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1'''Season 5, Episode 23''':˛!An Untold Story˛˛[[quoteright:350:]] ˛˛With the possibility of magic being destroyed and the fate of Storybrooke hanging in the balance, Emma and Regina race to track down Henry before Gold can find him. At the same time, Regina continues to struggle with her frustrations over her former evil self and, elsewhere, Snow, David, Hook, and Zelena are imprisoned by Mr. Hyde, who makes his own plans against Gold. ˛˛!!Tropes˛˛* ActingForTwo: Lana Parrilla as Regina and the Evil Queen. From now on.˛* AllPartOfTheShow: Henry is thrown when the people at the fountain cheer the rescue of the group as just a major magic trick. Emma tells him not to be down as, for just a little bit, he got them all to believe. ˛* AsLongAsThereIsEvil: Hyde makes this speech to Regina after she claims she knows his story ends with him losing: "Darkness is not as easy to snuff out as you believe." As proof, the next shot after this is of the Evil Queen reconstituting and taking control of the Dragon.˛* BaitAndSwitch: When Gold says his messed-up meal was irrelevant, it seems he meant to just summon a waiter to kill him. Instead, he grabs the tray. Also, when Gold tells the waiter to wait, it seems he's going to kill him, but instead just gives him a major tip to keep quiet.˛* BigDamnKiss: Henry and Violet˛* ButNowIMustGo: When they get back to Storybrooke after everything seems over, Violet seems to be giving this speech to Henry, suggesting she and her father will be going back to Camelot and he'll never see her again. Subverted when it turns out her father is actually from Earth and they will be staying in Storybrooke after all.˛* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: Henry gets the people by the fountain to do this, tossing coins as wishes to create magic. It works to rescue the others although Henry is let down when he realizes the crowd thinks it was just a big magic trick. Emma tells him not to worry as, for the time it counted, they did believe. ˛* ContinuityNod:˛** The long absent Dragon returns, still alive and with magic to help Gold. ˛** The Dragon in turn brings up August and something not mentioned since Season 1, his advice to Emma that "you have to believe."˛** Snow and Emma both stay with Regina as she uses the serum. Snow outright says she was there when the Evil Queen was born and helped create her, so she wants to be there when she's ended once and for all; although she doesn't speak it aloud, Emma being there is continuing to fulfill her promise to Regina from Season 4 that as the Savior she won't rest until she's brought back ''all'' the happy endings.˛* CreateYourOwnVillain: Jekyll and later Regina do this by separating their inner darkness from themselves.˛* CurbStompBattle: When Hyde tries to use Belle as leverage against Gold, Gold responds by Force choking him until he claims he can actually help.˛* EnemyMine: Gold, Regina, and Emma have to work together to get magic back so that they can open a portal to bring Belle and the others back home. This in turn means Gold has to briefly work with the Dragon as well.˛* FailedASpotCheck: Emma and the others are so busy welcoming their loved ones home they don't notice Gold slipping through the fountain portal to get to Hyde and Belle.˛* FamilyUnfriendlyAesop: Instead of coming to terms with your inner darkness and learning to live with your past misdeeds and grow as a better person, you can just use magic to pull all that darkness out of you and turn it into a living breathing evil clone that you can kill free of any ethical and moral questions or consequences. It's totally okay to create a living thinking being and then kill it (which is absolutely murder) in the same breath because your creation is evil. That said, it didn't really work out so well for either of the people who tried it.˛* GoneHorriblyRight: The gang uses a serum to separate Regina from the Evil Queen. It works...only instead of being destroyed, the Queen gains her own form to kill the Dragon (at least for a while; this isn't the first time he's died) and prepares to strike again.