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1Leslie finds out Jerry is retiring and looks through his file. Seeing that he had a lot of dreams when he was first hired, she tries to help him fulfill some of them, but nothing really turns out the way she hoped. 께Now that Jerry is gone, the department needs a new "Jerry" - someone who will be the butt of jokes. Everyone is nervous about becoming the new Jerry. Tom, despite being extremely careful, makes a verbal slip and everyone else immediately designates him the new Jerry.께Ann and Chris go to the fertility clinic and are asked if they want to "donate" now. They agree at first but get cold feet and run off. After some discussion, they realize they still have feelings for each other and decide to make the baby the old-fashioned way.께Leslie visits Jerry at his home and has breakfast with him and his family. Jerry is grateful for her efforts and tells her that he has a happy life.께Tom is desperate to shake off his new status as the "Jerry" of the office. His attempts to make Andy the new Jerry fail because, as Donna puts it, Andy doesn't get embarrassed by anything. Tom asks Ron to hire an intern, but the intern is too perfect to be a Jerry. Finally, Ron decides to bring Jerry back a couple of times a week so that Tom won't have to be the office's buttmonkey.께!!Tropes* ContinuityNod: In [[Recap/ParksAndRecreationS02E19 "Park Safety"]], Jerry reveals that he has two years until he retires with full benefits and pension, a fact he brings up a few more times throughout the show. He later retires in this episode.* LaserGuidedKarma: Tom, who's usually the most antagonistic towards Jerry, becomes the office's designated ButtMonkey in the latter's absence.* RunningGag: After Gayle Gergich physically appeared, Ben takes to asking just how she and Jerry got together. Here, he wonders if she's a DeepCoverAgent.* TenMinuteRetirement: Jerry retires, but is brought back on board (though it's not full time).* TheyDo: After going through several ups and downs, Ann and Chris officially get together.* TooDumbToFool: A variant with Andy. Tom tries to make him the new ButtMonkey of the department by making him undergo embarrassing things, but the attempts don't work because Andy's general stupidity and obliviousness means he has no shame.


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