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Context Recap / TheAmazingWorldOfGumballS6E33TheSilence

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1Gumball and Darwin finally run out of things to say to each other.----!!Tropes:* BackAlleyDoctor: Gumball and Darwin have to go to one to get their tongues back to normal after Mr. Small's treatment.* BatDeduction: Gumball is able to find Darwin by correctly following his [[WikiWalk rather random]] thought process.* ContinuityNod: ** Mr. Small's [[Recap/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballS3E16TheAllergy obsession with alternative medicine]] is brought up again.** In "[[Recap/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballS5E21TheCycle The Cycle]]", Harold is able to successfully pretend he's a psychotherapist. In this episode, it's revealed he actually is one, though he does a terrible job at it.* HurricaneOfPuns: At class, Gumball and Darwin make several fish puns out of music artist names.* EndOfSeriesAwareness: The plot is partially another attempt of telling the fandom that the show's GrandFinale is near and the characters are starting to feel its wear and tear.* FalseReassurance: Mr. Small reassures the boys that the other patients whose tongues were deformed by his acupuncture attempt managed to go back to their normal lives...once they accepted that ''as'' their new normal.* FictionalSocialNetwork: The website where Gumball and Darwin roleplay is called "[[Website/{{Twitter}} Tweetr]]". The design is very similar to its real-life counterpart as well.* PaintingTheFourthWall: Fitting with the title, this is the only episodes with a completely silent title card.* SplitScreen: During Gumball and Darwin's song, the two head to separate directions, and the screen splits in two halves as each follows one of the former friends.* TongueTrauma: Mr. Small's acupuncture treatment causes Gumball and Darwin's tongues to swell up until they stick out of their mouths. Small admits this happened to all his other patients, but they went on with their lives... after they accepted that this is how their lives are now.----


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