˛* ILied: When Regina and Emma ask what's happened to Storybrooke without magic, Gold says it survived 28 years without it, it will for a while longer. When they remind him of his saying it would suffer, Gold admits he was just trying to encourage them to find Henry for him. ˛* {{Irony}}: ˛** Hyde openly notes this as Jekyll wanted to separate them to be stronger but the separation is what's going to kill him as he tries to strangle Jekyll. ˛** While it's true he was about to kill Emma and Regina at having outlived their usefulness, Henry bursting in with the Dark Grail and siphoning away everyone's magic occurs right as Gold was going to open a portal to bring back Belle. Gold naturally lampshades this.˛** Henry eliminated magic, as he perceived it as the source of all suffering. Instead, it ended up creating more misery by blocking the separated family's only hope to getting home through magic portals.˛* JekyllAndHyde: Obvious here with Jekyll trying to help the gang while Hyde plots against them. ˛** Uniquely touched on when a potion separates them and Hyde runs down Jekyll as "even more pathetic in person." ˛** When he's asked why Hyde is so much stronger than he and looks so different, Jekyll explains it as being how everyone imagines their worst side far different than their real self. ˛** Regina uses the serum herself to separate her good side from the Evil Queen. The Queen snaps that "you need me" but Regina just crushes her heart. ˛* NeverMyFault: Henry defends himself on taking magic away as just reacting to Gold's actions. And he isn't exactly wrong.˛* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Henry takes away the magic of Gold, Emma and Regina just when they need it to rescue the others. ˛* NoOntologicalInertia: Regina's Evil Queen clone turns to dust once Regina crushes her heart, although it turns into a case of NotQuiteDead.˛* NoSell: Zelena throws a fireball at Hyde but it has no effect. ˛* NothingIsTheSameAnymore: The finale CliffHanger not only has the Evil Queen as her own separate entity, out for revenge and in control of the Dragon, but Hyde now in charge of Storybrooke...and all the residents of the Land of Untold Stories are there too, or soon will be.˛* NotSoDifferent: Gold tells Regina that as much as she denies it, the Evil Queen is deep inside her and ready to come out. ˛* OutGambitted: Emma and Regina try to sucker Gold by making it look like Regina is going dark again. Gold knew all along and just let them in so he could get a hair of Zelena off Regina's coat for his spell. ˛* PersonalGainHurts: In the previous episode, Henry used the Author's quill to change things (obtaining the Olympian crystal) because he believed the ends justified the means just that once. What's the results of this? His running off with the crystal is what causes the unstable portal that sucks Zelena, Hook, Snow, and Charming into the Land of Untold Stories, and the final results of that is both the Evil Queen being released as her own entity and Hyde making a deal with Gold that gets him control of Storybrooke.˛* {{Retcon}}: After five seasons of Earth being called the Land Without Magic, Gold and then the Dragon reveal this is not quite so--magic is all around us, it simply has to be believed in. Not only does this explain how there could be magic in Storybrooke (and elsewhere) even before the end of Season 1, it is retroactively used to explain how Hook came to Emma and Henry at the start of Season 3B: because Henry had made a wish for their family to be together again.˛* RousingSpeech: Henry gives one to the people around a fountain to help toss coins and create magic. ˛* ShoutOut: Violet reveals her father was actually from Connecticut and ended up in Camelot but never felt home there as he was... Literature/AConnecticutYankeeInKingArthursCourt.˛** Furthermore, his name is Sir Morgan, and the protagonist of that book is Hank Morgan.˛* StarfishCharacter: Jekyll and Hyde, Regina and the Evil Queen.˛* SteamPunk: The overall vibe of Hyde's world, a mixture of various lesser known tales with its own technology.˛* UnexplainedRecovery: The Dragon. Rumple merely notes that he's breathing once more after being killed by Peter Pan's magic taser, and the Dragon calls himself "resilient".˛* VillainousBreakdown: Hyde has one in his lab after failing to make it through the portal. But then Gold appears...˛* WorthyOpponent: Gold's admission of admiration for Henry's standing up to him and proving the fountain wish to be the key to restoring magic and bringing their loved ones home has shades of this.


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