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1Jan orders Michael to choose the cheapest health care plan, and he delegates the task to Dwight, much to the employees' detriment. Michael promises the staff a surprise. ²²Air Date: April 5, 2005²²!!! Tropes ²²* BenevolentBoss: In the opening, Michael tries to describe himself as one.²* CuttingCorners: Dunder Mifflin tries to save money by getting the cheapest health plan, which means most of the employees' expenses won't be covered.²* DrunkWithPower: Dwight is given the task of choosing the company's health plan, and quickly gets delusional about it. Jim notes that it's the smallest amount of power that has ever gotten to someone's head. ²* TheNicknamer: Michael calls Pam "Pam-a-lam-a-ding dong," a name which will be repeated later by Andy. ²* IgnorantOfTheirOwnIgnorance: Know-it-all Dwight is unaware that the uterus and not the vagina is removed during a hysterectomy, and that anal fissures are real.


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