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Context Recap / TheSmurfsS3E36AHugForGrouchy

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1Grouchy Smurf hates everything ... especially being touched and hugged against his will.
3So when Hug-a-Smurf Day comes calling, Grouchy does everything he can to run from his fellow Smurfs, in their attempt to get him to show an emotion other than grouchiness.
5But when Chlohydrous attacks the Smurfs' friend, the Ice Wand Fairy, and it wipes emotions from the face of the earth, it could be a hug from – ironically enough – Grouchy, that is needed to save the Smurfs from perpetual emotionless, frozen state.
7For now, they're just trying to make "'''A Hug For Grouchy'''."
9Annoyed at the Ice Wand Fairy for her perpetual happiness and love, Chlohydrous casts a spell on her to turn her wand into an instrument of emotion destruction. No happiness, sorrow or love ... only stoic unlove.
11Eventually, the Fairy is able to strike birds, squirrels and then the Smurfs. Papa Smurf researches the phenomenon and realizes that the wand's effects can be broken only if its current holder is hugged by a confirmed grouch by sunset (or the spell’s effects are permanent) ... but Grouchy balks because he hates hugs.
13But he starts to realize he might have to be the hero when the Ice Wand Fairy uses her wand to zap Papa Smurf, and then attempts to go after Baby Smurf. Baby, however, is immune to the altered Fairy's wand's effects, and this distracts the Ice Wand Fairy long enough for Smurfette – who, along with Grouchy, has dodged all the attempts to strike her into an emotionless state – to urge Grouchy to hug the Fairy and reverse the spell's effects.
15Grouchy finally relents and hugs the Fairy ... and indeed, the spell is broken and love and happiness are restored. Chlohydrous is cursing her latest failure when the wand somehow magically appears in her lair, where it destroys a Heart of Ice that she was preparing to spread all over the world, before the wand itself magically disappears, leaving Chlohydrous a blubbering failure once more.
17Back at the Smurf Village, the Smurfs and the Ice Wand Fairy are celebrating Hug-a-Smurf Day, and several Smurfs finally tackle Grouchy, who finally gives in and lets them hug him ... grouchily, of course!
19!! Tropes seen in this episode:
20* BrokenAesop: You should share your feelings with violating their feelings when it comes to being touched.
21* CuddleBug: Most of the Smurfs except for Grouchy.
22* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The stalking that the Smurfs go on to force a hug on Grouchy seems like a "family-friendly" version of gang rape.
23* EmotionSuppression and TheStoic: The goal of Chlohydrous' latest scheme ... to wipe emotions from the face of the earth.
24* FictionalHoliday: Hug-a-Smurf Day.