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1Originally aired November 13, 2009˛˛Written by Anne Coffell Saunders˛˛Directed by Glen Winter˛˛Zan and Jayna, two young metahuman siblings who are huge fans of The Blur, perform heroic feats and leave their hero's symbol at the sites of their acts; this causes Metropolis's district attorney to demand that The Blur reveal himself. Lois starts to suspect that Clark and The Blur are one in the same.˛----˛!!Tropes present in the episode: ˛˛* AmoralAttorney: Ray Sacks, Metropolis's District Attorney who tries to kill Lois and make it look like The Blur is responsible.˛* {{Animorphism}}: Jayna's power. ˛* AscendedFanboy: Both Zan and Jayna are fans of The Blur, and they get to help him keep his identity safe from the public.˛* BoundAndGagged: A group of officers are sent to Lois inside a crate like this.˛* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: "Powers activate!"˛* ClarkKenting: This episode marks another appearance of Clark's glasses, which he'll later begin to wear more frequently the next season.˛* CliffHanger: The episode ends with Lois having a seizure and collapsing in Clark's arms.˛* CostumeCopycat: Zan and Jayna are trying to help The Blur by crediting their heroics to him via his mark.˛* ElementalShapeshifter: Zan's power allow him to do this with water.˛* {{Fanservice}}: Clark [[ShirtlessScene shirtless]] and Lois wearing only a ModestyBedsheet in Lois's vision of them after sex in the BadFuture.˛* FrameUp: Ray plans to murder Lois and pin the blame on The Blur.˛* HeroWorshipper: Zan and Jayna idolize The Blur.˛* {{Mundanger}}: Ray Sacks is a regular human being.˛* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Zan and Jayna cause most of the episode's problems through their irresposible heroics.˛* RelationshipUpgrade: Clark and Lois kiss at the end of the episode, thus causing [[PortmanteauCoupleName Clois]] to FINALLY become canon.˛* SiblingTeam: Zan and Jayna the ComicBook/WonderTwins.˛* {{Shapeshifter}}: Jayna and Zan power's.˛* {{Telepathy}}: Zan and Jayna share some kind of telepathic link.˛* ToplessnessFromTheBack: Lois briefly in her vision of the BadFuture.˛* VillainOfTheWeek: District Attorney Ray Sacks.˛----


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