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Context Recap / IZombieS4E5GoonStruck

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1Liv samples the brain of an Ice hockey player and is constantly ready for a tilly. Meanwhile, Filmore-Graves must decide how to deal with Renegade now that she's captured. Major and Don E go on a secret mission to bring a woman back to Seattle.----* CanadaEh: The brain of the week comes from a guy from Saskatchewan. She eats his brain as part of a poutine.* CanadianEqualsHockeyFan: Pretty much a straight example of the trope.* ConfusedBystanderInterview: Inverted. Don E went rage-mode at a gas station because he couldn't buy alcohol without ID. The attendant, safely behind plexiglass, did see him rage out and was interviewed on the news while he and Major were in a hotel room. Because zombies are well-known at this point, she correctly identified him as such.* ContinuityNod: The four victims in this episode are those Blaine killed last episode. It was just lucky that one of the four was still human.* EmergencyTransformation: Major turns General Mills' daughter after she overdoses on Utopium.* FantasticRacism: At the start of the episode, a bunch of humans try to get a zombie bus driver fired. He's allowed to stay on because someone can't be fired just for being a zombie. Later, their fear was justified as he crashed the bus and started eating one of the dead passenger's brains and tried to go after another one.* GovernmentConspiracy: A downplayed version. The murder of the three zombie corpses are said to be done by human radicals, when Liv knows Blaine killed all four. They force him to be released, and the case is declared closed.* HazyFeelTurn: Major has returned to kidnapping but now he's doing it to complete innocents. He's also party to the execution of Renegade.* HockeyFight: Liv initiates one of these in order to get information from the teammates.* IHaveYourWife: Fillmore-Graves kidnaps {{General|Ripper}} [[PunnyName Mill]]'s daughter in the hope of curbing his anti-zombie agenda. She was meant to be brought in as a human, but she almost OD'ed on Utopium, so Major made her a zombie.* INeverSaidItWasPoison: Blaine accidentally said that he was never near the laundromat where the four were killed, when all Clive or Liv said was that they were shot behind a building.* IsThatCuteKidYours: During "Fan Appreciation Day", Clive sits down on the bleachers to watch. A mother asks which kid was Clive's, and he replies that it was the little blonde one. Cue Liv bodychecking one of the players.* NationalStereotypes: Clive goes into a bizarre one against (for?) Canadians when he finds out Liv is going to eat a Canadian brain. He's not wrong about its effects.* ShoutOut: New Seattle is compared to ''Film/{{Chinatown}}''. Liv didn't get it, at first.* TakeUpMySword: After Renegade/Mama Leone was publicly executed, Liv decided to continue her business in her place.----


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