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1After Donald loses his job, house, and girlfriend, he gets a letter saying he has an inheritance from his great-great grandfather Clinton Coot. He visits the place but has to share it with two roommates.˛˛----˛!!Tropes˛* ActionPrologue: The series opens InMediasRes with the final battle between the Three Caballeros and Lord Felldrake before cycling back to the beginning of the tale.˛* BaitAndSwitch: Donald tells the taxi driver, who asked for a tip, that he should call his mom more often. The driver is seemingly annoyed Donald isn't paying him... but then states that's a good idea, and then calls his mother.˛* {{Cliffhanger}}: The episode ends with Xandra materializing from the book and threatening the Caballeros with her bow and three arrows.˛* DagwoodSandwich: Donald makes himself one, in Baron von Sheldgoose's house when mistaking it for his own. He also makes a pretty big mess while eating it.˛* DogStereotype: [[FirehouseDalmatian The firemen are Dalmatians]], whereas Sheldgoose's bodyguards are Rottweilers.˛* EarlyBirdCameo: Jupiter, the Tengu and King Arthur briefly appear during Xandra's opening narration. They get properly introduced in Episodes [[Recap/LegendOfTheThreeCaballerosS1E04WorldTreeCaballeros 4]], [[Recap/LegendOfTheThreeCaballerosS1E10MtFujiWhiz 10]] and [[Recap/LegendOfTheThreeCaballerosS1E11ThanksACamelot 11]], respectively.˛* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Each of the Three Caballeros gets one.˛** The first act really goes out of its way to show what a ButtMonkey Donald is. By the ten minute mark, he's lost his job, his girlfriend, his home and most of his worldly possessions. And all this on his birthday.˛** Jose arrives on a bus, getting kicked out for not paying his fare, and being greeted by all the women in the bus. This establishes that he's an irresponsible scoundrel who gets by on his charm.˛** Panchito makes his entrance skydiving off a plane, and not opening his parachute until after he lands because he was told it would be more fun, establishing as a FearlessFool.˛* FakeOutFadeOut: After Donald loses his house, the camera starts to IrisOut when a mail carrier gives Donald the letter about his inheritance.˛* FunnyBackgroundEvent: As Donald reads the letter about his inheritance in his burning house, his postbox crumbles to ashes.˛* GagHaircut: Donald tries to give a kitten a haircut, but he won't cooperate. When he finally does cut his hair, it leaves a huge bald spot on top of his head. Donald manages to fix it by gluing the cut hair back, but then [[SneezeOfDoom he sneezes]], and all the hair ends up on the mother's face.˛* HollywoodSkydiving: Panchito makes his entrance into the series this way. The parachute fails to open before ''after'' he's crashed into the ground -- and it turns out this was entirely on purpose:˛-->'''Panchito:''' Wow, that tour guide was right! It ''is'' more of a rush to wait until after you land to open the parachute!˛* LadyLooksLikeADude: The naughty kitten's mother looks (and sounds) like WesternAnimation/{{Pete}} in drag.˛* LostInTransmission: Donald mistakes Sheldgoose's mansion for his inherited estate because his thumb was covering up part of the address on the letter. (Specifically, the 1/8th on the house number.)˛* MeanBoss: Donald's boss at the barbershop is constantly angry {{dogface}} who refuses to give him a day off on his birthday, and fires him after he dissatisfies a customer. He's nice enough to tell Donald "Happy Birthday", at least.˛* MythologyGag:˛** As in the original film, the story starts on Donald's birthday of Friday the 13th, though the bad luck really kicks into full gear here.˛** The music of Donald's frantic taxi ride over to New Quackmore is a little reminiscent of music from the film's train scene.˛** Several to ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse. Clinton Coot is from the Duck family tree, and the portrait shown of him in the series looks ''exactly'' like Creator/{{Don Rosa}}'s drawing of him.˛** A portrait of Donald's parents, Quackmore Duck and Hortense [=McDuck=] is seen in his burning house, making the same faces they did in Don Rosa's family tree.˛** Duckburg as shown on the map in the TravelMontage looks similar to how it did in ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales1987'', with a few liberties taken. You can even spot Scrooge's Money Bin.˛** Donald's mugshot from the intro of his classic shorts appears while the lawyer explains Clinton Coot's will to the Caballeros.˛* NotThisOneThatOne: Twice in a row. First, Donald reads the address of Clinton Coot's cabana wrong and enters Sheldgoose's mansion. After being informed that it's the address across the street, he sees an equally elegant mansion and says "That's not so bad." Turns out it was a picture on the side of a truck, which drives away to reveal a dilapidated shack covered in police tape.˛* TraumaCongaLine: Happens to Donald in the beginning of the episode. Donald is unable to eat breakfast, loses his job, loses his girlfriend, and even loses his house on his birthday.


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