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1%%˛%%˛%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.˛%%˛%%˛˛''[[ FourClans]]'' is a [[PlayByPostGames play by post]] roleplaying website based around the book series ''Literature/WarriorCats'', albeit set [[TheFuture far, far into the future.]] This site is a reboot of a predecessor of the same name, the earlier one abandoned for a new format. [[NonindicativeName Unlike the name]], there are actually six Clans, being [[BloodKnight [=ThunderClan=]]], [[OutofFocus [=WindClan=]]], [[CityOnTheWater [=RiverClan=]]], [[BeneathTheEarth [=ShadowClan=]]], [[DeathMountain Sky]][[SlippySlideyIceWorld Clan]], and [[OurVampiresAreDifferent [=BloodClan=]]].˛˛!![=FourClans=] contains examples of:˛%%* AlmostDeadGuy: Tigerfang.˛* AlternateIdentityAmnesia: Shrikepaw, who cannot remember what each of his eleven personalities have experienced. Also, Littlecloud's SuperPoweredEvilSide.˛* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: Averted. Cats are expected to have realistic fur colors, and green fur and the like is very much not allowed.˛%%* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: Elmstar.˛%%* BigBad: [[spoiler: [[DeadlyDoctor Rackham]]]] is shaping up to be this.˛%%* BlindSeer: As a medicine cat, Littlecloud could be seen as this.˛* BloodFromTheMouth: Several of the deaths end up like this.˛* BloodKnight: [[InformedAttribute ThunderClan]], [[KnightTemplar Cloudfrost]], [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming Shadepaw]].˛* BroadStrokes: While the previous books did happen, they happened so very far in the past that the events don't matter.˛%%* BrokenBird: Littlecloud.˛%%* TheCasanova: Frosttalon and Pebblewing.˛%%* CatsAreSnarkers: Elmstar, Stormheart (before he [[TheVoiceless stopped talking]]), and Rackham.˛* CatsHaveNineLives: In keeping with the books, only the leaders have nine lives. [[spoiler: Well, most of the [[BigBad leaders]].]]˛%%* CoolCat˛* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Stonepaw was electrocuted by a [=ThunderClan=] patrol, placing him in a vegetable-like state. [[spoiler: [[DownerEnding And then]] [[BigBad Rack]][[DeadlyDoctor ham]] [[TheReveal started to experiment on him]].]]˛%%* DeadlyDoctor: [[spoiler: [[Rackham.]]˛%%* EvilIsHammy: [[spoiler: Lionstar, Cloudfrost, Rackham, Shadepaw...]]˛* DeathByWomanScorned: When Scarlett found out her mate was cheating on her, she took things into her own hands.˛%%* FantasticRacism: Lionstar and Cloudfrost.˛* GrayAndGrayMorality: Nobody's perfect, and nobody's truly evil. [[spoiler: Except Rackham, but he's "special".]]˛%%* KickingAssInAllHerFinery: Scarlett ˛%%* KnightTemplar: Cloudfrost.˛* MeaningfulName: In keeping with the tradition of the original books.˛* MeaningfulRename: [[spoiler: Honeyleaf]] changes his name to [[spoiler: [[DeadlyDoctor Rack]][[BigBad ham]]]] upon leaving [=ShadowClan=].˛* MightyGlacier: [=SkyClan=]'s adaptation.˛* MoleMiner: [[UndergroundCity ShadowClan's]] adaptation, along with [[AbsurdlySharpClaws their absurdly long claws]].˛* NotQuiteFlight: [[FragileSpeedster WindClan's]] adaptation.˛%%* OmnicidalManiac: [[spoiler: Rackham.]]˛* OrphanedSeries: One of the reasons the site needed to be revamped.˛* PoisonIsEvil: The reason [[OurVampiresAreDifferent [=BloodClan=]]] is hated so much. Well, among [[EvilOverlord other things]].˛%%* [[RacistGrandma Racist Grandpa]]: Lionstar˛* ReluctantRuler: Flowerfur never wanted to be deputy in the first place.˛* {{Retcon}}: Stonepaw was actually [[spoiler: murdered by [[BigBad Rackham]]]], leading to a lot of Stormheart's [[{{Angst}} "issues"]]. ˛* RunningJoke: [[RacistGrandma Lionstar]] has lost most of his lives to drowning, despite being leader of [=RiverClan=].˛* SecretRelationship: [[PortmanteauCoupleName S]][[NotSoStoic t]][[SugarAndIcePersonality o]][[AloneInACrowd r]][[TheVoiceless m]][[BrokenBird C]][[DisabledLoveInterest l]][[TheWoobie o]][[BlindSeer u]][[StarCrossedLovers d]][[IdiosyncraticShipNaming -shipping.]]˛* ShockAndAwe: [[BloodKnight Thunder]][[InformedAttribute Clan's]] adaptation.˛* SuperDrowningSkills: No other cat can say they drowned as much as Lionstar, the RiverClan Leader.˛* SuperNotDrowningSkills: [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway RiverClan's]] adaptation.˛%%* TheVoiceless: Stormheart after receiving his warrior name.˛%%* ThisMeansWar: The result of [[SuddenDownerEnding The]] [[RantInducingSlight September]] [[HopelessWar Gathering]].˛* TraumaCongaLine: [[TheWoobie Little]][[BreakTheCutie cloud]]. She was [[ParentalAbandonment abandoned by her mother]], revealed to be [[BlindSeer blind]], forced to become a [[WitchDoctor medicine cat]], her [[CloserToEarth mentor]] was [[spoiler:[[MentorOccupationalHazard killed]] and replaced with [[BigBad Honey]][[DeadlyDoctor leaf]], she took on an [[SuperpoweredEvilSide alternate personality]] to deal with being [[ChildrenForcedToKill forced to murder her clanmates]], and since [[BigBad her]] [[DeadlyDoctor mentor]] left,]] she has to take care of the entire population of [=ShadowClan=]... alone.˛%%* [[ManChild Warrior Child]]: Minnowpelt.˛%%* WitchDoctor: The medicine cats; Grayleaf, Lakesong, Littlecloud, Sweetleaf, Palecloud, and Rackham. ˛%%* VillainWithGoodPublicity: [[spoiler: [[DeadlyDoctor Rack]][[BigBad ham]].]]˛----


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