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1->Written by Kyle [=McCulloch=] and Jack Pendarvis (Company Picnic) / Jack Pendarvis (Pull Up a Barrel)˛->Storyboard by Lynne Naylor (Company Picnic) / Bob Camp (Pull Up a Barrel)˛->Animation Directors: Alan Smart and Tom Yasumi˛ ˛!!”Company Picnic” contains examples of:˛* EyeScream: Squidward accidentally squirts hot sauce in his eye after [=SpongeBob=] flicks a pickle into it.˛* OutOfCharacterMoment: Squidward and Mr Krabs trying to sign a contract with Plankton.˛* PicnicEpisode˛* SlowMotion: When [=SpongeBob=] tried to stop Mr. Krabs from signing a contract, he goes slow-motion and {{lampshade|Hanging}}s that he is talking like this.˛* ValleyGirl: [=SpongeBob=] does a Valley Girl accent in the beginning when playing with the patty figures.˛* WritingAroundTrademarks: [=SpongeBob=] makes a game by covering a paper plate with mustard and Mr. Krabs says that they can toss it around like "Those things you toss back and forth."˛!!”Pull Up a Barrel“ contains examples of:˛* BadBoss: Captain Scarfish, who forces his crew to eat moldy sandwich crust and slop rather than the delicious food Mr. Krabs makes.˛* FramingDevice: The episode's main story is told in flashback by Mr. Krabs.˛* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: [=SpongeBob=] does this to Patrick.˛* JailBake: Mr. Krabs gives the pirate captain a pie, and she finds a sweet key inside. ˛* ObliviousToTheirOwnDescription: When Mr. Krabs talks about one of the guards that was watching his cell, [=SpongeBob=] states "that second guard sounds like a real goofball." Said guard is represented by [=SpongeBob=] in the story.˛* RetiredBadass: This episode brought back the fact that Mr. Krabs was part of the Navy from "Shell of a Man".˛* RunningGag: Someone getting putting in "the brig" and using a sweet key.˛* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Seeing how disappointed the crew is being forced to eat slop, Mr. Krabs decides to go against the captain's orders and feed them cherries jubilee. This gets him thrown in the brig as punishment.˛* VillainousCrush: The pirate captain calls Mr. Krabs handsome a couple times and offers him a chance to join her. He seems to return her affections and even helps her escape the brig.˛* WeCanRuleTogether: Sandy (as the pirate captain) offers this to Mr. Krabs.


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