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Context Recap / LegendOfTheThreeCaballerosS1E02LabyrinthAndRepeat

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1The trio appear to about to be killed by the mysterious woman from the book. She reveals that they are the descendents of The Three Caballeros, heroes who fought an ancient sorcerer. They agree to help her... in exchange for treasures. She takes them to Crete to battle a Minotaur.²²----²!!Tropes:²* AlienGeometries: Parts of the Labyrinth look like an Escher painting.²* AnimalSpeciesAccent: The Minotaur initially speaks with nothing but "moo" sounds. After revealing that he actually speaks English, he still adds "moo" into his sentences. ²* BerserkButton: José presses the Minotaur's one by calling his mother a cheeseburger.²* BullSeeingRed: The Minotaur goes absolutely berserk when Donald and José wave a red flag at him.²* GoodAllAlong: The Minotaur was working with Xandra to test the Caballeros and see if they could work as a team.²* GoodAngelBadAngel: In the second episode, Donald gets two devils who are both in perfect agreement with each other. Of course, following their advice only gets him into bigger trouble.²* HollywoodToneDeaf: Donald's singing voice when singing "Happy Birthday" is bad enough to repulse and anger Xandra into trying to attack him.²* HulkingOut: The Minotaur initially looks skinny and wears a bathrobe, but turns into a muscular giant when José tells him that his mother's a cheeseburger.²* ALoadOfBull: A Minotaur is featured in the episode.²* MonsterFacade: After defeated by the Caballeros, the Minotaur talks with Xandra in a very chummy way, and they explain that they were just testing the Caballeros.²* MythologyGag²** The Atlas functions as a more elaborate take on the book from the film that Donald and José use to go to Bahia.²** The Caballeros' first adventure in the Labyrinth of Crete ends with a bullfight against the Minotaur, much like the bullfight that ends the original film.²** King Midas from ''WesternAnimation/TheGoldenTouch'' makes a cameo as a statue in his own tomb.²* OnlyInItForTheMoney: The Caballeros' initial motivation to become heroes was to get treasure. They were perfectly willing to sell the book even after Xandra told them everything. After a fun adventure in the labyrinth, they decided against selling their destiny.²* PrimalChestPound: After HulkingOut, the Minotaur pounds his chest before starting to chase the Caballeros.²* PunchClockVillain: The Minotaur literally uses a punch card after he finishes testing the Caballeros.


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