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1* ''Literature/DiaryOfAWimpyKid'': When protagonist Greg Heffley was in second grade, each student in his class was given a paper cutout of Flat Stanley, which they were supposed to send to a relative who lived far away. Greg sent his Flat Stanley to his mother's cousin in Seattle, who added it to her collection of hoarded newspapers and magazines. Years later, the Heffleys got a new Flat Stanley to bring on there road trip and took pictures of it in front of landmarks (including "the world's largest piece of popcorn", which is really a painted piece of wood shaped like a piece of popcorn). [[spoiler: The wind eventually blows in from the sunroof and blows Flat Stanley out of the car.]]* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' had Flat Stanley mailed to Nancy... and Peggy&Luanne decide to take pictures of Stanley in rather dangerous situations then [[RefugeInAudacity send the pictures]] ''back'' to the school, causing [[SurprisinglyRealisticOutcome the teacher and students being quite surprised at what Stanley was put into, then canceling the project]].


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