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1->"''Chimchar, you're one lucky Fire type, ya know?''"˛-->--'''Meowth'''˛˛!!Japanese Title: ''Hikozaru's Tears!''˛!!!Original Airdate: November 8, 2007 ˛!!!US Airdate: April 14, 2008˛[[quoteright:300:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:300:Poor Chimchar. He's not used to encouragement.]]˛˛Chimchar is having difficulty adjusting to being Ash's Pokémon, unable to deal with a more accepting trainer and scared of disappointing him. Even Meowth of Team Rocket sympathizes with his culture shock. Chimchar will have to overcome his fear when they all are threatened by a group of wild Zangoose.˛˛!!This episode contains examples of the following tropes:˛* CooldownHug: No one knows what tears Chimchar was crying--whether they were just TearsOfJoy from all the encouragement from the twerps and their Pokémon, or just out of confusion from the diametrically opposite environment to what he experienced with Paul--but Ash responded by just hugging him and letting him cry.˛* ADayInTheLimelight: A good amount of CharacterDevelopment for Ash's Chimchar.˛* FaceYourFears: Although Chimchar is scared of disappointing Ash, this becomes two-fold when he ends up having to face Zangoose. Difficulty handling Zangoose[[note]]Even though [[IAmNotLeftHanded he went into that particular battle wounded]][[/note]] [[Recap/PokemonS10E51GloryBlaze was the excuse Paul used to abandon him in the first place]].˛* FishOutOfWater: Chimchar is completely unaccustomed to being treated with care and respect by his trainer. So much so, that he has to be hugged and consoled by Ash when he starts crying after losing a training battle to Piplup, having expected punishment for losing (like with Paul) as opposed to encouraging words from Ash.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}: The final conflict of the episode is foretold when a lunch break for Team Rocket is interrupted by a herd of Zangoose, whom immediately target their Seviper. They end up [[ATwinkleInTheSky blasting Team Rocket off]] without Meowth.˛* ForeverWar: Not the first time Seviper is incensed by the presence of Zangoose.˛* LetMeAtHim: When the Zangoose herd slashes down the Meowth Balloon, Team Rocket has to use all their might to hold Seviper back from attacking them.˛* LockedInARoom: Meowth opens one of the traps and pulls Team Rocket inside, even though it's the same one Pikachu is in, to keep Seviper from getting at the Zangoose. Not that it stops it from trying as Seviper and the Zangoose bang at each other against the walls of the trap.˛* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Team Rocket know immediately what's coming when [[LovableCoward Seviper]] spontaneously pops out of his Poké Ball.˛* ShoutOut: [[Music/TearsForFears Check the title]].˛* TakingTheBullet: Ash takes a Scratch from one of the Zangoose to protect Chimchar.˛* YouAreNotAlone: Meowth, of all Pokémon, has a talk with Chimchar, telling him he's very lucky to be a part of Ash's crew.


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