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1These are works that have made a ShoutOut to ''Literature/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' in some form or another.!!Examples[[foldercontrol]][[folder:Anime and Manga]]* The episode ''Anime/LupinIIITheWomanCalledFujikoMine'' "Vissi d'arte, Vissi d'amore" is a reference to the book. The phantom turns out to be [[spoiler: the boyfriend of the opera singer Aiyan, who is living underground with him since people wouldn't approve their relationship.]][[/folder]][[folder:Comic Books]]* The Phantom is a minor character in ''ComicBook/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen''.* During [[ComicBook/WonderWoman1987 "The Witch and the Warrior"]] Franchise/WonderWoman's fight with a brainwashed Franchise/{{Superman}} takes them past a billboard advertising the Broadway musical the ''[[DifferentWorldDifferentMovies Phantom of Gotham]]'', complete with a white mask and red rose on a black background.* ''ComicBook/WonderWoman1942'': Bedwin Footh is a bitter actor who wears a mask and lives in the sewers and tunnels beneath a theater.[[/folder]][[folder:Fanworks]]* In ''Fanfic/InfinityTrainBlossomingTrail'', Atticus is shown reading this book.[[/folder]][[folder:Films]]* ''Film/ElFantasmaDeLaOpereta'' is a Mexican parody of The Phantom of the Opera.* ''Film/{{Rigoletto}}'' is a modified telling of ''Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast'' with elements of The Phantom of the Opera.[[/folder]][[folder:Literature]]* ''Literature/{{Goosebumps}}'': The book "Phantom of the Auditorium" centers around a ghost haunting Brooke and Zeke's middle school when their class decides to revive a cancelled play from 70 years ago.* ''Literature/{{Phantom}}'' is based on the original novel with influences of the musical.* ''Literature/ThePhantomOfManhattan'' serves as a sequel to the musical.* ''Literature/{{Maskerade}}'' is Terry Pratchett's Discworld parody of the novel.* In ''Literature/TheresMoreThanOneWayHome'', Anna thinks that her dining room chandelier is worthy of ''The Phantom of the Opera''.* In ''Literature/WickedGood'', Archer's mother Rose has ''the Phantom of the Opera'' as her ringtone.[[/folder]][[folder:Live-Action TV]]* ''Series/DoctorWho'': A couple of times.** The story "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" partially homages the novel with its plot element of a hideously-disfigured madman hanging around a nineteenth-century London music hall.** In "The Caves of Androzani", horribly-scarred and masked AntiVillain Sharez Jek has a StalkerWithACrush fixation on the Doctor's companion Peri which is obviously inspired by Erik and Christine.[[/folder]][[folder:Music]]* Music/IronMaidenAlbum includes a song called "Phantom Of The Opera".[[/folder]][[folder:Video Games]]* ''Franchise/BlazBlue'': Relius Clover's design, along with his interest for opera, is inspired by the Phantom.* ''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'' features the titular character as a summonable Assassin-class servant, and appears as a Berserker-class servant in Shinjuku.[[/folder]][[folder:Webcomics]]* ''Webcomic/{{Roommates}}'' features characters from the novel as regulars.* ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' includes a fairly unsubtle reference to Gil rescuing Zola from [[ "some overly dramatic maniac who lived in the Paris Opera House."]][[/folder]][[folder:Web Video]]* ''WebVideo/ReallyFreakinClever'': In "64 Things WRONG With ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'': Part 4", upon noticing the Forest Temple's boss is named Phantom Ganon, Joshua sings a parody of "The Phantom of the Opera".[[/folder]][[folder:Western Animation]]* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'': In "The Phantom of the Telethon", Roger dresses up as the Phantom to sabotage Stan's telethon as revenge for stealing his idea.* ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'': In "Love Notes for Muffy", Francine tells the Brain to let go of his grudge against Muffy before he "becomes some crazy guy living up in the school rafters dropping chandeliers on people."* ''WesternAnimation/CountDuckula'': has the Phantom and his manservant as guest villains in the episode 'A Fright at the Opera.' They reappear in the VillainTeamUp episode 'Venice a Duck Not a Duck'.* ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'': in episode, also called 'A Fright at the Opera' the ghostbusters have to deal witha bunch of ghostly Valkries. The Phantom appears at the end, leaving in a huff due to the noise.* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'': A CutawayGag from "Deep Throats" features Peter and Lois attending the Creator/AndrewLloydWebber's musical, and Peter demands that the Phantom reveal the ugly side of his face so he can leave. "That nose better be piggy!"* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/MiloMurphysLaw'', Milo and Melissa go to see ''Llamalet'', Shakespeare's ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' with an all-llama cast. On their way to the theatre, posters are seen for a number of similar shows, including ''Phantom of the Llama''. Melissa notes that some of the titles were better than others.* ''WesternAnimation/OswaldTheLuckyRabbit'': The 1930 short ''Spooks'' is a parody of the 1925 film (which was being reissued with sound that same year).* In the MusicalEpisode of ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'', Phineas' number includes a montage of the boys homaging various musicals, including himself as the Phantom and Ferb as Christine.* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls2016'': In "Bubbles of the Opera", Bubbles wears a half-mask, hood and cape to hide her disfigured face.* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryIncorporated'': The episode "In Fear of the Phantom" is about a phantom controlling a theatre, causing accidents and kidnapping a young female singer.* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':** In "Flaming Moe's", Homer imitates the Phantom when he reveals the secret ingredient of the Flaming Moe to everyone.** In "Lisa's Wedding", it is shown that Martin Price faked his death in the future and is now living below the school à la the Phantom. He ends up playing "A Fifth of Beethoven" on his pipe organ.** In "The Italian Bob", Krusty lets the Simpsons appear in his Roman opera to protect them from Sideshow Bob, and Homer asks if he can play the Phantom.--->'''Lisa:''' Dad, the Phantom isn't in this.--->'''Homer:''' But I do a great impression of him. "A-a-a-a-h! I am the gayest supervillain ever!"** In Creator/GuillermoDelToro's opening for "Treehouse of Horror XXIV", Mr. Largo is conducting four different Phantoms (three as played by Lon Chaney, Herbert Lom and Claude Rains, plus one based on the cover of the original novel).* ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'': In "Something Smells", Patrick walks on [=SpongeBob=], who believes he is ugly, hiding in his house playing a pipe organ while wearing Groucho glasses.* ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987'': in the episode 'Phantom of the Sewers'. Shredder even posed at the Phantom in another episode.[[/folder]]


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