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1'''United States airdate; December 28, 2000'''께'''Canada airdate: March 30, 2001'''께'''Dying for Pie'''께It's Employee Brotherhood Day at the Krusty Krab and Mr. Krabs has [=SpongeBob=] and Squidward exchange gifts. After revealing the gifts have to be homemade, Squidward buys a pie from a group of pirates that turns out to be a bomb. Then he's convinced that [=SpongeBob=] ate it...께'''Imitation Krabs'''께Plankton sends a robotic duplicate of Mr. Krabs to try and steal the Krabby Patty formula, and [=SpongeBob=] believes it's the real thing.께----!!'''Dying for Pie''' contains examples of...* AnAesop: ** Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is your time and friendship. ** The best gifts are made by you. ** On a less glurgey note, make sure the things you give and receive aren't dangerous.* {{Angrish}}: Upon seeing that [=SpongeBob=] is still alive after sunset, he starts spouting gibberish in disbelief:-->'''[=SpongeBob=]:''' Squidward, we already played 'Babble Like A Idiot'.* BumperSticker: "Do Not Ask Me About My Day."* CardiovascularLove: [=SpongeBob's=] sweater for Squidward reads "I ♥ U". Squidward reads it as "I heart you".* CelestialDeadline: When [=SpongeBob=] is thought to eat the exploding pie, Mr. Krabs says he뭩 only got until sunset before it drops into his lower intestine and that뭩 the time he is to explode.* ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping: Defied; When told he needs to exchange gifts with [=SpongeBob=], Squidward says he뭠l just 밷uy the little twerp a gumball before Mr. Krabs informs him that he has to make the gift himself.* CrashingDreams: The episode opens with an ImagineSpot of Squidward on an island playing tropical music on a piano when he's interrupted by [=SpongeBob=] ringing a bell yelling "Order up, Squidward!", which resulted from his ringing alarm clock.* FailedASpotCheck: Upon entering Mr. Krabs' office, [=SpongeBob=] instantly took notice of the pie on his desk, ignoring the huge hole in the wall.* FamilyUnfriendlyDeath: It's only an ImagineSpot, but the scene where Squidward imagines [=SpongeBob=] literally exploding in the middle of serving a customer is chilling even for a children's program.* GoryDiscretionShot: While the aforementioned imagination sequence doesn't show [=SpongeBob=] exploding on-screen, we do see pieces of what used to be the sponge sprinkling all over the restaurant to give the impression that that's what happened.* HairTriggerExplosive: A bite of that pie falling on the ground is enough to blow up Mr. Krabs' office when that hits the ground, which makes you wonder [[FridgeLogic why it didn't explode when Squidward dropped it on Mr. Krabs' desk]]. During the ending scene, [=SpongeBob=] shows Squidward that he never ate the bomb pie, he was saving it in his pocket the whole time. He then trips, dropping the pie and causing a ''nuclear explosion'' that leaves Bikini Bottom in tatters.--> '''Squidward''': [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction Ow.]]* HomeMadeSweaterFromHell: [=SpongeBob=] makes Squidward a sweater made from his own eyelashes. Later he makes another one from his own tears.* ImagineSpotting: Upon hearing that the last thing on [=SpongeBob=]'s list is watching the sunset, Squidward recalls Mr. Krabs saying that's when the bomb hits his lower intestine. His ImagineSpot doesn't go unnoticed.-->'''[=SpongeBob=]:''' Hey, it's Mr. Krabs! Hi, Mr. Krabs!\''(Thought Bubble!Mr. Krabs runs off crying like the real Mr. Krabs did)''\'''[=SpongeBob=]:''' Okay! See ya later!* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Squidward once again expresses concern for [=SpongeBob=] as he waits in fear for the bomb to go off.* KarmaHoudini: As far as we know, the pirates never got their comeuppance for tricking Squidward into thinking a pie was a bomb. At the very least, they conned him out of his money, and their trick could very easily have killed somebody.* MeatgrinderSurgery: Spongebob "performs" open-heart surgery on Squidward by opening his chest cavity and poking his heart with his finger. This causes [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar blood to come squirting out]], though Squidward is alive and well in the next scene.* LastDayToLive: Squidward is convinced [=SpongeBob=] ate the bomb pie, so he is tasked by Mr. Krabs to enjoy his 밼inal hours with him. When he doesn뭪 explode after all, he isn뭪 too pleased about it.-->'''Squidward:''' Are you sure you should be poking it like that?\'''[=SpongeBob=]''': Who's the doctor here?* MediumShiftGag: When the bomb finally goes off, it cuts to live action StockFootage of an underwater atomic explosion.* MistakenForDying: Squidward believes [=SpongeBob=] ate the bomb pie and tries to make best of his "last day on Earth". He is none at all happy when he finds out [=SpongeBob=] never ate the pie.