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1->''"Light the shoe box and throw it in the toilet!"''≤-->-- '''Joel'''≤≤Films watched: "The Home Economics Story" (short) and ''Film/VikingWomenAndTheSeaSerpent''≤≤"The Home Economics Story" is a 1951 educational short in which college-bound girls learn about the career possibilities a home economics degree would lead to.≤≤!!The Segments≤[[AC:Prologue]]≤* Joel is making waffles... a lot of waffles. Crow and Tom Servo think that Joel might be getting a little obsessed.≤≤[[AC:Segment 1/Invention Exchange]]≤* As Joel bores the 'Bots by naming all the great ways to enjoy waffles, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank use their new Meat Re-Animator to bring a pre-cooked chicken back to life, only for it to threaten them at knifepoint. Joel's invention, the Waffle Iron, is literally a steam iron that flattens waffles into pancakes.≤≤[[AC:Segment 2]]≤* Joel has made even more waffles, and now he's reprogrammed the 'Bots to love waffles as much as he does. The crew name all sorts of new and strange uses for waffles.≤≤[[AC:Segment 3]]≤* "Waffles."≤≤[[AC:Segment 4]]≤* Servo is so stuffed with waffles that he wonders if the world would be better off without waffles. Introducing Willy the Waffle (as played by Crow), who shows Servo just how important waffles are to everything.≤≤[[AC:Segment 5]]≤* The crew celebrates all things waffles with a glorious song proclaiming their favorite food in all the world. Dr. Forrester threatens shock therapy on anybody who mentions waffles again, starting with Frank.≤≤!!This episode contains examples of:≤* BerserkButton:≤** Forrester enrages the SOL crew by dismissing: [[TakeThat "Let's face it, sticky fingers, waffles are nothing more than a vehicle for butter and syrup."]]≤** Stark sacrificing the female slave on his son's funeral pyre doesn't earn a riff. Instead Joel and the Bots respond with a chorus of angry "boos."≤* CallForward: Many fans had no idea where the heck the concept of Willy the Waffle came from 'til ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S10E12Squirm Squirm]].''≤* CallBack:≤** A lot of references to ''Film/TeenageCaveman'' and how it and ''Viking Women'' have similar-looking sets.≤** At one point, Servo starts referring to the dark-haired woman, Enger, as "Creepy Girl", the woman he developed a crush on in ''Film/CatalinaCaper''. Judging by his reaction, it seems he still has feelings for her.≤** Film/{{Gamera}} is mentioned when the sea serpent roars.≤* CollegeIsHighSchoolPart2: Joel calls Iowa State College (now Iowa State University), which produced the "Home Economics Story" short, "the high school ''after'' high school."≤* FashionVictimVillain: In-universe: Lots of jokes at the expense of Stark's furry outfit.≤--> '''Servo (as Stark)''': [[Creator/RogerCorman Corman's]] poodle died, and he doesn't like to waste anything.≤* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: From the short:≤-->'''Woman at podium''': Today I'd like to tell you about several girls I know very well.≤-->'''Servo (as woman)''': And why I'm being fired.≤* {{Homage}}: [[ Willy the Waffle]] is based on Coily from the short ''Film/ACaseOfSpringFever'', which would finally appear in a [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S10E12Squirm season 10 episode]].≤* MemeticMutation: [[invoked]]Recurring riff "I'm a Grimald warrior!" originates with this film. Oddly enough, later episodes most often used it when a character was hopping around like Ottar, while in ''this'' film it's part of a very ''un''warrior-like bit of {{Wangst}} by Senya.≤* ObligatoryJoke:≤-->'''Enger:''' But I've grown in many ways.≤-->'''Crow:''' [[DoubleEntendre Insert comment here]].≤* {{Padding}}: [[invoked]] Those great [[Creator/RogerCorman Corman]] walking scenes.≤* RunningGag: Waffles dominate every host segment, along with a few mentions in the theater.≤* SitchSexuality: When Desir is talking to the other women about how long it's been since the Viking men left:≤-->'''Tom (as Desir):''' Let's put it this way: you're starting to look pretty good to me.≤* ShoutOut:≤** Multiple to ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'' at the beginning of the film.≤** As noted above, many to ''Teenage Caveman'', a previous Corman film.≤** As Stark laments Senya's death...≤--> '''Stark''': My son! My son!\≤'''Servo''': [[Film/{{Heathers}} I love my dead gay son!]]≤* TakeThat: The requisite potshots at Corman's low-budget filmmaking methods.≤--> '''Servo, on the wild boar killing scene''': Oh, look at this -- Corman got his shot, catered the crew and got a costume for ''Teenage Caveman'', all in one go.≤* TheyKilledKennyAgain: TV's Frank gets electrocuted to death by defibrilator paddles.≤* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Joel canít stop thinking of waffles in this episode.≤--> '''Forrester:''' Well Aunt Jemima, this time youíve '''really''' stepped off the deep end!≤≤----≤->[[TheStinger "But you donít understand! Iím a PRINCE!!!"]]≤----


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