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1Chapters: 254-257, Episodes: 123-124˛˛!! Short Summary˛Seven years pass after the events on Tenrou Island and a lot has changed both in the world and Fairy Tail since the S-Class participants went missing with the island. However there could be a faint chance that both the island and them weren't destroyed after all.˛˛!! Main Summary˛˛----˛''The Seven Years Arc'' has the following tropes:˛˛* BabiesEverAfter / HappilyMarried: Bisca and Alzack finally tied the knot and now have a young daughter, Asuka.˛* BadassDecay: InUniverse with Fairy Tail. Ever since the core members vanished 7 years ago, the guild has been losing its presence among the city.˛* BeingGoodSucks: Macao has allowed his guild to be abused by Twilight Ogre because he fears that his friends would be killed by stronger enemies. However, his cohorts are unsurprisingly ungrateful for this decision.˛* BewareTheNiceOnes: [[CoolOldGuy Makarov]], [[BruiserWithASoftCenter Erza]], and [[NiceGirl Mirajane]] try to talk things out with Twilight Ogre. When the dark guild spits at their kindness, they suffer a CurbstompBattle to convince them to reconsider their treatment towards Fairy Tail.˛* BigDamnHeroes: Natsu preventing one of the Twilight Ogre goons from harming Romeo. ˛* BreakTheHaughty: Twilight Ogre once dominated Fairy Tail. But, when the guild's core members come back, they get their egos severely broken...along with their guild hall. ˛* CurbStompBattle: Makarov, Mirajane, and Erza have a meeting with Twilight Ogre and beat the crap out of them.˛* TheDon: Twilight Ogre's guild master.˛* [[HesBack They're Back]]: The S-Class Candidates finally return after being asleep in the Fairy Sphere for seven years. ˛* HeroicBSOD:˛** Romeo is stuck in a major one bordering on DespairEventHorizon ever since Sirius Island's disappearance. He eventually gets over it by the time Natsu and his friends return from the island.˛** Lucy has a minor one when she realizes that Jude is dead.˛* KickTheDog: Twilight Ogre assault Fairy Tail for a cruel laugh at their BadassDecay.˛* KickTheSonOfABitch: Makarov, Mirajane, and Erza "talk things out" with Twilight Ogre...with violence.˛* KilledOffForReal: Jude Heartfilia.˛* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Makarov's little "talk" with Twilight Ogre.˛* NeverGotToSayGoodbye: Lucy to her father.˛* PassingTheTorch: Subverted, Marakov tries to name Gildarts as the new successor but he turns it down and renames Marakov the next guild master much to Marakov's dismay.˛* PoorMansSubstitute: InUniverse. While [[CoolOldGuy Macao]] certainly is a noble man, he's definitely no Makarov. ˛* RipVanWinkle: The S-Class Participants find themselves in this state (sans the aging).˛* SmugSnake: Twilight Ogre's guild members.˛* TeamDad: Macao has held the guild together for 7 years after the disappearance of the Fairy Tail's core members.˛* TimeSkip: Seven years have passed during while the candidates where asleep.˛* YearOutsideHourInside: How the Fairy Sphere works. Mavis managed to activate it and prevent the island from being destroyed, but in doing so put everyone on the island into a deep sleep for seven years.


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