* NoodleIncident: Mr. Krabs has seen people die from eating exploding pies before. Eleven times, in fact. As has the doctor Squidward calls.* NoSympathy: Initially quite averted with Squidward, who is quite guilt-ridden to learn that Spongebob will supposedly die at sunset because of him and willingly joins Spongebob in a variety of ridiculous (and even dangerous) activities to make his last hours as meaningful as possible. However, when Spongebob does ''not'' explode as expected, instead of being happy, Squidward is ''angry because his time was wasted.''* OffModel: When Squidward points at Spongebob to say "...''that guy''!", Mr. Krabs lower half comes further into frame to reveal that the animators didn't draw any legs on him.* APirate400YearsTooLate: Squidward buys his pie bomb from an anachronistic pirate crew.* ReadingForeignSignsOutLoud: The German dub has a few of the characters' voice actors doing it. (For example, translating the BumperSticker from "Do Not Ask Me About My Day" to "Frag Mich Nicht Wie's Mir Geht").* RidiculouslyPotentExplosive: PlayedForLaughs. When the bomb disguised as a pie finally goes off at the end of episode, the explosion is so great we see stock footage of an underwater A-bomb going off and the blast was large enough to destroy the entire city.* SceneryGorn: Bikini Bottom and its surroundings are positively ''TOASTED'' after the bomb goes off.* ShaggyDogStory: It turns out [=SpongeBob=] never ate the bomb pie; he was saving it in his pocket, and he really ate a different pie offscreen which was completely non-fatal.* ShoutOut: Squidward briefly channels [[Series/TheHoneymooners Ralph Kramden]] on the line "He's gonna drown in it! DROWN in it!" recalling Ralph's famous line to his mother-in-law, "YOU are a blabbermouth. A BLABBERMOUTH!" * SkewedPriorities: After Squidward explains to him about the exploding pie, the first thing Mr. Krabs comments on is [[{{Greed}} the twenty-five dollars Squidward spent on the pie]].* TearsOfRemorse: Squidward sheds these when he thinks [=SpongeBob=] has exploded.* ThreeTwoOne: Squidward hesitantly counts down the sunset to [=SpongeBob=]몊 request, when he believes his explosion is going to happen any second.* TooDumbToLive:** [=SpongeBob=], who ''completely'' looks past that Squidward just explained that the pie was a bomb and still suggests that they eat it anyway. He then trips over a pebble, accidentally sending the pie flying into Squidward's face, blowing up all of Bikini Bottom in the process. ** Squidward as well, for knowingly buying a pie explicitly said to be a bomb by the pirates, and taking their word for it when they say that they were just kidding as they con him out of a fast buck, although Squidward probably didn't care enough to think twice and only wanted to get Mr. Krabs off his back.* WatchingTheSunset: [=SpongeBob=]'s last thing to do is to watch the sunset with Squidward. While the former enjoys such, the latter panics as this is the time the pie drops into [=SpongeBob=]'s lower intestine and will explode any second.* WhatTheHellHero: Mr. Krabs gives one to Squidward when it looked like [=SpongeBob=] has eaten the exploding pie.-->'''Mr. Krabs''': You had to kill him. The boy cries you a sweater of tears... and you kill him. How are you gonna live with yourself?께----!!'''Imitation Krabs''' contains examples of...께* AccidentalTruth: [=SpongeBob=] mistakes a customer who makes an innocent query about what's in Krabby Patties for Plankton in another disguise and rips off his head. Turns out, he ''was'' wearing a mask, but only because he's insecure about the fact that his real head is disproportionately small for his body.-->'''Customer''': Everyone at the Head Enhancement Clinic said nobody would notice! ''(runs away crying)''* AirQuotes: Used by Squidward when he meets Robot Krabs.-->'''Squidward:''' You're not Mr. Krabs.\'''Robot Krabs:''' Hey, why don't you take the rest of the day off?\'''Squidward:''' Ha-ha! Well, whatever you say, "Mr. Krabs".* BerserkButton: Asking for a day off, let alone ''saying'' the words "day off", is enough to anger Mr. Krabs.* BigWhat: Plankton screams this after 6 1/2 hours of random requests from [=SpongeBob=] before giving him the formula. Since he뭩 speaking through Robot Krabs, it comes out rather dull.* BottleEpisode: The entire episode is set at the Krusty Krab, and [=SpongeBob=] is wearing his hat almost the entire time.* DramaticGasp: When Mr. Krabs walks in on [=SpongeBob=] about to give Robot Krabs the secret formula, everyone gasps, [[AnimateInanimateObject including the penny Krabs was chasing]].* FunnyBackgroundEvent: The opening pan of the Krusty Krab's interior shows the patrons enjoying their burgers in... creative ways. For example, one customer is sucking on it like a pacifier while another has removed the top bun and is licking the inside.