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1Omi has finally reached the time of Grand Master Dashi. Now he can stop Chase Young from turning evil. But will his actions really make the world a better place?˛˛!!Tropes˛˛* AndTheAdventureContinues: The series ends with a massive Cosmic Clash showdown.˛* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning: [[spoiler:Raimundo becomes Shoku warrior and the leader of the Dragons.]]˛* BookEnds: The first Xiaolin Showdown was for the Eye of Dashi. [[spoiler:So is the last.]]˛* ButterflyOfDoom: Leading to another BadFuture where Master Guan joins the Heylin side, Master Fung is trapped in the Yin Yang World and the Heylin side has won.˛* DickDastardlyStopsToCheat: The entire Heylin side jumps in the tag-team showdown which backfires when Rai takes them all out at the same time leaving the way free for Omi. ˛* DivideByZero: [[spoiler:When the two Omis meet.]]˛* FightingFromTheInside: After the last showdown and it pans over the villains, Chase is briefly shown smiling in an AsideGlance, which suggests that he probably wanted the Dragons-in-training to win. ˛* GrandFinale: Of the series. That is until [[WesternAnimation/XiaolinChronicles the next series]].˛* HeroicSacrifice: Good Chase drinks the Lao Mang Long Soup to help the Dragons break out. ˛** Raimundo uses a Cannon Blaster-Wudai Star-Wind combo to not only take out 3/4 of Team Heylin, but drive himself into Hannibal and knock both him and the bean off the castle, opening the way for Omi to tag in and win the showdown unopposed.˛* OneManArmy: Rai takes out 4 [[BigBad Big Bads]] in a fight pretty much by himself. ˛* OnceAnEpisode: The show's final Xiaolin Showdown, and appropriately the biggest one to date. The "Rescue the Damsel in Distress" four-way tag team Xiaolin Showdown, pitting all four monks against Wuya, Heylin!Guan, newly-turned Heylin!Chase, and Hannibal Bean for the Eye of Dashi. The winners are the first to make it to the top of the castle and rescue the "damsel", i.e. Dojo. It's the monks' Ants in the Pants, Cannon Blaster, Lasso Boa Boa, and Orb of Tornami versus Team Heylin's Ju Ju Fly Trap, Moonstone Locust, Serpent's Tale, and Moby Morpher.˛** Team Xiaolin wins after Team Heylin tries to get the jump on Rai by attacking all at once, only for Rai to fire back with a Cannon Blaster-Wudai Star: Wind combination to drive ''all four BigBad at once'' off the castle and allow Omi to freeze the crumbling castle in place and rescue Dojo for the win.˛* TheNeedsOfTheMany: Chase Young is willing to sacrifice himself and revert back to a timeline where he is evil because the alternative is worse. ˛* TookALevelInKindness: Subtle but there with Good Chase. Younger Chase Young is undoubtedly good but arrogant, prideful and struggles to trust his friends, something that Hannibal Bean is able to take advantage of. Older Chase lacks these flaws, showing that he's probably [[OlderAndWiser grown out of his youthful hubris]].˛* UsedToBeASweetKid: Good Chase serves as a caring and kind mentor to the alternate universe Xiaolin monks. It's quite tragic how much the Lao Man Long Soup changed his personality.


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