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Context Recap / TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012HalfShellHeroesBlastToThePast

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1The turtles recover a crystal Shredder's henchmen stole from a museum. Donnie tries to use it as a power source for his transforming turtle robot, but using the robot's rocket boosters accidentally sends the turtles back to dinosaur times with Bebop and Rocksteady hitching a ride. The turtles must find a way back home, but with the Triceratons causing trouble, that's easier said than done. ----* AlternateContinuity: The special has enough inconsistencies in continuity that it is clearly not canon to the main series. Chief among them is that the special premiered at a point in the main series where ''the Triceratons destroyed the Earth and the Turtles went with Professor Honeycutt in space, time-traveling six months prior to Earth's destruction to try and prevent it by gathering the pieces of the Black Hole Generator before the Triceratons can use it''.* AnachronismStew: Not only are ''Stegosaurus'', ''Brachiosaurus'', and ''Compsognathus'' shown living in the Cretaceous, but many of the other dinosaurs didn't live 100 million years ago.* AndroclesLion: Raph befriends the ''Pteranodon'' by treating its injured wing.* ArtShift: Is done in a much lighter, more cartoon-y style than the main series.* ComedicUnderwearExposure: The Triceratons at one point end up in their underwear. This includes the female general Zera.* TheComicallySerious: Tiger Claw knows that humans and dinosaurs didn't exist together, unlike Bebop and Rocksteady.* DenserAndWackier[=/=]LighterAndSofter: The humor is much more overt, and the special is overall lighthearted.* DomesticatedDinosaurs: The turtles befriend and tame dinosaurs ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and one pterosaur]]) to fight the Triceratons.* EnemyMine: Bebop and Rocksteady offer to work together with the turtles against the Triceratons. Leo tries to invoke a HeelFaceTurn.* MythologyGag:** This isn't the first time the turtles have traveled to dinosaur times.** When they return to the present, Shredder has taken over the world similar to ''Same As It Never Was''.** While trapped in prehistoric times, Bebop and Rocksteady's outfits are altered to slightly resemble those of their original incarnations (most notably Bebop's turtle shell shoulder pads, and Rocksteady wearing a yellow vest.)* OutOfFocus[=/=]WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Tiger Claw's only scene in this special is during the museum robbery.* PteroSoarer: The ''Pteranodon'' are portrayed with serrated bills similar to ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest''. On the other hand, they are quadrupedal.* RaptorAttack: The raptors are, as usual, ''Film/JurassicPark''-styled. Be it they're organic or mechanical.* RealityEnsues: When the turtles get confronted by a ''T. rex'', Leonardo attempts to use ''Film/JurassicPark'' [[LivingMotionDetector logic]] on it. Donatello corrects him that real tyrannosaurs have [[ShownTheirWork excellent eyesight better than that of eagles or hawks]], and sure enough the ''T. rex'' has no trouble seeing them.* SequelHook: When the characters return to the present, they overshoot their destination and discover that Shredder has taken over the world. Whether or not a sequel will be made remains to be seen.* StockDinosaurs: ''Tyrannosaurus rex'', ''Triceratops'', ''Stegosaurus'', ''Pteranodon'', raptors, ''Brachiosaurus'', ''Ankylosaurus'', and ''Compsognathus'' are all present in this movie. ''Spinosaurus'' appears as a giant robot as well as a more normal-sized fossil in the museum.* SuperDeformed: Everybody in the episode except for the dinos is portrayed in a chibi style.


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