* GoLookAtTheDistraction: When Plankton hears Mr. Krabs coming, he says to [=SpongeBob=], "Look, a jellyfish!". [=SpongeBob=] whips out his net yelling "I got it! I got it!" and chases the nonexistent jellyfish while Plankton converts his robot into a toaster.* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[SelfDestructMechanism "Coin-operated self-destruct]]. [[LampshadeHanging Not one of my better ideas."]]* HumansAreCthulhu: One human tried eating Mr. Krabs with a fork. * ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne:-->'''Mr. Krabs:''' If I were a robot, which I'm not, at least I'm well put together, not some rusted-up, steam-driven pile of junk.\'''Robot Krabs:''' Who are you calling steam-driven?* InventionalWisdom: Even Plankton admits that equipping his robot with a ''coin-operated'' SelfDestructMechanism wasn't a good idea.* MotorMouth: [=SpongeBob=] giving Plankton the Krabby Patty disclaimer all in one breath.* NearVillainVictory: If Plankton weren't so busy laughing silly when [=SpongeBob=] activated the self-destruct coin slot, odds are he would've finally stolen the secret formula.* OhCrap:** Both Mr. Krabs and Robot Krabs when [=SpongeBob=] threatens them with tartar sauce.** Plankton when [=SpongeBob=] unwittingly inserts a penny into the self-destruct coin slot.** [=SpongeBob=] when he witnesses Robot Krabs run into the Chum Bucket and explode, after kicking out the real Mr. Krabs.--->'''[=SpongeBob=]:''' If that was Plankton...uh, oh.* OnlySaneMan: Played with--Squidward immediately figures out that Plankton's robot isn't Mr. Krabs. However, he goes along with it when Plankton gives him the rest of the day off.* PaperThinDisguise: [=SpongeBob=] falls completely for Plankton's robot, despite being obviously made of metal and talking in RoboSpeak in ''Plankton's own voice''. Squidward doesn't fall for it, but plays along anyway when "Mr. Krabs" gives him the day off.* PinocchioNose: A variant, every time Plankton/Robot Krabs says that he's Mr. Krabs, smoke puffs out from the robot's exhaust pipe. * PunBasedTitle: A pun on the Japanese dish that doesn't have any crab but is made of flour and fish instead while still meant to mimic the taste of crab. * RealTime: When [=SpongeBob=] somehow activates Robot Krabs coin-operated self destruct, it states the robot will self-destruct in ten seconds. Indeed exactly ten seconds elapse between that announcement and the time Robot Krabs explodes.* RobotMe: Plankton creates a robot double of Mr. Krabs to get the Krabby Patty formula.* RockyRollCall:-->'''Mr. Krabs:''' Plankton!\'''Plankton:''' Krabs!\'''Mr. Krabs:''' Plankton!\'''Plankton:''' Krabs!\'''[=SpongeBob=]:''' [=SpongeBob=]!* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: After eating spaghetti, Robot Krabs says "Belch" rather than actually belching. Also, his DramaticGasp when Mr. Krabs appears is him just saying "Gasp".* SecretHandshake: [=SpongeBob=] has a long, elaborate one with Mr. Krabs. It takes over ''six-and-a-half hours'' to do!* SkywardScream: When [=SpongeBob=] informs Mr. Krabs, who is wondering where Squidward is, that he gave Squidward the day off, Mr. Krabs' irises narrow to pinpricks, as he says, "Day..." and screams, "'''OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFF?!?!?'''" Even better in Indonesian dub where it's turned into {{Angrish}}.* SpotTheImpostor: [=SpongeBob=] gives the two Krabs a series of questions he thinks only the real Mr. Krabs would know. The first two are generic questions that anyone who's been to the Krusty Krab can answer and Robot Krabs answers them both. The third question is one that is so complicated that even the real Krabs can't answer. * ThrowingTheDistraction: To get rid of Krabs, Plankton throws a penny and Krabs follows it as it rolls out the door. It later rolls back inside, leading Krabs to Plankton just as he's about to get the formula.* TitleDrop: "So long, Imitation Krabs, bye-bye!"* TooDumbToLive: [=SpongeBob=] as usual, completely falling for Plankton's [[PaperThinDisguise robot Krabs "disguise"]] every step of the way. Even worse during the SpotTheImpostor part, where he's ''blatantly'' favouring the imitation Krabs to be the real one: When the real Krabs answers the second question correctly, [=SpongeBob=] asks another related question as if expecting the other Krabs (the imitation one) to answer it. Then during the third question, when the real Krabs failed to answer it, [=SpongeBob=] immediately kicks him out even though imitation Krabs ''hadn't even given an answer yet''. To top it off, after he kicked out the real Krabs, he told the imitation Krabs that he "[[WhatAnIdiot knew it all along]]" that he (the imitation) is the real Krabs. It's a miracle that Mr. Krabs doesn't fire him by the end of the episode.** Plankton also counts. He rushed all the way back to the Chum Bucket as the self-destruct sequence nears its end, ''blowing up his own restaurant''.----


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