]] Also [[KnightInSourArmor James]], to some extent.²* TheMetricSystemIsHereToStay: In Blue Sky and Anna's timeline, the United States has been an early adopter of the Metric System, since Joseph Dombey made it without being hijacked by pirates, and so metrification was enacted by Thomas Jefferson. However, the Imperial system lived on in the Soviet Union – Peter the Great reformed the Russian customary units to be identical to the English/Imperial ones, not just defined by them, and the OTL metrification the Soviet Union did in 1925 never happened there.²* TheMultiverse: The very premise requires the multiverse to exist.²* UnspecifiedApocalypse: The Last War of TL-''g64''. In-universe it's still unknown what precisely started it and how everything occured. What is known is that [[Main/MurphysLaw every single possible bad event happened at the same time]].


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