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Context Recap / TheLibrariansS1E07AndTheRuleOfThree

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1It's a science fair, with a twist. Someone's using magic to curse the leaders in the science fair. And the Rule of Three is going to make sure whoever's doing it will pay ''in spades''.----!!Tropes:* BadassBoast: Amy's response to another student's claim that her experiment couldn't possibly electrocute all the students:-->'''Amy:''' I'm Amy Meyer. I've won every ribbon, every medal, every trophy you've wanted since we were five. Do you really think I'm bluffing?* DarkHorseVictory: Leonard's volcano wins the fair.* EducationMama: Amy's mother, who describes herself without shame as not just a tiger mom but "the wolverine of mothers," and is clearly more invested in Amy's success at the STEM fair than Amy herself. Amy and Cassandra bond over being denied normal teenage enjoyments and social lives for the sake of their parents' dreams; Cassandra's gave up after she got sick, and at the climax of the episode Amy bluntly informs her mother that it's ''her'' life and future.* GothGirlsKnowMagic: Subverted; when dark magic breaks out during a STEM fair, the initial suspects are a trio of goths who've been hanging around despite not having exhibits, but it later turns out that they're only there because one of their number has a crush on one of the competitors.* GratuitousLatin: Morgan's message for Jenkins is "Noli timere malum, sed time heroa." ("Do not fear the villain; fear the hero" in Latin.)* KarmaHoudini: Morgan Le Fay, who's responsible for everything, gets away scot-free.* PostModernMagik: A spell in the form of an app.* PrecociousCrush: Eve tries to interrogate Leonard, and he responds to all her questions with things like, "When you say my name, it's like a thousand angels singing."* ScienceFair: The entire episode's setting, complete with a baking soda volcano.* TitleDrop: The Rule of Three is a magical concept that serves as a key plot point in the episode, and as such is referenced repeatedly in dialogue.* WillNotTellALie: Morgan, according to Jenkins.----


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