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Context Recap / ThomasTheTankEngineS17E23NoSnowForThomas

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1[[quoteright:250:]]²²'''Air date''': December 23rd, 2013 (UK)²²Thomas doesn't want to wear his snowplough, so he decides to hide it on a siding, pretending not to know where it is. He is then ordered by The Fat Controller to stay in the sheds while Emily clears the snow on his branch line, much to her displeasure. Thomas discovers that Emily had fun in clearing the trucks and is taking Annie and Clarabel for a ride. This prompts Thomas to come out of the sheds to find his snowplough, but the snow had covered everything and he is stuck in thick snowfall. Emily finds Thomas' snowplough and rescues him from the snow; The Fat Controller is cross that Thomas had hid it on the siding and orders him to clear the line for Emily the next day.²²!!Tropes featured in the episode:²* BittersweetEnding: Despite Thomas being ordered to clear the snow for Emily the next time, He wasn't dissapointed, Thomas and Emily watch the kids playing with the snowmen, Which implies that Thomas and Emily might love each other as a romantic couple.²* CantGetAwayWithNuthin: The Fat Controller found out about Thomas hiding his snowplough.²* CompressedVice: Thomas' hatred for his snowplough is focused again.


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