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1'''Season 1, Episode 3''':˛˛!! Seadog˛A Naval Commander is suspected of involvement with drug-trafficking after his body and bullet-riddled boat washes ashore near a similar wreckage and the bodies of two drug-traffickers. In order to prove the Commander's innocence, Team Gibbs must find the other party involved in the shootout.˛-----˛* BerserkButton: Do ''not'' contaminate a crime scene when Ducky's around.˛* DistractedByTheSexy: [[TheCasanova Tony]] (naturally) when he sees two girls in bikinis near a crime scene.˛* ICantBelieveImSayingThis: Gibbs giving Tony permission to interview the aforementioned girls.˛* MinorCrimeRevealsMajorPlot: A dead sailor in what looks like a drug deal gone bad leads to a terrorist plot to [[BigBlackout cripple the power grids across the eastern United States]].˛* MirandaRights: A variation--Gibbs brings two drug kingpins to Autopsy and tells them that counterfeit money involved in their drug war came from a foreign country that supports terrorism. This makes them enemy combatants under the Patriot Act, so Tony reads them the rights that they ''don't'' have.˛* NoodleIncident: Ducky pushing a French cop off a cliff.˛--> '''Ducky:''' There was a lake below him.\˛'''Gibbs:''' Sixty feet below.˛* SensitivityTraining: Tony starts his workday searching for a case so he'll have an excuse to not attend a sexual harassment lecture.˛--> '''Gibbs:''' I cannot sit through another one of those lectures. I will shoot myself.˛* TakingTheBullet: Since the crime scene is on a beach, the team has to work quickly to gather evidence before the tide washes away any evidence in the sand. Towards the end Tony literally throws himself in front of a wave to keep it from reaching the body as if he was diving into the path of a bullet. Gibbs even asks Kate to go easy on Tony for the day because he took a wave for the team.


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