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1'''Airdate:''' Monday, July 10, 2006²²'''Sender:''' jamie ericson canada²²Strong Bad clears the "LELLOWTAPE" off the old Lappy and gets an email from "Hom-ee-ay Eric-SON" who announces he's grown a bit bored with the decor of the computer room, with its "NO LOAFING" sign and blue paint, to which Strong Bad retorts "I was just thinking how bored I am with your butt, and your face, and your snotty nose!"²->'''Strong Bad:''' I guess the No Loafing sign could take a cue from the fast-food, soft drink, and bad sports team industries and combat sluggish sales and decades of losing with a slick logo redesign.²²Strong Bad goes over a quick process to spruce up any logo:²#Squish it, skew it, and turn it all around!²#Make it look fast and slick, like "Flo-Jo in a tuxedo".²#Switch up the colors in a rousing game of "Color Wheel Roulette" (which unfortunately leaves the "NO LOAFING!" sign colored in drab shades of brown, green, and yellow).²#Make it all glossy, like it was "dipped in molten Plexiglass".²#Add blood-tipped fangs.²²Strong Bad has second thoughts about the logo, since The Cheat doesn't appear to have a printer (and his new [=iMac=] makes it look like someone chopped off the back half of his monitor). It's time for plan B:²->'''Strong Bad:''' Fresh from elementary school cafetoriums and lotto machines comes one of those actually pretty hard-to-read message board signs! Capable of advanced animation, scroll-a botones, and twelve levels of blinkiness. Now we can celebrate the lack of loafing with some fireworks! And a man doing cartwheels! No mortal would dare loaf under the four-colored dotted digital stare of this bad boy! Y'know, unless they looked up too late, and the "No" had already scrolled off, so they thought that it said, "''Do'' Loafing." Or maybe, like, Franklin Delano Loafing, our nation's laziest president.²²Strong Bad also has plans to replace the blue paint on the walls with "that magic green screen paint that Hollywood still thinks looks good". With that kind of set-up, Strong Bad imagines such wonders as being able to "frolic through the bread aisle" from the comfort of his home, play video games (like the Videlectrix classic "Sundae Drivin'") on a display where "the pixels are as big as hams", or even "battling Claymation".²->(''cut to Strong Bad fighting a stop-motion Cyclops on a beach'')\²'''Strong Bad:''' It'll take more than karate pants to keep me from toilet-papering the temple of the gods!\²(''Coach Z comes in. His "Z" logo has been given the same treatment as the "NO LOAFING" sign, but thanks to the green screen, he appears to be a disembodied head and feet'')\²'''Coach Z:''' Hey, Strong Bad! Check it out! I squished it! And skewed it! And turned it all...\²(''Strong Bad and the Cyclops scream and run away'')\²'''Coach Z:''' A... round?²²Strong Bad gets fed up again, and shows a less ambitious change-up in his style for "Quay-Quay"... or at least the style of the laundry room.²->'''Strong Bad:''' I've put up this delightful ocean-themed border in the laundry room. Oh, and look! I hot-glued some actual shells onto the knobs of the washer and dryer! All for under fifty bucks! Well, that's our show. Join us next week when we show you how to knit your own splatter paints! All for under fifty bucks!\²(''A logo reading "redesigning sbemails, JERK FOOT, FOR UNDER 50 BUCKS" appears, The Paper comes down'')²²----²!!Tropes:²* AsbestosFreeCereal: An easter egg features a board game called "Color Wheel Roulette: Stupid Home Edition", which promises "50% fewer deaths than [[RussianRoulette Russian variety]]" and "Twice as many deaths as Garden Variety".²* CallBack: A "Stupid Home Edition" board game of The Show previously appeared in [[Recap/StrongBadEmailE136GeddupNoise Geddup Noise.]]²* ChromaKey: Strong Bad briefly imagines painting the walls of the computer room in "that magic green screen paint that Hollywood still thinks looks good." It results in Strong Bad's eyes briefly disappearing, and Coach Z appearing to be a floating disembodied head when he wanders into the room.²-->'''Strong Bad:''' Oh, bread aisle! Warm me with your enriched, bleached bosom! And please, give me back my sight.²* DiscoDan: Strong Bad disses the Cheat's [=iMac=], telling the Cheat "Somebody sliced off the back of your monitor," and calling the Mac's mouse a "plastic bar of soap". Also, Strong Bad's idea of bringing the "No Loafing" sign into the digital age is replacing it with a low-tech LED display.²* IncrediblyLameFun: Strong Bad lists one of the benefits of having a green-screen wall as "being able to frolic through the bread aisle without leaving the house!".²* LampshadeHanging: This [=SBEmail=], the first one in about eight weeks, opens with Strong Bad turning on the lights in his computer room and taking some yellow warning tape off the Lappy.²* MaliciousMisnaming: Strong Bad eventually mangles Jamie's name into "Quay-Quay".²* MundaneMadeAwesome: The LED version of the "No Loafing" sign is introduced with much fanfare.²* ShoutOut:²** During the "Color Wheel Roulette", Strong Bad shouts "[[Series/PressYourLuck No Whammies, No Whammies!]]"²** The sequence with Strong Bad "battling Claymation" is a nod to the works of stop-motion animation Creator/RayHarryhausen, especially ''Film/The7thVoyageOfSinbad''.²* TakeThatAudience: Strong Bad reacts to Jamie saying he's "getting bored" of the "NO LOAFING" sign and the blue wall paint by mocking him:²-->'''Strong Bad:''' That's so funny that you should say that (''mumbles the name "Jamie"''), because I was just thinking how bored I am with your butt, and your face, and your snotty nose!


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