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1%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.께A [[PlayByPostGames Play-by-Post Forum RP]] by [=TheSequelReturns=], hosted on [=SerebiiForums=]. The RP is loosely based upon the world of ''Franchise/BlackRockShooter'', sharing several characters and themes, but the world and storyline are original.께The setting is Threshold, a mysterious island floating in the ether. This is the afterlife, or at least part of it. The denizens of Threshold are all born into this world with their own unique, indestructible weapon, and are locked in struggle over the Shards of Heaven, mysterious artifacts that will supposedly open up a gate to Heaven. Death is impermanent, as any wound, no matter how mortal, regenerates after a period of time. The only way to truly die is to turn one's own weapon against themselves or to fall off the edge. Or get thrown off, whatever the case may be.께The characters - some newly dead and arrived in Threshold, some old hands - converge in Sanctuary, a zone where combat is prohibited and peace is maintained by a mysterious figure named Angel. Here, they hear the words of Black Rock Shooter, a girl who claims to have fallen off of the edge and survived. She desires peace, and wishes to unite Threshold.께Other powerful souls offer alternative paths. Iron Chain fights for control of Threshold and the shards from his base in the Redwood, locked in combat with the forces of the sadistic Dead Master. The beautiful Revanche lures some in with honeyed words of freedom and peace, set upon by the mighty Demon: Black Gold Saw. And others continue to work from the shadows...께The roleplay can be found [[ here]]. It only ran for a few months before being abandoned.----!!''Innocent Souls'' contains examples of:* AfterlifeAntechamber: Threshold is the land after death, but it seems that out of the millions who die, few arrive. The primary goal of many of Threshold's inhabitants is to AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence.%% * BloodierAndGorier: Compared to its source material.* CigarChomper: Rafayel always has a cigarette in his mouth. Sort of justified, as that's actually his Weapon.* CoolHorse: Stallyn, the spectral horse summoned from Wight's weapon, who never tires and fights along side him.%% * DeathByOriginStory: Technically, all characters qualify for death by their own origin story.* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: Dead? No problem! You'll just pop back into existence a short while later, fully healed. Unless of course, [[DeaderThanDead you fall or are thrown bodily off of the Edge]].%% * DrivenToMadness: The unusual nature of Threshold has caused more than a few cases of this.%% * FloatingContinent: The entire story takes place on one.* GoodScarsEvilScars: Anna has one vertical across the cheek, built in to her Threshold appearance as a result of the physical nature of her death.%% * GottaCatchThemAll: The Shards in a nutshell.* KindHeartedCatLover: Wight, to the point that he can't help but stare at the cat ears of the various women in the group. * LaserGuidedAmnesia: Everyone arrives in the Threshold with little to no memory of their past life. %% * MeaningfulName: Everyone, as per the naming customs in the Threshold.* PlotCoupon: The Shards. There could be millions of them, and when they all come together, they'll form a gate to Heaven. Maybe.* PlotTriggeringDeath: All characters' deaths trigger their own involvement in the plot.* TheQuietOne: Theodore doesn't talk a whole lot, unless he feels he must.* ReluctantWarrior: Wight hates fighting, and would love nothing more than to talk his way out of every situation. Unfortunately, he isn't very eloquent and comes off sounding like a child half the time.* ResurrectiveImmortality: Everyone in Threshold has it - the only known ways to circumvent regeneration are [[DrivenToSuicide self-termination]] or falling off the edge of Threshold itself.* SurvivorGuilt: Leo died trying to save some kids from a burning building. The kids did not survive, and technically, neither did he. He feels some sort of guilt, but he can't remember for what. He tries to hide this with his cheerful nature.%% * TruceZone: Sanctuary, thanks to Angel.* WeaponOfChoice: Anything goes as a weapon, from a flash light to a cigarette to a whip to a scythe.* WorldOfBadass: Everybody comes into threshold with a unique weapon in addition superhuman strength and speed. Most of the social order revolves around the warring factions.----


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