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Context Recap / YuGiOhArcVEp110TheTornSmileWorld

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1After Yuya, Kurosaki, and Kaito defeat Obelisk Force, Academia arrives commanded by Edo, who personally intends to duel Yuya. Noro and the Tyler Sisters protest, but Edo refuses to back down. Using a solid vision rope he pulls Yuya towards him and activates the Field Spell "Wire Mesh - Chain Deathmatch," trapping them both in a cage so they cannot flee. Noro orders their other forces to capture the Lancers, but Kaito steps in to protect them. Yuya accepts Edo's challenge and the duel begins. During the episode, Kaito defeats Academia's forces and the group flees with Kurosaki.께Edo summons "Destiny Hero - Decisionguy" and ends his turn. Yuya sets "Entermate Return Tantan" and "Timegazer Magician" in his Pendulum Zones and summons "Entermate Dag Daggerman" and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon." Daggerman destroys Decisionguy, and Odd-Eyes attacks directly. At this time Edo activates the effect of "Destiny Hero - Dynamiteguy" to negate the battle damage and deal 1000 damage to both players. At the same time he activates the effect of Decisionguy, returning it to his hand to negate the effect damage he would take. Yuya takes 1000 damage, leaving him at 3000 to Edo's 3600. Yuya ends his turn. Edo activates Polymerization, fusing Decisionguy and "Destiny Hero - Drillguy" in his hand to summon "Destiny Hero - Dystopiaguy."께Dystopiaguy's effect activates, dealing damage equal to Decisionguy's ATK and taking Yuya to 1400 Life Points. Edo equips Dystopiaguy with "Delay Armor" and attacks Odd-Eyes. The effect of Delay Armor activates when Dystopiaguy destroys a monster in battle, and destroys a monwer with a lower level and deals 500 damage to the controller. Dag Daggerman is destroyed and Yuya is at 600 Life Points. Edo sets a card and ends his turn. Yuya performs a Pendulum Summon and summons his two monsters back from the Extra Deck. At Edo's declaration that he will prove Yusho's dueling is wrong, Yuya wonders how to reach him and has an idea.께Yuya uses Return Tantan's effect to return itself to his hand, and then uses Daggerman's effect to discard it and draw two cards. Yuya draws "Entermate Trump Witch" and sets it in his Pendulum Zone, then activates its effect to perform a Fusion Summon. Yuya fuses Daggerman and Odd-Eyes into "Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon." The effect of Brave-Eyes saps Dystopiaguy's ATK to 0 until the End Phase, and Brave-Eyes gains 100 ATK for each monster effected. Brave-Eyes attacks Dystopiaguy, and Edo activates his Continuous Trap "Demise Urban." Its effect lets Edo power up a Destiny Hero by 100 ATK each turn, and this activates Dystopiaguy's effect since its ATK changed, destroying Brave-Eyes.께At this time Yuya sees the torn Smile World on the ground by Edo and asks how he got it. Edo explains he met Yusho when he first came to Xyz Dimension, and dueled him, recognizing him as the man who "duels for smiles." Edo is determined to prove Academia's dueling is superior, but Yusho defeats him. Yusho consoles him it was a fun duel, and asks him to tell Leo that dueling to fight is wrong, and offers Edo his Smile World. Edo takes Smile World and tears it in two, raging that Yusho is wrong and the Professor is right. Yusho attempts to pick up the other half of Smile World, but is teleported away before he can grab it. Edo tells Yuya that he must defeat him to prove the Professor's teachings are right.께Yuya ends his turn, and Dystopiaguy declares a direct attack.께----!!This episode contains the following tropes:* {{Cliffhanger}}: The episode ends with Edo using Dystopiaguy to attack Yuya directly.* FanGirl: Grace is ''really'' into Yuya's Entertainment Dueling and cheers for him during his duel with Edo.* FlawExploitation: When Edo is gloating about [[FantasticRacism his Dueling being better than Yuya and Yusho's Entertainment Dueling]], Yuto tells Yuya about his FatalFlaw, which convinces Yuya get serious in their second Duel.* HeelRealization: Subverted, during the flashback in which Edo is shown close to accept Yusho's victory and his Smile World card, but at the last second he retreats, yelling that there's no way Academia is wrong and tearing apart the card.* MythologyGag:** Edo using a field spell to chain both him and Yuya together is a [[CallBack Call Back]] to [[Anime/YuGiOh5Ds Yusei's Team Satisfaction days]] where he and his team would use wires to bind their opponents from running, forcing a duel.** It's an even bigger call back to the ''ZEXAL'' version; the Duel Anchor, which coincidentally was used by Kaito.* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: Kaito manages to summon an army of Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragons against the Academia forces. Yusho also defeats Edo offscreen in a flashback, despite seemingly being on the losing side at first.* OneSceneWonder: Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a new Fusion upgrade to Odd-Eyes, but it is quickly destroyed before it's attack connects. It returns next episode however.* WrongAssumption: Way too much of Edo's conflict with the both Yusho and Yuya, steems from the fact the he fundamentally believes that, since their Entertainment Dueling opposes everything he learnt at Academia it must be wrong; to the point when he lost to Yusho he got close to having breakdown, and pursues Yuya simply on the basis of being Yusho's son.


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