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Context Recap / TangledTheSeriesS1E13TheWrathOfRuthlessRuth

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1[[quoteright:250:]] ²²->All I wanted was for them to hear my song!²-->--'''"Ruthless" Ruth'''²²The king suspects that despite Rapunzel keeping her promise to stay in the kingdom, she is still finding danger, so he has his guards keep an eye on her more closely. This leads to Rapunzel running away from them and into a ghost at the Snugly Duckling pub. This ghost is "Ruthless Ruth" and threatens to kill Rapunzel and the Snugly Duckling thugs if they don't finish her song before the end of the night. A night spent at the Snugly Duckling with singing follows.²²----²!!This episode provides examples of:²* AbsenteeActor: Cassandra (who was injured in the previous episode, and might be presumed to still have bedrest) and Eugene are not in this episode.²* AlliterativeTitle: The title of the episode, but also watch out for "The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth's Wraith."²* BaitAndSwitch: Big Nose starts telling a ghost story with an evil-looking lady, but turns out it was about his date last week. ²* CallBack: At the beginning of the episode, the king looks through Rapunzel's journal and sees some pages depicting some of the more dangerous events from past episodes, and this motivates him to crack down on Rapunzel's security.²* CallingTheOldManOut: {{Subverted}}, Rapunzel decides at the end of the episode to tell her father off for having the guards follow her, but one look at his grief-stricken face just before he realizes she's home is enough to convince her otherwise.²* ContinuityNod: While in the Snugly Duckling pub, things from the Snugly Duckling sequence in the original movie are referenced:²** An outline of a corpse (as shown in modern-age detective movies) is briefly shown on the floor just like at the beginning of "I've Got a Dream".²** Pascal is again scared by the pub rats.²** The hatch door leading to an underground tunnel escape route through which Rapunzel and Eugene escaped in the original movie, is again shown.²** Rapunzel plays on the piano HookHand played on during "I've Got a Dream".²* DisproportionateRetribution: For disturbing her sanctum, Ruth intended to doom everyone in the Snuggly Duckling forever until they found her song.²* ForegoneConclusion: Since Rapunzel, Shorty, Attila, Big Nose and Vladimir appear in ''WesternAnimation/TangledEverAfter'' which is set after this, we know beforehand they will not be killed as Ruth threatens.²* FreezeFrameBonus: When Rapunzel and Pascal are in the bookstore at the beginning of the episode, there is a book titled ''[[Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast Beauty and the Beast]]''.²* GhostSong [=/=] ImageSong: "Listen Up!" is Ruthless Ruth's.²* HalloweenEpisode: It's an episode about spooky ghosts and aired in October, though it's still relevant to the plot/character arcs.²* LiteralMinded: When the Captain declares he's rusty (at singing), Shorty replies "[[WhosOnFirst Your name's not Rusty!]] It's [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Captain]]!"²* NiceJobBreakingItHero:²** The King, in an effort to keep Rapunzel safe, alienates her by having her every move watched by the guards. These guards then are actually what cause Rapunzel to "flee" to the Snugly Duckling... where she ''does'' encounter danger.²** The Captain too. Just as Rapunzel is starting to placate Ruth by playing her song, he takes the club onto which the song is written and throws it into the fire, believing that it's the only true way to stop the ghost. This only makes her angrier and nearly drives her to kill them all.²* ShoutOut: One of the books at the bookstore is ''Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast'', which in turn is also a reference to Disney's ''WesternAnimation/BeautyAndTheBeast''.²----


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