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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:[[Theatre/TheMikado A wandering ninja I.]]]]˛˛Film watched: ''[[Series/MasterNinja Master Ninja]]''˛˛''[[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 [=MST3K=]]]'' writer Paul Chaplin noted in the ''Amazing Colossal Episode Guide'':˛->"All told, we covered four hour-long episodes of this show. Of those, two plots involve small towns in America's heartland ruled by vicious, murderous industrialists working hand in hand with El Salvador-style police. Understand, I too have misgivings about unfettered capitalism. I'm just not sure this kind of thing exists. I think it's Hollywood's idea of the Midwest. I may be wrong. If any of our viewers know of places where shopping-mall developers routinely kill until their semi-secret graveyards are filled to bursting, I'd like to hear about it. If you yourself live in a town like that, for God's sake let us know! Maybe MST can help."˛˛It is available on Shout! Factory TV [[ here]].˛˛!!The Segments:˛[[AC:Prologue]]˛* Crow shows off his muscle car to everyone else.˛˛[[AC:Segment 1]]˛* The Mads present gourmet dinner IV fluids. Joel and the Bots present their line of adult pop-up books, ''Literature/GreatExpectations'', ''Literature/AnnaKarenina'', ''Literature/ThePlague'' [[BreadEggsMilkSquick and]] ''Literature/NakedLunch''. Dr. Forrester soon tries to smother Frank.˛˛[[AC:Segment 2]]˛* Crow tells Joel and Servo his conspiracy theory on the van Pattens and their evil plan to take over the entertainment industry by getting cast in movies and TV.˛˛[[AC:Segment 3]]˛* Servo and Crow fight as ninjas, but Joel jumps into the fray as a typical American. Gypsy also joins as... Film/{{Gigi}}.˛˛[[AC:Segment 4]]˛* Joel shows of his line of gag nunchaku, which leads to a contest for more ideas.˛˛[[AC:Segment 5]]˛* The Bots start singing the "Master Ninja Theme Song" while Joel reads a letter from the USS Missouri, thanking them for the entertainment during the Gulf War. Frank soon smothers Dr. Forrester. The "Master Ninja Theme Song" continues to the credits.˛˛----˛!!This episode contained the following tropes:˛* ACappella: During "Master Ninja Theme Song", Crow beatboxes the drum line, Servo makes wah-wah pedal noises with his mouth, and Gypsy {{scat|ting}}s.˛* ArtisticLicenseBiology: Well, zoology, more specifically. Joel and the bots keep calling the hamster a gerbil.˛* ArtisticLicenseHistory:˛-->''([=McAllister=] is remembering the war and his discharge)''˛-->'''[=McAllister=]:''' "Something about the tranquility..."˛-->'''Joel:''' The tranquility of post-war Japan?˛* BodyDouble: ''Very'' obviously so. The [=MST3K=] crew doesn't fail to notice this.˛-->'''Crow:''' It's Lee van ''Petite''!˛* BreakingTheFourthWall: A backward glance from Claude Akins' character is turned into this.˛--> '''Joel:''' You know, say what you want, but Claude Akins has a nice rump.˛--> '''Crow:''' ''[as Claude Akins]'' You guys talkin' about my butt? Ah, you crack me up. I've seen your show.˛* CallBack:˛** "[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S01E04WomenOfThePrehistoricPlanet Hiba Kebelah!]]"˛** "SLEEEEP!!!"˛* CelebrityResemblance:˛** Okasa is "Music/QueenLatifah", because of the metallic veil on his ninja outfit.˛** Charlie the bald dance club owner looks like [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E10FugitiveAlien recurring]] fake SpecialGuest Jack Perkins, then-host of ''Biography'', on A&E.˛* ChorusOnlySong: [[invoked]] The song barely has any other lyrics other than its {{title|OnlyChorus}}: "Keep your eyessss upon... the Master Ninja Theme Song!"˛* CompilationMovie: Commented on -- ''Master Ninja I'' and ''II'' are just episodes of a failed '70s TV series glued together and released as a TV movie.˛* CreditsGag: The Master Ninja Theme Song plays again in its entirety over the episode credits in lieu of the usual closing Love Theme.˛* ConspiracyTheorist: Crow goes a little nutty and comes up with a [[RoomFullOfCrazy convoluted flow chart]] detailing... THE VAN PATTEN PROJECT!˛-->'''Crow:''' Sitting atop the Van Patten corporate structure -- Dick Van Patten, or should I say [[TheDon Don]] Dick van [[Film/TheGodfather Vito Patten-Corleone]]! ''(Servo {{gasp}}s)'' ...His EvilPlan! To place an annoyingly bad actor, preferably one of his own hellish drop, in every [[BMovie B-grade]], {{Made For TV|Movie}}, low-budget film in Hollywood!\˛'''Servo:''' ''(AsideGlance)'' Uh, that would be [[TakeThat all of them]]. Hee-hee-hee!˛* {{Leitmotif}}: Parodied in one sketch.˛* MegaCorp:˛-->'''Joel:''' [=ConHugeCo=], welcomes you.˛* ObviousStuntDouble: The guys have a ball with how, whenever the Master is in full mask, it's very obvious that it's not actually Lee Van Cleef.˛-->'''Joel''': Right, that's Lee, he could barely get into the van!˛-->'''Tom''': Epilogue, where you always see Lee's gut... and there it is!˛* {{Pun}}: The ''Van Patten'' Project, instead of [[UsefulNotes/NuclearWeapons the Manhattan Project]].˛* RunningGag: Accidentally referring to something that happened in an earlier episode of ''Master Ninja'' instead of earlier in the movie (as ''Master Ninja'' was re-packaged as a movie from a failed TV pilot).˛* {{Scatting}}: Gypsy, during the Master Ninja Theme Song. "Ba ba BA ba ba-ba baa!"˛* TemptingFate:˛-->'''Crow:''' I've got a bad feeling about that knickknack shelf.˛* TitleOnlyChorus: Almost, and nearly [[ChorusOnlySong all chorus]][[invoked]], "but those Van Pattennnn brotherrrrs are so headstrong!" ''({{beat}})'' "--[=MasterNinjaThemeSong=]!" Apart from Joel trying to read a letter over it.˛* TheUnintelligible: Timothy van Patten's lack of enunciation annoys the crew, though not up to the RunningGag levels of ''Master Ninja II''.˛* VorpalPillow: Attempted by Dr. Forrester on Frank after the invention exchange ends, but he doesn't succeed. Frank, on the other hand, [[HoistByTheirOwnPetard manages to smother Dr. Forrester into brain damage in the final segment]].˛* WithLyrics: When Max is chased by the Sheriff:˛-->'''Servo:''' Here come your TV car chase\˛It's the TV car... chase theme, hey!˛-->And your TV car chase\˛Your TV car chase... theme, ha!˛-->Boogie!\˛TV car chase!˛* YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe: How they interpret [=McAllister=]'s reaction to Max's attempt at a kiai. ˛˛----˛->'''Max:''' [[TheStinger To them it’s some kind of ritual.]]˛----˛->'''"...MASTER NINJA THEME SONG!"'''˛-->-- Joel Robinson


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