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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:[[TheBadGuyWins From that shocking season finale...]] [[MoodWhiplash to this.]]]]²->''An animation about action, drama and hamburgers.''²²In this special short, Sofia sends Tari into the game ''Fast Food Fight'' in order to practice her problem solving and social interaction skills with [=NPCs=], by trying to settle the sandwich-related differences between WebAnimation/TheOdd1sOut and [[WebVideo/GameGrumps Arin.]] HilarityEnsues.²²!!The special contains examples of:²* AbsenteeActor: With the exception of Sofia, the rest of the regular cast is absent from this special.²* ArtShift: [=TheOdd1sOut=] and Arin show up in the game as their cartoon avatars with limited movement animation.²* BlandNameProduct: Sooubway and Wondy's. This is lampshaded twice, first when [=TheOdd1sOut=] shows up:²-->'''Tari:''' Don't you mean a Sub-²-->'''[=TheOdd1sOut=]:''' Nope, I definetly meant Sooubway! ''[[DisneyOwnsThisTrope *its a legal thing...*]]''²** And again when Arin shows up:²-->'''Arin:''' Have you heard about our lord and savior Wondy's?²--> ''Tari tries to speak up about the name again''²--> '''[=TheOdd1sOut=]:''' ''*legal thing...*''²* CanonDiscontinuityFakeCrossover: Like ''Tari's Live Stream'', the events of the main show would make this special unlikely to happen within its plot (Tari would most likely be busy training for the ''Tempest'' tournament), but again, it's merely a fun little short.²* CrazyConsumption: Arin's sandwiches. In particular the frosting-filled burger that causes Tari to gag.²* FunnyBackgroundEvent: While Tari is preparing her sandwich during [=TheOdd1sOut=] and Arin's fight, Arin chases down [=TheOdd1sOut=] with a ''freaking dragon''.²* FunWithSubtitles: The [=YouTube=] comments lampshade the above moment with the dragon (at 4:17): ²--> '''(where did Arin get a dragon?)'''²* GoMadFromTheRevelation: After Tari manages to get [=TheOdd1sOut=] and Arin to stop fighting with a grilled cheese sandwich, Sofia congratulates her with her disembodied voice, which causes [=TheOdd1sOut=] and Arin to freak out. Tari then tries to explain how they're actually in a video game, which only causes [=TheOdd1sOut=] and Arin to freak out more and question their existence. ²* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Arin briefly looks right at the audience demanding Wondy's to make him a sponsor. Halfway through his outburst the camera cuts to him looking off into nothing. ²* LighterAndSofter: ''Especially'' coming off the season one finale.²* OrderVersusChaos: The conflict between [=TheOdd1sOut=] and Arin:²-->'''[=TheOdd1sOut=]:''' Being a sandwich artist is about mixing the ingredients that you have in bigger and better ways, not just throwing things together!²-->'''Arin:''' Maybe, if you're boring. The art of the sandwich is to take anything, and make something beautiful with it, like a burger filled with frosting.


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